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Fodor’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Bags & Luggage


With everything from useful camera bags to chic rolling carry-ons, we have something for every jet-setter on your list.—Teddy Minford

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A Perfect City-to-Country Bag

TheSydney Paige laptop rucksack is durable, practical, and modern, with a timeless look. Perfect for exploring the city or heading out on a day hike, this pack is a great present for the cosmopolitan campers in your life.

Why we love it: Sydney Paige is a nonprofit that donates a bag full of school gear to a kid in need for every bag sold. It’s more than just a bag—it’s a thoughtful and meaningful present.

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A Multi-Use Packable bag

Chic enough to be a carry-on and sturdy enough to be checked without worrying about damage, the Andi Caryall is a versatile, packable, and most important, stylish bag that everyone can find a use for.

Perfect for: Your shopaholic friend who always buys too many souvenirs.

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A Briefcase Backpack

The ideal bag for outdoor adventurers, this briefcase/backpack serves two purposes: Worn with the straps tucked in, it’s a handy and durable briefcase for storing your laptop, chargers, books, and an extra layer. But take out the straps and belt, and this bag is ready to go as a hiking day pack.

Perfect for: Your outdoorsy friend who works for a start-up, or anybody who frequently finds themselves late for a plane and running full speed toward the gate.

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A Cheap and Chic Rolling Carry-On

Herschel is synonymous with fresh style and quality, and the Highland carry-on lives up to the name. Lightweight and built from durable canvas, this suitcase looks just as good in Paris as it does in the Outback.

Go for broke: Add a Herschel Dopp kit to complete the look.

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A Convertible Suit Bag

Hook and Albert’s Garment Weekender Bag is an ingenious design that combines a garment bag with a weekender. Just unzip the bag, unzip the side flaps, and lay the bag flat to begin packing. The leather detailing is tailored perfectly to the jet-set.

Perfect for: The stylish gentleman in your life.

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The ultimate “urban woodsmen” weekender

Duluth Pack’s Pendleton series combines sturdy and timeless leather bags with the vintage-hip textiles of Pendleton. The weekender bag is big enough to pack a few days’ worth of flannels, wool caps, and hiking boots.

Perfect for: Your friend who loves the Adirondacks, Wyoming, and the Oregon coast.

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A Tiny Backpack

For anybody who values space and minimalism, thispackable bag from Matador is the perfect gift. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this bag unfolds into a multi-use backpack, big enough to pack lunch, a blanket, water, and extra layers for when you feel like going on an impromptu hike. Worried about the comfort of this bag? Have no fear – we tested it out and it’s both durable and comfortable.

Go for broke: The Matador backpack comes in two sizes – the smaller one above, and a bigger one here.

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A Camera Bag That Doesn’t Look Like a Camera Bag

Johansen’s Granada camera bag is as simple and chic as camera bags can get (but at the same price point as a regular camera bag). Surprise the wannabe Instagram celebrity in your life with a bag that will look good in front of the camera, too.

Why we love it: Many pretty purses are missing a zippered pocket for small essentials like memory cards and batteries, but this bag has two zippered pockets—one inside and one outside.

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The Smartest and Sleekest Bag on the Market

You may have noticed a new trend in “smart bags”, but Raden takes the grand prize. This carry-on can multitask like a pro and feels a little bit like a personal assistant – it can weigh itself, track its location, and charge a phone up to six times. Plus it’s sleek as hell, with a shiny modern design and four wheels for easy traveling.

Perfect for: Fashionistas, business travelers, and techies.