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Sleep in a Glass House in New Zealand and Never Miss the View


If ever you’ve dreamed of staying in an all-glass, completely private room in the middle of some traditional New Zealand back-country, while also seemingly floating in the air, New Zealand’s PurePods might just have the perfect stay for you.

PurePods are glass luxury cabins and are all about the views. Each pod is set on the land of a private Zealand farm, and offer the experience of a boutique hotel—except one where you are the only guest. There is no carpet, ceiling, or curtains—all of this is replaced with glass (including the bedhead). The rooms are comfortable and luxurious, with under-floor heating and a solar shower, and best of all: you have absolutely no neighbors. It’s just you and a big, gigantic meadow. They even serve you breakfast and dinner.

“There is literally nothing to impede your connection with the surrounding landscape,” says Paul Carberry, travel expert from New Zealand in Depth and provider of PurePod itineraries. “Sometimes you forget that the floors, walls and ceiling are even there, as you look in every direction to see uninterrupted views across the valley, beneath your feet, and above your head. With no WiFi, TV or cellular signal the PurePod is a place to slow down and disconnect.”

Here are just a few of the things you will see at all times (depending on the time of day):

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New Zealand will be all around you, everywhere you turn.


When it’s night time, you will mostly just see all of space (or, at least a lot of it, anyways).


Note: The floors are slightly elevated, with under-floor lighting illuminating the ferns below, which gives the impression that you are floating and entirely surrounded by stars—you’ll feel like you are actually in space.

So, basically it’s like being outside, all of the time, where you can see literally everything around you, always, and sometimes you also feel like you’re floating in the sky. If all of this awareness of your surroundings doesn’t completely frighten you—it is extremely beautiful—PurePods are sure to be a wondrous experience for you. PurePods are all located on the South Island, and costs begin at $225 per person, per night.

Stay in a little glass house with PurePods and then plan the rest of your New Zealand adventures with Fodor’s Guide to New Zealand.

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