Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 8-11-06

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Now I see that in all that juggling I did to get it posted, I somehow left off part of the escargot remark: in paradise! We will be thinking about you!

(now more strange: my OP with the entire remarks show up on my preview, but they are not in the OP...another Fodor Farct, I guess!)
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rave: it's the first NICE day in new york in months!!! ;-)

rave: going to jamesport on long island's east end this w'end with cousins!

rave: fun dinner last night w/oldest and dearest friend.

rave: 1 week till toronto! we are flying into buffalo, and driving to toronto. my bf went to college there, so we want to make a pit stop. and we have scheduled time for wings at duff's, my bf's favorite place for wings. i also want to try beef on wek. buffalogirl...what's the word?

rave: went in the ocean last w'end, first time in years. it was glorious.

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Rave: My daughters make me proud. They are 10 and 13 and asked to go the wake for a close friend's mother/grandmother to their friends. This lovely woman came to so many sports events/parades/plays/recitals for her grandchildren that my children got to know her well. They wanted to go to support their friends. I would not have had the courage at their age to attend a wake but they have been to their own grandparents wakes and knew their friends could use someone around their own age.

Rave: People who make peace in their world - promoting fairness and equity in your hometown/neighborhood/workplace will go a long way in reducing the resentment and anger that builds up in individuals. People who have hope don't resort to violence (terrorism or crime)as a solution to a problem.

Rant/Rave: Work on house has slowed to a crawl but progress is being made. Plumbers and electricians in this week. Its getting old living in a construction site but we muddle along.
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BuffaloGirl: What a terrible week for you. Hugs!

Cigale: Continued thoughts and prayers.

PamSF: Hope you're healing well. And I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope your friend is able to get help.

PM: Good thoughts for your car and bad thoughts for the tow truck driver and company!

Rave: Spent last weekend in Northern Idaho with my mom and three sisters. Everyone is healthy and, for the most part, everyone is happy.

Rave: Celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary this week.

Rave: My two-year old daughter is in love with trucks of all kinds. Who knew a two-year old could correctly identify a backhoe and an excavator??

Rave: Montana Shakespeare in the Parks. What a great company of actors that travel Montana performing Shakespeare. And a rave for the people sitting next to us who allowed our daughter to pet their nine week old chocolate lab puppy during the performance. ((&))

Rave: Lots of tomatoes from the garden!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Rave: Leaving today for Topsail with DD; DH to join us on Wednesday - I sure do need a week at the beach!

Rave: Those vigilant souls around the world who foiled the terror plot and who continue to try to keep us safe.

Rave: My carry-on only luggage is much lighter without any liquid! And I didn't worry about if I was forgetting shampoo, contact lens solution, etc. since I couldn't bring it anyway! One less thing ...

Rave: The staph infection from my spider bite has cleared up..

Minor Rant: The location of the scar from the spider bite isn't going to make for a pretty swimsuit appearance..

Have a great week all!
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OTTO: The word is that I would skip Duffs and head straight for the Anchor Bar where wings were "invented." They are hands down the best. However, I'm guessing your boyfriend attended Univ. of Buffalo and he's got Duffs on his mind.

I assume you're picking up a car at the Buffalo airport, grabbing some quick grub, and heading to Toronto all in the same day. If so, have wings at Duffs then head west down Sheridan Drive and grab a quick roast beef on wick at Anderson's. Be sure to order it on a kimmelwick roll and put some horseradish on it. That's a true Buffalo beef on weck.

From Andersons, you can continue down Sheridan to the thruway and take either the Niagara Falls route or downtown Buffalo route to the border.

Have fun!
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It's officially (weck) kimmelweck, but (wick) is used as well.

I just felt the need to clarify that!
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Rave: 10 days until the first day of school!

Rant: 10 days until the first day of school

Rave: My baby sister, who's a lot of fun

Rant: My teen sister who's acting psycho lately (and her stupid friends)

Rave: The Brit intelligence, who have partially restored my faith in gov. agencies.

Rant: the terrorists

Rave: Walla Walla- taking my Goldens swimming at Mill Creek.

Rant: Walla Walla- I'll miss the Trace Adkins concert, because I have classes then.

Rave: All the terrific people here(and elsewhere).

Rant: All the people who take non serious things too seriously (and elsewhere)

Rave: My laptop works again...

Rant: My ipod seems to be missing...


Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Surprise: Fridays start on Wednesdays now!

Rave: my son who'd broke up with his girlfriend, feels much better now after the weekend with our older son and with us

Rave: went to see the "Putting it together" musical by Sondheim, it was nice!

Rave: another rally tomorrow

Rave: I will make it to the GTG after the rally and will finally meet some Fodorites I haven't met yet

Rave: I will get to meet 1.5 Fodorites I've met before (a husband of a Fodorite counts as a half-Fodorite, right? Right )
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Oh, and by the way, yesterday was my 5-year anniversary as Fodor's poster. My first reply is dated 08/10/01 and it was a reply to a San Francisco question.
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Rave: P_M getting the insurance info. Like you, I won't jinx karma on the bee thing! Good luck settling this situation.

Rave: STW's son's thyroid test. Very good news indeed!

Rave: I too am glad to see cigalechanta posting again. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

Rave: My kids made it safely to and from the Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee yesterday with my daughter driving! My husband really wanted me to go along. But I wasn't willing to drive. And my daughter insisted that having "the world's worst backseat driver" along would only make things worse! I had to concede that she was probably right. Not easy for a mother!

Rant: Summer is drawing to a close all too rapidly. My son registers for his senior year on Monday and starts school the following week. I start back to work (at school) on the 29th. And our daughter has to be back at school on Labor Day.

Rave: We've had all these weeks to enjoy each other's company. And we still have a little "freedom" left!

Rant/Rave: As much as I hate having our daughter leave again, at least taking her means another road trip!

Neither rant nor rave, just observation: What with our son's 17th birthday this past Monday, our daughter's 21st on Labor Day, our son starting his senior year and our daughter going back to college, it seems my mind has lately been drifting so often to the beginning of parenthood. I just can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that it's been 21 years. And that this fantastic time in our lives is about to change so drastically. How does it all go by so quickly?

My husband and I were married for 10 years before kids. So we've had some practice at being a couple. And I'm sure we'll be fine. But it's a very emotional time all the same. And I'm sure mid-life hormones don't help!

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe weekend!

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Oh, one more thing. I meant to comment to you kureiff, isn't it amazing what a two year old can do?! Enjoy every moment of the wonder of childhood!
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Hugs for you Caph!

You say it passes quickly, and I believe you. But when my daughter lost it yesterday and cried for 45 minutes because we went out the front door instead of the back door, I start looking forward to the years ahead.

STW: Will we be getting any more of your trip report soon? Your photos of the Ritz in London have me anticipating the rest!
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Those are the very times I've been trying to remind myself of lately, kureiff! In all honesty, there are many things I don't miss!

Just keep telling yourself, "And this too shall pass!" 'Cause it will, all too quickly!
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CAPH52, thanks for the heads up on that four year old post a few days ago.

PM, tow away zones? I almost forgot what that is. Haven't seen one in years! I must have missed your trip report.

FainaAgain, I started the thread on Wednesday night thinking it was Thursday night. Not Wednesday thinking it was Friday as someone suggested. Hey I made a mistake!

ronkala, I get the dust every day. I live on a gravel road and hate the dust but it all goes along with country living.

kureiff, I recently had tomato gardens with huge bumper crops. Some plants with thirty pounds of tomatos. Lost hundreds to early frosts. Now I just have a large lawn and buy tomato sauce at the grocery store. Much easier.
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buffalogirl, right you are! he did go to ub. i guess he has an affinity for duffs. and the plan is to do wings the day we arrive then drive to toronto, and to get beef on wek when we drive back to buffalo for the return flight. maximizing our time! ha...thanks! looking forward to it.

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We lived on a gravel/dirt road for thirty years down in Fairfax in northern VA. The dust was tolerable because of the privacy, but we had one or two stupid neighbors who wouldn't drive slow and they really kicked the dust up.
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ronkala, I know exactly what you mean. I have a few neighbors and also a UPS van that race by like a bat out of hell and kick up cloads of dust. What's worse is when I mow the grass on the edge of the gravel road and they race by kicking up gravel just a few feet from me with no regard for my safety. Some will slow down or stop and wait. I have noticed that it is the new comers who don't care. Last year I drove to the home of one of these people and told them they need to be more careful.
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ronkala~thank you for fostering those babies! Our beloved cats (Frank and Hobbes aka Marlena) are both rescue kittens now grown up).

Someday when I am really old and have worn down the house rule of no more cats than adults..I too will foster
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Rave: Cigale's post. You hang in there, girl!

Hugs to MrRazzle! Hope the ordeal is behind him now...

Kamahinaohoku, glad to see you posting, but your name is so difficult to spell

Rave: our Buffalo Girl is classy

PamSF, speedy healing!

P_M, I'm sending you a dozen of bees, use 'em any way you're pleased
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