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Trying to figure out my mid October honeymoon. I think I have information overload and am starting to go crazy. Some insight from the fodors people is needed!
Basically, I am trying to decide between Mexico and Hawaii. Then there are specific hotel questions of course. Looking for something romantic (duh) and relaxing (double duh). So....
1) Mexico or Hawaii in mid October? (Fiance has never been to hawaii, but large hotels are ugh...)
2) Mexico - I really can't decide btwn Ikal Del Mar (love it but unheated pool? and so far from ruins?), La Casa Que Canta (looks great but no beach), El Tamarindo or Las Alamandas (room quality?). Also caribbean better than pacific for swimming?
3) Hawaii - Maui followed by Big Island? Ritz Maui, Hotel hana Maui? Big Island Four Seasons or Kona Village? Or just stay in one place.
Any thoughts?!?!?! I've done so much research I can't think straight anymore. Thank you all so much! Anything would be greatly appreciated. I love my fiance and really want to have a wonderful time.

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I am planning a trip to Italy and I am experiencing the same thing! The other day my partner told me to relax and "don't forget that being able to plan a dream trip to Italy is a really good problem to have." Thank you very much...
Not to add to the overload, but a very popular place on Kaua`i for honeymooners are the Secret Beach Cottages in Kilauea. Lots of privacy and seclusion. secretbeachkauai.com
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(replied to your Latin America post re. Mexico!)
Just wanted to add that remember, this will probably not be the only trip you ever take, so relax and enjoy. Of all these places you mention, you probably can't go wrong!
Save one for an anniversary! ! Congratulations!
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I highly recommend getting the searanch cottage with private jacuzzi on your own deck at the Hotel Hana Maui. We just spent 2 nights there for our anniversary and loved it. It's exquisitely romantic, and rent a convertible because there are beautiful spots to discover nearby...waterfalls, the 7 sacred pools, etc. We spent 5 nights at the Maui Prince hotel south of Wailea as well. (Wished we'd had 4 nights in Hana instead of only 2.) We enjoyed the Maui Prince too.

You can read about these 2 hotels in my recent trip reports...type in name of hotels under search, and you'll find them.

Kaui is romantic too.

Have you considered Costa Rica? Not as relaxing as Hawaii though...we're going in June and it sounds beautiful but fairly adventurous.

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hi, I might be able to shed some light on Mexico. My husband and I went to Mexico last year for our honeymoon and stayed at La Casa Que Canta after much research. I had been really looking forward to it, but have to tell you I was extremely disappointed. It is a beautiful hotel, but the service was average and they really stuffed us around. They showed us a room which was meant for us then later told us we couldn't have it. Basically what happened was a family must have tried to book last minute and as they were older than us and probably had more money, they gave that room to them. The manager told us they were staying longer than us and that's why they had to have the room, but as it turned out the family left two days before we did. Most of the guests there are 50 and over. We were the youngest there and not treated seriously at all. Also, by the end of our 6 night stay I was so sick of the food. I found it to be a very overpriced hotel. When we went to checkout the manager even had the gall to try to tell us how much to tip. We tipped less than 10% and that was too much IMO. I don't think anyone should have to tip for bad service. I got the impression that it is a money making focused hotel. Also, Zihuatenejo is a very small fishing village with not much to do. The beach is terrible and you can't swim in it as sewerage goes into it. And if you want to go shopping there is nothing to buy. The hotel is beautiful but the manager and the service were sub-par. I would have rather stayed at Las Alamandas or have gone to Europe. I would only go there if you enjoy staying in a hotel and not going anywhere else. There is no sightseeing whatsoever. There are much better places in the world to go to IMO. Also, I would not go there if you are under 50.
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sully, this is the first post of yours I'm reading (at least as far as I know) so I have no background on your decision making process other than what I'm reading here. I've been to both Hawaii and Mexico, not nec. the places you mention. OVERALL, they're 2 totally different environments and Hawaii is REALLY far if you're going from the east coast. So I would say first issue is where do you live and how long are you going for. IMO anything less than 10 days from the east coast is a killer to Hawaii. If that's not an issue then decide if you like the idea of staying in the US or would prefer something more foreign feeling. Despite Hawaii being quite a distance, it feels very much like America whereas most places in Mexico (except maybe Cancun) feel totally foreign.

I also tend to prefer smaller hotels like your fiance. I'm only familiar with Kauai and know there are many cottage options there. I also wonder why you're not considering any of the islands in the Caribbean if you want a beach vacation. Anguilla, St. Barts and others have some amazing romantic places to stay. As to Pacific vs Caribbean, the Caribbean will be much warmer in Oct. I'd imagine.
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I would choose Hawaii over Mexico for a honeymoon.
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I agree, the Carribean is much better for a romantic destination. I went to St Bart's and it was beautiful. I would choose St Bart's over Mexico.
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I've been to both islands in Hawaii and went to El Tamarindo last August. I love each place! If you want total and complete relaxation, go to El Tamerando. It was the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. The rooms were amazing, clean, and huge! You will spend your days outside on your private patio or in the (very warm) hotel pool. You will be pampered! It is expensive, but for a honeymoon well worth it.
On the big island or Maui, you won't have the privacy your looking for. You'll need a car and have to share the beaches with lots of people. If you want to go dancing, shopping, and lots of sightseeing, go to Hawaii. If you want lazy quiet days on the beach, go to El Tamerando. Good luck!
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hi sully76,

congratulations on your upcoming marriage! my wife and i spent our honeymoon 9 yrs ago on the big island. we covered the entire island and it all is gorgeous.

we stayed at the plantation house on kona; it is right on the water. it is beautiful, private, exquisite, wonderful, and romantic. check out their website, too.

we also stayed at the volcano lodge at kilawea rain forest; also terrific.

so many beautiful places to visit. get a 4x4 and a guide book to find the off the tour areas where you will be the only ones on a beach, tide pool, waterfall.

as an aside, have you considered costa rica? we just returned from costa rica monday and had a wonderful time. very lush, beautiful; friendly people. check out my trip report (bluemonkey). we absolutely loved bosque del cabo (google to see their website) on the osa peninsula. no tourists to speak of, natural, animals and birds everywhere, ecotourism combined with luxury. tabacon hot springs resort at arenal is also great, but too many people for our tastes, and a bit 'plastic'; but the volcano and the horseback riding and the canopy zip lines are incredible!


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Don't know if you have decided, but my husband and I just returned from Kauai where we honeymooned, my husband has never been to Hawaii before but he loved Kauai and wants to go back already. The island is so beautiful there are some many romantic places to stay and so many things to do or of course you can just go to the many beautiful beaches and hang out.
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My Husband and I Honeymooned in Hawaii in Sept 2002. It was the BEST vacation EVER! I had been to Maui many times as my parents owned a condo there - so I knew ahead of time where I wanted to go and stay. So my research was done years ahead of time!! (I have also been to Mexico and just about every other vacation destination in the area including Europe) - I have to say - that NOTHING compares to Hawaii. We stayed at the Ritz in Kapalua -- which was just so great. Then we flew to Kuaui and stayed at the Princeville. If you are looking for Fun and Relaxation along with AMAZING service - then those properties are what I would recommend!!

No matter where you end up - its your honeymoon...so you will love it no matter where you go!!


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it's just amazing how different we all are! I think Mexico is so under-rated, and Hawaii so over-rated!
I'd definitely choose anywhere on the Carribean (including the Mexican Mayan Riviera) over Hawaii.
The water is just much more beautiful.
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Since you're interested in swimming and water sports, I'd suggest you check the weather stats for Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc.. Because the air and water temperatures will determine your outdoor activities.
We love the Big Island of Hawaii, hated St. Martin, loved Anguilla, are so-so on Mexico. But that's all subjective. The weather isn't.
Once you decide on which part of the globe, then you can choose the details like the hotel and your itinerary. How long can you stay?
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This is an old post. Sully is going to Secret Beach Cottages in Hawaii for her honeymoon.
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