When did the US become 'outlet-ized'?

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When did the US become 'outlet-ized'?

Not bragging or anything, but I estimate I've been to 40 states, and in every darn spot there seems to be an "outlet mall" with lots of stores that promise (repeat: promise) high quality clothing for low prices. You'll especially see them in vacation areas.

When I'm on vacation, the last thing I want to do is shop. But maybe, considering the numbers of outlets there are, I'm in the minority.

So, I'll end with a question: Do you consider shopping to be part of a vacation?
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There are a few good outlet centers out there (Cabazon near Palm Springs - Lincoln City in Oregon - Gilroy - Vacaville), but there are so many horrible ones that offer nothing worthy of stopping. While on roadtrips, I enjoy stopping at outlet centers and hit one or two favorite stores and then hit the restrooms (normally clean) and on the road again after stretching my legs.
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Just read here. There are many people who consider a vacation nothing without access to wonderful shops! My hubby would MUCH rather stay home and work in the yard than shop. That's not a good analogy. He ranks shopping of any sort right up there with a root canal. I'd rather spend my time with him - whatever he's doing.
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As an avid shopper I devote at least half a day (usually a whole day) to shopping on every vacation I go on whether it be florida or the Caribbean. Sometimes if I am visiting somewhere like Manhattan I spend even more time shopping. Howvever, outlet malls are usually the same everywhere and not that great. I may zip in there for acouple of hours while on vacation but that is it.
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And the funny thing is, these outlet stores aren't really cheaper than regular stores anymore. I was really sad to see my favorite town in Vermont, Machester Center, become an outlet center.
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I just had an interesting conversation with a woman poolside in Hawaii. She was complaining because the sun was temporarily behind the clouds. She said she desperately needed to get tan that day because she was going home tomorrow. She hadn't been on the beach or by the pool for the last three days of her vacation because she was at the mall! Hard for me to understand paying all that money to fly to Hawaii and stay in a nice hotel when one is going to spend every day in a mall!!! Freak!
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And someone who paid all that money for flight and hotel to Hawaii who is sitting around on the computer talking on the Fodor's forum instead of enjoying their vacation is not a freak?

I enjoy shopping on vacation. I rarely have time to at home. I work 60 hours/wk and when I am not working I spend time with my two kids. At least one day during vacation my husband takes the kids out and I get a free day to go shopping. I don't find this freaky to be at the mall on vaction, I find it relaxing.
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I don't like to shop while i'm on vacation unless it's for something that I can't get where I live, usually artwork or handmade goods. Like others, I figure why spend all my time in an exotic location doing something I could do at home? So shopping at malls is a total bore for me while on vacation. Normally, we avoid destinations where there's too much in the way of malls.

The only time I can recall going shopping was on a recent trip to Oahu with my parents. My mother loves to shop, so we did some. Got some great deals on winter clothes. I guess no one is looking for wool turtlenecks and pants on Oahu.
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Can't resist piping in ... I do like to shop a little bit on vacation, but don't devote too much time to it. I will usually look for interesting shops that carry items unique to the area I'm visiting. Or if I'm in a big city, I take the opportunity to shop at some of the stores that we don't have in the smaller city where I live.
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I admit, I love to shop, and I love to go to outlets. Fortunately, we have some about 40 minutes from us. Even so, my husband and I always manage to stop at an outlet or 2 while away. I have been known to get good deals, especially at some children's stores. Once, I managed to find cardigans for 99 cents and a raincoat for $3.00. As a result, my daughter is outfitted in cardigans for the next couple years.
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I hate shopping, both on vacation and at home (I'm the most impatient person and can't stand the time it takes to try things on or wait in lines!!). However when I visit my family in Florida or my BF's family in Ohio, I always spend a few hours at the outlets...mainly to take a break from the family!
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I like to shop, but hardly ever go to malls when traveling unless there is absolutely nothing else to do. We will stop at the Outlets, or plan to go if there is one in the town we are staying, but I am not an all day shopper. When I go to the outlets, there are usually only a handful of stores I am interested in--I will visit each one quickly, look for deals/clearances/unique items, and then we're out of there. I am always interested in walking the streets of whatever town we are in to peruse what the area might be known for--and at that, I still don't usually buy much in the way of souvenirs--it has to be something unique and something I really like.
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shop a lot
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I agree with outlet malls are out of control, however also agree the one in Lincoln City OR is grand. I shop on vacation but only for things of that area like Vermont Maple syrup or Wisconsin cheese, Maine Blueberry anything. We always buy a Tshirt from the attraction we visit. I went to the Hilfiger outlet in his hometown (Elmira NY) and they still wanted $60 for a pillow case! Not much of a bargin, and these are usually last year or irregulars that they cannot pawn off elsewhere.
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