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Look at These Montreal Murals Immediately

I don’t mean to order you around, but these murals are pretty neat and you should probably look at them.

The Fodor’s Guide to Montreal and I went on a tour of some awesome-as-hell murals on St. Laurent Boulevard (or “The Main,” as it is affectionately called) in Montreal over the summer. Here’s what we saw on our tour.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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Come on, book. It’s time to see some dang murals!

Montreal_Murals_02 re
PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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This is an excellent mural. This tour was off to a good start, I’d say.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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This particular mural featured some interesting characters.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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In particular this guy. Love this guy.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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Let’s get a closer look.

Montreal_Murals_05 re
PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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Here are some large men playing cards in a way I have not seen before. I do not think this how you play cards? Is this how you play cards? Do you just show your friend your cards, while holding a water bottle?? What game is this???

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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This wasn’t a mural–but it was definitely my favorite door in Montreal.

Montreal_Murals_08 re
PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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Here is a regal crow, and a fine mural, as well.

Montreal_Murals_09 re
PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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What’s that, a shell? Is that seashell? With flowers coming out of it? Held up by a half skeleton half regular person? Man, this is way too cool for me.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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This is an example of a lost paradise: mural edition.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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These mural monsters look like ice cream (because they are ice cream). This mural is titled “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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Presenting: the best wall I’ve ever seen. I personally like to think that the story behind this mural is that this chicken was once the captain of that ship, but that the crew committed a mutiny and sent him away. I am assuming I’m wrong, because I am usually wrong about most things.

PHOTO: Audrey Farnsworth
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The book needed a rest. I sat it on this bench and took pictures of it like an idiot for several minutes, unaware that we were resting for no reason, and that the tour was, in fact, over.

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