Has anyone used the Hertz "Neverlost" system?

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Has anyone used the Hertz "Neverlost" system?

I am going to be renting a car from Hertz for a trip to the East coast. They are offering a "Neverlost" system that is apparently one of those satelite navigation systems. It costs an extra $8 per day. It would be worth it to me if it worked and was simple to use. Does anyone have any experience with this system.
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I used it, and although I didn't really need it (I knew where I was going) I liked it and used it anyway. For some reason it does not work in Westchester county NY!? It is very accurate and will tell you to turn exactly when you approach the road, it is almost like it knows where you are (that was sarcasm before anyone wastes their time explaining the ins and outs of GPS)
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It worked like a dream in Orange County, CA. I had to go to about 10 places a day (meetings, restaurants, etc.) and it always led me to the right place. Much better than trying to deal with a pile of maps!
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It's great! I used it in Boston and I got around like a pro. The only problem is that once you rent a car with it, you'll never want to rent one without it again.

It is definately worth the extra money. I think it only costs $7 a day if you have AAA. (It's also easy to use; my 11 year old son set it up for me the first time!)
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I used the neverlost system when we went to New Orleans last month. My husband and I still laugh that we would still be driving around trying to find our hotel; it was late when we got off the plane. I had printed off directions from MapQuest, but I couldn't read them because it was dark and my husband left his glasses at home. It worked really well once you got used to it. Highly recommend it if you are going somewhere strange.
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I used it once in the DC area and it sent us on the longest route--added about an hour to our trip, plus we hit a lot of traffic jams.
I also used it once in Wa. State to get from SeaTac to the Olympic Peninsula. The system was fairly new then and it had nothing for the OP, just a big blank map of the area. I half expected to find "here be dragons" written in the lower corner...
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We used it last year. My 12 yr old son had fun setting it. It was his job the entire trip. We did the 4 corners area, Bryce, Zion and Las Vegas.

It even made us laugh at times. It was right on with its turns. If you chose to ignore it for some reason it would tell you that you missed your turn and to make a safe legal uturn and get back on track. It was the backseat driver that yells at you politely.

I would do it again.
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We used one on our last trip to CA and thought it was wonderful (liked it so much I bought my next car with one). I would, however, take a good map along. The system will occasionally take you on the long route and it will pay to compare the route with the map. Also, take time to become familiar with all it can do. I also believe we used a coupon upgrade for the service. Have a nice trip!
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this sounds so cool! Is it a verbal thing, or a screen you have to glance at? Woman's voice or man's?
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Does this system work in just the area you rent the car or all over? We will be taking a trip covering several states and it sounds like it would be a great help. Anybody have any experiences like that?
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I've used it several times and found it handy when you will be doing a fair amount of driving.

IT will even give you the names and locations of the closest gas stations, restaurants, etc,

We recently used it in Oakland to find the nearest Trader's Joes ( so we coould buy some two buck chuck).

If you miss a turn or just go exploring...it will recalculate your route to still get you to where you want to go.
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It has both a computerzed map showing where you are and the way you are facing. You can zoom in and out. It has a woman't voice telling you when/where to turn.
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We used it last June when we went to Maine. It was really neat to use, even though we didn't need it.
A word of advice. If you reseve a subcompact car, they are almost always out of them when you get in. They will automatically upgrade you at no extra charge to you (as they did us) Chances are the car will have the system in it as ours did and we didn't pay a dime for it. I got this tip off a travel site and it worked on the first try. Its worth trying. One other tip. If you are the driver, don't be the one operating the system while driving. Everyone around you will thank you!
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We love that system.

Although once it gave us a problem: It didn't have a "fitness/gym" category in its directory, so we couldn't use it for directions to the nearest gym.

But other than that, a DREAM.
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I have used it in North Carolina, Colorado, New York and Ohio. It is wonderful! I highly recommend it. If you have an entertainment book I believe there is a coupon in their for free.
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We use it everytime we rent a car through HERTZ and it's fantastic!!!
We very rarely need to look at a map.
My husband loves NEVERLOST! It let's you really explore different neighborhoods by taking back roads you would never find on your own. I highly recommend it!
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I'm always curious what prompts people to revive 2 year old threads.
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Have used it several places and it worked great in each. The only place it didn't work well was Washington, DC, especially when we drove near the Pentagon and several other government buildings. The whole system just went nuts. It also sent us in circles in several places. I wouldn't use it there again.
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ipod_robbie - Me too! But in this case I can guess. Gail also started a new post asking if anyone had purchased one and whether it was worth it. So, I'm guessing she searched here for "NEVERLOST" and found not many threads. She replied to one that she did find, not even bothering to look at the date.

That's my guess anyway!
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