Shipping car to Oahu/Hawaii

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Shipping car to Oahu/Hawaii

In relation to my previous post, does anyone know an inexpensive way to ship a vehicle over to the islands?

I have to get my car from LA to Honolulu. The cheapest rate I have found is about $900 each way through Matson.

Any other ideas?
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That's about right, you wont really find anything significantly less.
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why not buy a used car there?
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$900 is the price, there is no wheeling and dealing on this transaction! We shipped 2 cars over in 1998 and they cost 850 each, so the price hasnt risen dramatically.
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Sounds right to me....

I just shipped my car from Honolulu to Oakland for about $850 and that was in July. I went through Matson.

Depending on your budget, if you decide to buy a used car beware of RUST!!! Many cars have it in the islands because of the salty air. That stuff will sneak up on your car.
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We found it was less expensive to ship a car over instead of buying there. Cars are more expensive in Hawaii. We shipped our car over with Matson and we used CSX when it was time to come back to the mainland. All of the vehicles shipped on CSX are enclosed. Some of the vehicles on Matson are exposed and quite coated with dirt and salt on arrival.

We probably would have been ahead to sell our car there instead of bringing it back but we liked our car a lot and it was still in great condition.

To keep your car from rusting wash it regularly and keep it in the garage at night when the winds swirl the salt spray around. We put an electronic rust protection device on our car also. Rust in an electro-chemical reaction and this device puts negative charges into the metal of the car to replace the electrons lost by exposure to the air. You'll still have to wash your car and put it in the garage at night but this technology helps alot.

Most of all, in Hawaii, never eat in your car or you'll attract cockroaches that will live in your car forever more.

A high proportion of drivers in Hawaii have not taken driver's training and do not hold driver's licenses. They just start driving. Take a car with good safety ratings - just in case.
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Do CSX if you can. Although the Matson schedule is more frequent some cars are on the open deck, as has been mentioned.

If you use Matson be sure to wash your car before dropping it off and don't let them mark "dirty" on the paperwork. That allows Matson an excuse to put it on the open deck instead of inside where it will be protected.
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Where do some of these myths about Hawaii come from? Salt winds swirling? I've been parking my car out in front of my house for 8 years and have no rust. Our '84 beach car has only 2 tiny spots and has never been in a garage. Cars that are purchased new in Hawaii usually come with a rust proof coating, so if you'll be living here, that might be something to think about.

In addition, I not only eat in my car, but allow all the kids to eat in it as well (when the soccer team is hungry and you've got limited time to get from one field to another, what else do you do??)Never have had a cockroach yet...
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Icuy, you must live on the leeward side of the island where the weather is gentle. On the windward side the waves crash and send the salt spray into the air at night. The salt is carried inland by the wind and dropped on cars and everything else. I stayed with one of my friends in Kaneohe over a weekend and could't believe how much crud was on her windshield the next morning. Her car is rusting at a horrific pace.
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