Help! Suggestions Jimmy Buffet or Hunting


May 3rd, 2006, 09:30 PM
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Help! Suggestions Jimmy Buffet or Hunting

Son's 21st birthday is coming up & want to get him a great gift, hopefully travel. Things he really likes are Jimmy Buffet & Bob Marley music and hunting (bow or gun).

Does Buffet ever play at the Margaritaville clubs? Thought a great trip would be to Key West or Myrtle & hear Buffet. I looked at Buffet's tour schedule. The cities where he is playing on the dates my son could go are not "beachy" -- I'm not too excited about putting together a package without the whole atmosphere.

Another option is Ted Nugent's Sunrize Safari hunting trip with Ted but dates don't work. Also can't determine if they have summer hunting.
(Please no replies against hunting - that can cause a thread that goes on forever and this is not the place to debate it).

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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May 3rd, 2006, 10:15 PM
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I'm a huge Parrothead, so I'd have to vote for that. I live in the Pacific Northwest but unfortunately Jimmy only comes up here every few years. Too cold for the parrots, I expect.

I've been to concerts in 6 different venues thus far and have to say that so long as there is a place for tailgating, the experience will be terrific. My least favorite place I've seen Jimmy is Las Vegas because everyone isn't together before the concert. Everywhere else, even if in the middle of nowhere so long as it's warm(such as San Diego's venue), it's a terrific party. Lots of love amongst his fans. That's where you'll find the atmosphere.

I think Jimmy has been known to play in Key West from time to time, but it's him showing up impromptu and unscheduled. A crapshoot at best.

What a great gift--I would have loved my parents to think of that for my 21st!
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May 4th, 2006, 01:16 AM
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Dunno whether you realize it, but Buffet concerts are always sellouts. There are 4-500 listings on eBay right now, at prices from high to horrendous. And, of course, use caution if going that route.

As the other poster pointed out, he very rarely plays at the Margaritaville clubs. And never with advance notice.

'Tis true--the atmosphere at the concerts is pure Parrothead! There is a Parrothead convention in Key West in November.... Buffet's presence is unlikely, but you can certainly immerse in the culture...

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May 4th, 2006, 04:23 AM
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I'm also a Parrothead and to me even if Jimmy wasn't at one of his Margaritaville establishments it was neat to be there and see them for myself. How about sending your son to New Orleans? It's a wonderful city and of course a Margaritaville is available.
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May 4th, 2006, 05:54 AM
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If your son is into hunting AND football, Jason Babin of the Houston Texans opened a hunting ranch.

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May 4th, 2006, 05:55 AM
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Why not bring him to the NRA convention in Louisville? I'm sure Ted would give his nod to that. Bob Marley was a religious man who respected life and preached love, I think I would lead my son down that road, personally. Ziggy Marley is one of the reggae artists playing in August at the Hollywood Bowl at the reggae festival. I bet he'd enjoy that. How about taking him to Jamaica for a few days for some beach and reggae?
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May 4th, 2006, 07:56 AM
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We just went to a Buffet concert last week here in Dallas. It was SO much fun. I don't think it matters what city it's in, it's the party before the concert that counts. Just have him get to the parking lot early, ready for an unbelievable tailgating experience. He'll think he's at the beach once he hears that music playing.
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May 4th, 2006, 08:25 AM
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You could always take him to St. Bart's for Jimmy's "cheesburger in paradise."
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May 4th, 2006, 08:32 AM
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i'm a parrothead too and just saw him by sf. too bad you can't send your son this weekend - he's supposed to be at jazz fest in new orleans and i think that would be wonderful (or at least that's what he announced at concert!)
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May 4th, 2006, 08:34 AM
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My vote would be first, see if you can get tickets to any of the Jimmy Buffet concerts. They are very hard to come by and sell out within minutes of going on sale. But, they are very much worth the wait and the price! Believe me, your son will not even miss the beach!

My second vote would be send him to Key West or even Jamaica. The music of both artists are prevalant in each place.

What a great parent you are! Can I give you my mom's number?? I'll be 40 in a few years...
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May 4th, 2006, 08:36 AM
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If your son has never been to a Buffet concert he's got to go!! I've seen him a few times in the Midwest at outdoor theatres which are the best - for sound & the tailgating is the best!! Everyone's dressed up, even trucks full of sand, etc. And since he'll be 21 here's to the margaritas!

If you can't find tickets, what I always did was just swing & scalp them off someone the day of. I could always get lawn seats for ~$40. Have fun!!
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May 4th, 2006, 09:34 AM
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Let him party with animals, not kill them
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May 4th, 2006, 09:56 AM
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Mrsd2fan! Too funny! And as a vegetarian Parrothead, I agree wholeheartedly.

(Veggie Burger in Paradise...)
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May 4th, 2006, 10:28 AM
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Thanks everyone - you have some great suggestions. I will follow-up with them & let you know what evolves.

Keep the suggestions coming.
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May 4th, 2006, 10:39 AM
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Jimmy Buffett is playing at Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach tonight but tickets never went on sale. They gave away all 330 tickets.

I vote for a gift certificate to Cabella's and a trip to Key West.

The best of both worlds.
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May 4th, 2006, 02:56 PM
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I just googled "summer hunting" and there were many hits. You might find something that way.
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May 7th, 2006, 06:28 AM
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Thanks for all your advice. I ended up putting a booklet together with several trip options in it. I am going to let him select his trip. I used all your suggestions in the booklet.

I would not have considered Buffet concerts in the "not tropical" cities before reading your replies. But you changed my mind so they are inlcuded.

Parrot Heads, did you know: Universal has a Margaritaville club.

Also at Universal City Walk is a Bob Marly tribute. Site says: A one-of-a-kind celebration of music and culture, Bob Marley - A Tribute to Freedom is patterned after Marley’s actual home in Kingston, Jamaica. It commemorates the international fame of the “King of Reggae”, and takes guests on a musical journey of his life.

Bookhall, thanks for the info on the Convention. It is a trip option plus I got him a Virtual Parrot Head membership.

FYI Parrot Heads - Erie, Pa has a Key West Phest (we are going to check that out as a small side trip). Other areas also have them. Check out or
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May 7th, 2006, 10:12 AM
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I had a "cheeseburger in paradise" at Margaritaville in CityWalk @ Universal just last month !
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May 7th, 2006, 01:24 PM
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I like
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May 7th, 2006, 01:25 PM
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Sorry about that. I like Jimmy, and Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina, Maui.
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