San Diego over Labor Day - a good idea?

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San Diego over Labor Day - a good idea?

We're thinking about going to Sand Diego for a week next September, starting Labor Day weekend. Will it be packed? How early should we reserve a hotel room? We're in the beginning stages of planning, so hit my with any information you have. Thanks!!
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Yes, Labor Day weekend in San Diego will be fairly filled with tourists. It depends on when you would be arriving and staying, though. Locals will go to San Diego for the weekend only, from Friday through Monday. Other tourists? Hard to say.

However, I wouldn't let the idea that there might be lots of people deter you. If you can manage to come to San Diego on Sunday or on Monday, many of the locals will be leaving or gone. Just expect crowds and enjoy.

Labor Day is normally very warm. California really warms up in August/September. But if you are looking for warm days and beach weather, you shouldn't be disappointed. (Though we do get some off-weather days!) Places such as Seaworld and the Zoo will probably be crowded that weekend, but should be easier later on in the week. Not saying there won't be any people, though.

I would start looking at hotel options, but you should be able to book a couple of months before your trip. Most of the locals who go to San Diego go for a day, maybe two, so the hotels won't be all booked up.

First week of September in San Diego should be wonderful!
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Thanks for the response! I figured there would be more people than normal, so we would probably be low key over the weekend and hit the major parks/attractions during the week. I was hoping it wouldn't be crazy, just busy.

How warm does San Diego get around that time? We live in Vegas, so we'll be VERY sick of heat by September Also, how warm is the water? Will there be a lot of people swimming, etc?

Which beach is really the best? My husband likes the water but isn't a strong swimmer, so a beach with low waves, no rip current and smaller amounts of people would be perfect. Also, is there a best place to go to see tide pools? Is it worth the trip to see the cliffs and pools?

Boy, now I'm getting excited and it's 9 months away... I guess planning early can have its drawbacks!
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I'm not sure who Chele60 means by "locals". The locals actually live here and so don't as a general rule take up hotel rooms, but they do go to the beach in huge numbers on Labor Day weekend if the weather is good, which it usually is. Many visitors do come just for the weekend, but it's also the last weekend before many schools go back, so there are a number who will have been here for a week or two. they will mostly leave on the Monday of Labor Day weekend. San Diego is busy every weekend during the summer. The difference on holiday weekends is that the people who live here go to the beach in great numbers too.

I don't think there are any beaches in San Diego which do not, at some time or another, have rip currents. la Jolla Shores might be your best bet. Unfortuately, Labor Day weekend is the last weekend there are lifeguards at all the beaches, all day long. The water may be around 70F. This year it was a couple of degrees higher.

You can see tide pools in La Jolla and on Point Loma, at the Cabrillo National Monument. This is a must-visit in any case, so you can take in the tide pools too.
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I agree that Point Loma is a must-see. Terrific views, a neat old lighthouse, and some great tide pools. I haven't been to the tide pools at La Jolla, but I have heard they are really good.
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Thanks for the tips - I'll definitely look more int Point Loma and La Jolla!
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The weather will be warm, but it will be cooler than Las Vegas. I work at the Zoo and I would suggest visiting the Zoo and Sea World after Labor Day (say Tue and Wed). We'll be busy Labor Day weekend then much quieter after that.
The Wild Animal Park is worth a visit though the temp will be similar to Vegas in Sept. I would also recommend visiting Julian. It is up in the mountains an hour north of San Diego.

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if you have a hotel near the beach (pacific terrace inn on pacific beach gets great reviews) the best thing to do on labour day is just plan on hanging out there and don't try to drive around. rent blades or bikes etc to explore.
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All the beaches in San Diego are crowded all summer...(I'm a local.) For fewer people, get to the beach in the morning...most crowded time is between 11:00 and 3:00...If you don't make it to the beach in the morning wait until after 3:00.
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