Sea Sickness and Snorkeling

Old Sep 24th, 2002, 11:36 AM
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Sea Sickness and Snorkeling

Has any one experienced sea sickness on a Molokini snorkel trip?
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Hi Sparkle,
Interesting you should ask. I am a big-time snorkeler and I have gotten seasick at least half of the times....even in the relatively calm Caribbean.Sometimes, it's the small boats taking me there that get me started. Anyway, I have problems with the patches, but will try the wrist bands next time. I have never felt sick on a cruise ship, but the bobbing up and down and not being able to look at the horizon has made me barf in the ocean many times. However, you attract many fish that way ;-)
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I went snorkling in Hawaii several years ago - and got seasick. The strange thing was that I didn't actually get sick on the boat, but in the water snorkling! Is this what you're referring to? Felt just fine once our boat got moving ....
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Just don't go in the PM. It's much rougher than in the AM.
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In May, we went diving in Molokini. The issue is - I have a real problem with motion sickness - of all types - and specifically, I do tend to get violently seasick - so of course, I decided I had to learn to scuba dive. Well, my husband and I love it. I use the patch (and everything else I can get my hands on) - and have had pretty good luck. Last year, we went diving in the Keys. The water was extremely rough - and I got violently seasick. In May, when we went to Molokini - I was very nervous - but it was fine. I didn't get at all sick and we had a great dive. I agree with a previous poster - go in the morning and make sure the weather is calm. Also, the boat operators (I'm sure the snorkeling boats are the same as the dive boats) were the best we've experienced and extremely nice. Enjoy!!
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Yeah, I got all clamy and knew I was gonna heave after snorkeling at Molokini! I was mortified but the captian knew what was up and took me to the front of the boat (never go below deck!) and talked to me a bit and then brought ginger ale he made. I never lost it overboard but wonder if it was the lack of a decent breakfast and gulping half the ocean when I first got into the water!! I skipped lunch of course but was standing on the bench before the trip was over looking at the turtles. It was rough the day we went out, we were told it was unusual for Feb. But I had fun!!!
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For a mild case, try one of those red and white peppermint candies. It really does help!
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Molokini can sometimes get rough in the early afternoons which is why the trips generally run in the early mornings. I've gotten seasick both on the boat and while snorkeling in the water there, but then again, I get motion sickness just riding in a car.

Ususally, i'll take a Dramamine Less Drowsy or a Bonine the night before a snorkel or dive trip, then take a little more the morning of, and i'm fine. If for some reason you don't take any medication and start feeling seasick, either medication can be taken after the nausea begins, and should get rid of all symptoms in about 20 minutes. You might need a nap after you get back because the medication may make you a little drowsy, but it's worth it to see Molokini and its wildlife.
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My sister has motion sickness (she always has to ride in the front seat of the car). Before our trip to Hawaii she went to her doctor and got a prescription for nausea (Compazine, I think). We went snorkeling on Molokini and she was okay until the boat stopped at the snorkel site. Once in the water she was violently ill the entire time and also on the boat back to shore.
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I too am an avid snorkeler who has experienced many bouts of violent sea sickness, but never while I've been in the water and snorkeling - only on a boat that isn't moving. A few years back I was reading a magazine that suggested ginger root. I bought them at a health food store and started taking them the night before. I've never been seasick since. Hope this helps.
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I second the suggestion of Bomine.
I also get sick and it ruined a cruise for me and I missed out on my lobster dinner.
I tried the Bomine when we went on the snorkeling trips and never had a quiver of nausea.
They now make it where it doesn't make you drowsy.
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I took an early morning Molikini trip. It was calm initially but the trade winds kicked up early that day. Many people on the boat were sick. I was feeling queasy too but I went into the water, swam around and immediately felt better. A lot of people refused to go in the water because they felt sick but if they had, they wouldn't have hurled so much. Anyway, I was snorkelling around , looking at all the fish and I saw a whole bunch of them up ahead, near the boat so I swam toward them but then realized that the reason why the fish were there was because people were throwing up overboard and were attracting the fish. I laughed so hard that I ended up sucking in a lot of salt water and almost hurled myself!!!
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