Has anyone used the Hertz "Neverlost" system?

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Yes, you guys are correct that I responded to the thread without noticing the date!!!! There was very little information when I searched for "navigation systems". That's how these OLD threads get revived!!!! I did start a new thread, but no replies yet so guessing these self purchased portable navigation systems are not frequently used.
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I've thought about getting a portable navigation system, but I have never gone out and gotten one. I guess my interest and/or need isn't big enough - LOL.

I have had fun with the Hertz Neverlost though. I get that on business trips so I don't have to mess around with maps as much.
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Haven't used Neverlost, but I'll tell you the "guarantee" on getting the car you booked is a joke. I'm a recent member of #1 Gold and booked a Mustang for Florida (RSW) recently. Of course, when I got there, the manager practically burst out laughing about the chance of actually getting the Mustang. He said they only had two and it's impossible to get (even though there was one sitting in the lot that I asked about and another pulling out ahead of me when I was leaving).
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Yeah, we know Yawn. There is an entirel thread dedicated to your experience with Hertz.

Bottom line, a car rental company's inventory is constantly changing. They can't guarantee a car type and on every rental car reservation site I have ever been to, there is a note to that effect.
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Actually J that is not true. Hertz is guaranteeing a specific make of car, but its only at certain specific airport locations. Check out the Hertz site for Hertz#1.
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J_Correa-Do you by any chance work in the rental car industry?(smile)? Picking up a car rental is always the least pleasant part of my trip. Never get the car I reserved for!
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No - I don't work for the rental car industry I've rented a lot of cars though and I only sometimes get the car I reserved. It doesn't really matter to me though. As long as I get a car in good shape and I don't have to wait in a really long line, I am happy.
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We have a Magellan GPS, it's wonderful and has been extremely useful for navigating NY and Boston.

I've always loved trying new routes, even locally, using the GPS has made me a lot more adventurous, I know I won't get lost.

It would probably be neater to have a 'built-in' version but we can swap this around between any of our cars and lend it to friends and family.

Highly recommended.
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I get it almost every time. It is simple to use and it works most times. If you have AAA, I suggest you get a AAA coupon for an additional discount on top of the 10% discount you get just for being a AAA member. You also get $1 off each day of the Neverlost.
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I've rented lots of cars also, and sometimes ended up with better cars than I bargained for, sometimes worse.

What irks me is Hertz is actively marketing this "guarantee," that strikes me as suspiciously fraudulent.

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