Help, ideas, suggestions.

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Help, ideas, suggestions.

My husband and I are planning a road trip to Massachusetts. We would like to see Marths Vineyard, Boston and then head up to Kennebunkport, Maine. We will be driving from Michigan and we are leaving late at night(8pm). We have from July 13- July 19. Leaving late Tuesday night and coming home sometime Monday doesn't matter what time. I know it is a lot of driving but we don't mind at all, we take turns while the other sleeps. What I am wondering is do we need 2 nights at Marthas Vineyard? Is that too much time or just enough? Same question for Boston, 2 nights?? Drive to Kennebunkport on Sunday and the head home late Sunday night or early Monday morning. We are not big museum people, or shopping people. We just want to take in the sights and pop in a couple little interesting stores and have a nice seafood dinner somewhere, just spend some leisurely time together. We are late 30's and early 50's. We don't mind the walking or the biking. Any advice on what we should see or do, and is our time frame not long enough. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Isn't it a 13-14 hour drive from Michigan nonstop?

So if I understand you correctly, you'll arrive in MA Wednesday morning (assuming you don't stop overnight to sleep?) And you're departing for home Sunday nignt. So you really have only 5 days total.

I think trying to cover Boston + MV + Kennebunkport in 5 days is too much. Do you have a dying reason to go to either MV and/or Kennebunkport?

If I were you, I'd just spend the entire time in Boston; and since you'll have a car, you can do 2 day trips - eg, Cape Ann (Rockport/Gloucester) for one day; and perhaps Newport RI for one day.

OR, you can spend 3 days in Boston, then head North for 2 days and spend time in Cape Ann and Portsmouth New Hampshire.
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I agree I would not go so far as Maine but take two days Boston(the first day take the Old town trolley)then on to Newport R.I.(visit one of the stately homes)then to Wood's hole were you can take the ferry to Martha's vineyard.Paul
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Personally, I'd be more inclined to recommend the Duck Tour over Old Town Trolley, but to each their own. One could in fact spend your whole vacation profitably just in Boston.

And I agree with yk, Boston + MV + Kennebunkport is too ambitious for 5 days. I'd trim either MV or Maine here. Also note well, if you were planning to take your car to MV on the ferry and you haven't already made reservations, you'll likely be out of luck. Such reservations need to be made several months ahead of time.

Newport is indeed well worth a visit, though if you love historic houses, you'll want to spend several days there.
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You seem to know where you want to go and as long as you don't mind the driving, I think you can do what you've planned. Go to MV on Wednesday (make ferry reservations now), stay Wednesday and Thursday nights, Friday morning go to Boston and stay until Sunday--leave for Kennebunkport for one night.

The advantage to your timing is that you'll be at the Vineyard during the week and in Boston on the weekend, thereby avoiding the crowds and most of the heavy traffic, which will be going in the other direction. Sunday will be a good day to drive to Maine.
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In answer to this question:
"What I am wondering is do we need 2 nights at Marthas Vineyard? Is that too much time or just enough?"

I would say that 2 nights is not even close to enough...I like 2 weeks myself In any case, you will almost certainly have to stay 2 nights because you will run into lodging minimum stays in July.
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You're driving a great distance to rush through some exquisite sites. Two days will barely allow for seeing Boston. And it would literally be seeing Boston as you drive by in a touring vehicle of one type of another. Martha's Vineyard can be toured in two days, although I agree with china_cat, it's a beautiful island that deserves a much more leisurely approach. I can't comment on Kennebunkport since I have only passed through and don't know the sites - but it's a fair distance to drive for a visit of one day, if I understand your itinerary correctly.

I would recommend devoting your trip to Boston with, as someone already recommended, a day trip or two - Rockport, Newport, a quick jaunt by boat to Provincetown - there are many day trip possibilities.

Disclosure: I am a slow travel kind of girl. I like to immerse myself in the place I am visiting rather than devote time to traveling from place to place. Don't overlook how much time traveling will take away from actual vacation time.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your vacation!
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I think adding the Vineyard is a little ambitious. I'd say base yourself in Boston and do a couple of day trips. One to Kennebunkport and maybe take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown for a day. A daytrip to Newport RI is also doable (during the week).

You can come back another time and spend some time on the Vineyard. For me, it's a plant yourself for a week and relax type of a vacation.
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As americans dont forget to visit Plymouth plantation on your way to either Cape Cod or Newport.
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