Palomar--in a bad neighborhood

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Palomar--in a bad neighborhood

I keep reading bad things about SOMA and Union Square... homeless, drugs, etc.. is this exaggerated? Is Palomar in a bad area? I am getting a bad impression from some around that the areas around Union Square have drug users, prostitutes.. they are making it sound like bad areas of Detroit or St. Louis... any thoughts? Should we avoid Palomar just because of its area? Any other areas better, like Nob Hill?
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Unfortunately alot of what you have been reading about SF is true. As a long time SF resident I hate to admmit it. I hope that our city leader can do something to make things better. A lot of the hotels and restaurants in the area are not happy with the state of SF. Nob Hill would be a better alternative.
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Thanks, and forgive the duplicate posting above... I did not see my message and so posted again.

Nob Hill, huh? It's likely the politicians that have the problem.

Mark Hopkins in a safe area? What area is the quietest, safest, then?
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don't do drugs
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Palomar is in a FINE location. There are a LOT of nice hotels like W, The Palace right there as well. It's the edge of the Financial District.

4th & Market has a lot of shopping, like Old Navy, Sephora, Huge Virgin, San Francisco Center (lots of shops + Nordstroms). You are 1 block from Metreon (more shopping) and two blocks from SF MoMA and Yerba Buena Gardens.

SF just spent a gazillion dollars gussying up Union square and someone has ponied up dollars for a red jacketed Tourist Welcoming, Bum Kicking-out Squad. If you're a tourist say hi. If you're an intoxicated bum about to puke or pass out on the sidewalk, try to avoid those guys, they're gonna make you move.
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OK.. I read so many other contradictory statements. You would think SF would deal with problems if there are problems.... so, I will likely leave things the way they are... but if you read the message boards, there are more negative messages about SF than positive.. could just be outlook on life.
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I was recently in SF, stayed at a hotel right in Union Square. My judgements:

Union Square: Very nice. Yes, some homeless especially around the BART station at Market/Powell but generally a very nice urban downtown area.

SOMA: Varied from block to block. OK overall, a bit rough around the edges but still felt generally safe. Homeless people got aggressive after sundown, some unsavory folk walking around, but in no way can be compared to Detroit!? Even the roughest areas like the Tenderloin/Civic Center area do not have that bombed out, decrepit look.

Again, biggest complaint was not that there WERE homeless people, but that they seemed to feel free to panhandle a bit aggressively. Saying "sorry" to them predictably got me a furiously yelled "what are YOU sorry for asshole" response from them.
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Palomar in a good area?? Yikes!! That is the joke of the century. I would take George's advice and stear clear of Union Square. Yes, they have tried to fix up the square but it is still a dirty and uninviting area. Some of the merchants in the area are closing up shop because of the declining suroundings. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. I had not been there in about 7 years and I was amazed at how much worse the area had become.
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If you have spent any time at all on this board you know that there is a major difference of opinion as to the safety or danger of SF's Union Square. I am of the opinion that those who claim that it is dangerous exaggerate, however what people perceive and believe is so subjective I can see how it is hard for someone who has never visited to get an accurate read. I have lived in (not near or around) SF for 20 years, I work in downtown SF 4 blocks from Union Square, I like big cities, I like NY, Paris, London, Rome, I am used to the kind of people who live in big cities, someone sitting on the sidewalk with a sign panhandling does not scare me, I do not respond to panhandlers to even say No. When I visited Paris this year, I read all kinds of warnings on this board about gypsies, pickpockets, dog poop, rude Parisians and I did not find these warnings to be true, when I posted as much I was accused of being blind (among other things). So are there homeless people in SF--yes; panhandlers--yes; hustlers--yes; will you see these people if you stay around Union Square--yes. If this will disturb you, then you have your answer. Its all relative--to some people seeing even one panhandler or homeless person will be enough. An area next to Union Square--the Tenderloin--is unsavory and I would recommend caution.
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Thanks. I expect homeless, etc.. especially with CA's poltitics. Same in Seattle. Does not bother me. But I worry about danger, and really if we use common sense, I think we'll be fine.
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If you are comfortable walking down Alaskan Way or under Hwy 99 along the ferry terminals, then Frisco won't be an issue either.
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