which airport?

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which airport?

If we fly from Florida to Grand Teton Park, which is less expensive to do (after buying tickets): Fly into Jackson, or into Cody?
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Obviously, you're new at this.

It's Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Forest. Figure out where you're going first, you'll enjoy it more.

Next, do we all look like reservation agents? There are about 28,000 travel agents who are paid to answer this kind of question. Or, since you have proven that you know how to fill out a form, you might just want to go to orbitz, cheaptickets, travelocity, etc. and do the required key entry yourself.
And then, airline prices vary daily and by season....you ask an impossible question.

Maybe you should start with something less adventurous, like Disney or Epcot park.
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Sheila Ashlin ([email protected])just asked about driving from Florida.

Ashlin ([email protected]) is asking about planes.

Will SA ([email protected]) be asking about buses?

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If you're visiting the Tetons, near Jackson or Jackson Hole, Wyoming, then fly into Jackson. The airport is small but accommodates jets - and usually travel is through Salt Lake City or perhaps Boise. By the way, the first time I flew into Jackson, I had on white loafers - and going through the airport lounge the cowboys laughed at me. It was a neat experience nonetheless, but very western.
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After re-reading your question, I offer an apology for my antagonistic response. But I still don't understand your question. Obviously, Cody is farther away, so assuming car rental rates are the same, you will burn more gas getting to GTNF from Cody than Jackson, and hence, it will cost more.

Pls be more specific.
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Hi Anon,

There is such a national park as Grand Teton National Park. It's between the town of Jackson & Yellowstone National Park. The valley where the town of Jackson is located was referred to as "Jackson Hole" by the fur traders & trappers who used to meet there in the fall & spring for trading. It's called a "hole' because it's lower in elevation than all the mountains around it.
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If I'm gonna flame, at least I can be accurate. Apologies offered, again.

But I still don't know what Ashlin is trying to find out.
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Geez anon, first you totally biff the Teton NATIONAL PARK thing, then you can't read english. My suggestion, figure out what you're talking about first, we'll all enjoy it more.

"which is less expensive to do (after buying tickets)"...what's so hard about that?

Answer: Jackson is slightly more expensive "(after buying tickets)" and gets way more tourist action than Cody. The motels and restaurants reflect that it is a true "tourist" area. Cody, because it's a bit farther from the PARKs, (note: anon, that would be Yellowstone NP and Teton NP) is probably a better deal. There are other factors that come into play also (recently completed highway contruction, amongst others) that have kept Cody on the more reasonable side. In the summer months, ALL hotels in eiher place will not be offering any deals. It's a short season and they will try to make it when they can. But comparing equal services, Cody will most likely be more affordable.

Hope that helps (finally) get you a resonably informative answer, Ashlin.
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