Venetian vs. Bellagio

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Venetian vs. Bellagio

How do they compare? There is a huge price difference during the period that I will be there. It is our first trip to Las Vegas. Thanks.
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If there is a huge price difference, stay at Venetian. Both are spectacular, and if you don't stay at Bellagio, you won't know what you missed! You'll love the Venetian. Do go to Bellagio to look around at the flowers, artwork, decor, etc. but for the savings, Venetian won't disappoint.
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I highly recommend the Venetian. The rooms are wonderful and quite large. The Bellagio does have interesting artwork, flowers and fountains, but that is about it.
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I have stayed at both within the last 3 months. In upgrades suites at both properties but I saw the standard rooms at each. Rooms? Venetian wins HANDS down. There is no comparison. Bellagios are nice, like a club level at a Hyatt or something. Food IMO Venetian has more variety. Walk up food court, cafes, mid price restaurants or super fancy. I can NOT say enough about the food and service at Valentinos. Bellagio has buffet, cafe or super fancy. Venetian does not have a buffet but you can easily go over to Mirage across the street and enjoy theirs. Both have decent locations IMO. Bellagio's pool is wonderful. I prefer it over Mandalay Bays even just for relaxing and water temperature. Venetians is nice as well though the landscaping is not as lush. Bellagio Casino was looser to me then Venetians but that all depends on what your playing and when and where. I have done just as bad at the off strip properties everyone says has loose slots as I did at Venetian. Venetian had better cocktail service. I was NEVER offered ONE drink at Bellagio despite getting enough points at slots to get some minor comps. IMO bellagio is a tad snootier then Venetian. So I guess you should decide what matters most to you, dining choices, price, rooms, location and so forth.
I have pics of both floating around here somewhere if you want them.
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David didn't say which hotel rate was cheaper.....
So why would everyone recommend Venetian?

The STANDARD rooms at Venetian are better than at Bellagio.
The SUITES at Bellagio are better than at Venetian.
Pools are much better at Bellagio.
Restaurants are much better at Bellagio.
Variety of cheaper foods is better at Venetian.
Location of Bellagio is a little better.
Bellagio has much more class. Venetian is more pedestrian.

But if there's a significant difference in price, there is no quibbling: whichever is cheaper is THE way to go.
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Henly Gold
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The Venetian is great to go visit for the afternoon or for a meal, but I love the Bellagio. The pool area is great, the dining incredible. The standard rooms are very spacious and luxurious, and I love the fact that they have bathrobes for you, like at a Ritz Carlton or other fine hotel. To be honest, you will rarely be in your room, so it depends what characterisitcs you are seeking in a hotel. In my eyes, the Bellagio is the classiest hotel in Vegas.
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For clarification, the venetian is aprox. $140 per night cheaper than Bellagio.
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David, Venetian is the way to go if there's more than a $50-75 price difference in my mind.
I like Bellagio better, but that's a big difference.
For me, Venetian's the winner under those circumstances.

BTW, the Four Seasons is really LV's classiest hotel.
Bellagio is LV's classiest hotel/casino.
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My wife and I just completed our second trip to the Venetian.We got a weekday rate of 99.00 from a coupon they mailed us.
I have never set foot inside the Bellagio so I am not qualified to review it.
The pools at the Venetian are nothing special, the food options are good and the casino is standard.
But the rooms...I have never in my life stayed in a nicer or larger room. I think they're over 900 sq. ft. The living room area is large and comfortable, we would have cocktails there each night before hitting the town.
The bathrooms are huge with double sinks, tub and seperate shower and toilet.There is a nice little vanity with an upholstered bench seat, lights and mirrors.
The only mystery that remains is how they can afford to provide such luxury at that price!
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Joe, the rooms at Venetian are 700 sq ft.
How do they afford to offer $99 rates?
Well, first off they LOSE money at that rate.
But during off peak periods like summer weekdays, filling rooms with $99 guests is better than empty rooms.
The real money maker is supposed to be the casino.
At Venetian they've also got mall tenant revenues, convention reveues, spa, and show revenues (museum etc).

Until 5-8 years ago, LV hotel rates were always super cheap because the philosophy was that if the hotel could capture you as a guest, you'd drop money at their casino.
The hotels almost always operated at a loss, and that was considered to be OK.
Casinos are extremely profitable (unless there are 100 of them in a small area competing for business).

These days the hotels are expected to generate some solid revenue, even be profitable in and of themselves during busy periods.
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I personally would NOT return to the Venetian for these 4 reasons (Bellagio wins on all these counts):

1. Beds are not comfortable!

2. Water pressure in the shower is lousy!

3. Pool is very disappointing!

4. Room service food is average or below!

However, David, in spite of the above, I would recommend that YOU at least go just ONCE for the experience as it truly is a great place to visit (but just ONCE).
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Monique,we have stayed at the Bellagio about 4 times now and while playing anywhere in the casino we are always offered drinks.
You can't beat the pools,the service,and every room we have had has been great.
Maybe this is one of those instances when what one considers being "classy etc" to be relative.
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Bellagio and the Venetian are probably two of the three best places to stay in Las Vegas. I think that a $140 difference makes it kind of a no-brainer.
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Stayed at the Bellagio 2 weeks ago and it was wonderful. The rooms overlooking the lake are a must. So nice to sit in your room and see the fountains and the strip. The rooms were very nice, not too pretentious. The bed was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in. The pools are fantastic but get there early to secure the best seating. The whole casino/hotel speaks of subdued elegance and is not stuffy. Actually, after walking around the other casinos, most of which I found very noisy, the Bellagio seemed like an oasis. Go to the little shop by the pool entrance that offers Gelato. It was fantastic. Anyway, I would recommend the Bellagio. Elegance in a town with alot of hype.
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