Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 8-11-06

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Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 8-11-06

Rant: I get between 3600 and 4400 spam emails per day. My IP told me that it is because I have had a web site online for nine years and the spammers have software to collect email addresses off of web sites.

Rave: Most of it is labeled as spam by Postini but I still get a few hundred in my inbox each day.

Rant: It takes a half hour to sort out the spam every morning.

Rave: All the nice people on this thread.
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Though I don't visit the US board much, a friend passes on things of interest but this one post is to thank you for all the prayers and good wishes, prayers and vibes. We are not out of the woods yet, but just a post to thank you.
kiss, kiss, mimi
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Jorr??? It's Wednesday night..... starting a bit early, arent you!!!!

Everything okey-dokey in Minnesota tonight?
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Rave - beginning to plan my parents 50th Anniversary party. I wish I could give them the moon on a silver platter!!!

Planning a trip to Seville, Spain for Jan., I just bought a book and having so much fun reading about it!!

Rant - People who are quick to judge.
Slow sales months at work...

Wait..... It is only Wed night!!

Wouldn't this be FWRR?

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So what if we are getting an early start LOL Freaky Wednesday until it gets to be Friday

Mimi, it does my heart good to see you posting..even for a minute.
Plenty of love and good wishes still coming your way..and much love to J too!
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Rant: Nutjob on CNN tonight said one side (not saying which to avoid that debate) in the Israel/Hazbollah war was "just like the girl who wore a short skirt and deserved to be raped." Some of these ethnic groups have no respect for females!

Rave: So much good information and so many good people on this forum!

Rave: I am proud of my daughters and my wife, and I'm thankful for the females in my life!
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Hi jorr, some weeks a Wednesday does seem like a Friday, lol. And with all the spam you are getting I am surprised you are not starting this thread by at least Tuesday!

Mimi dear, I too am glad to see you here. Big hugs to both of you
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Geez, I'm so glad to know it wasn't me. There for a minute I'd thought I'd finally lost my mind!
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A tad of sad:
Rant: A dog ran out in front of Mr. R5's car
this eve. It was on a residential street near our home and he was just puttin' along and *womp*! Owner runs out, friend of owner runs out, Mr R5
leaps out of car....YYYIIEEEEE!!!!
Long story short: Owner is not mad at Mr R5 as it wasn't his fault, Mr R5
is nearly in tears, Mr R5 opens his car door and says "Come on, put her in here, we'll take her to the ER Vet", friend of owner does same, owner points to friend of owner and helps Mr R5 pick up the pup in to friend of owners car, All concerned are very concerned, Owner and friend and pup head off to vet hospital...and friend of owner doubles back and asks Mr R5 if he would take his Dad home. Well, yes of course !

Mr R5 comes home rather frazzled as he does love and has and is a companion
to many four leggeds.

So we call the ER Vet, explain our query and the lovely receptionist hands the phone to the owner (Marie) and we find out that
J.J.(the poor pup) is in x-ray and her injuries do not appear life threatening.
The owner is so nice to Mr R5... I mean who would care about fault...this lovely baby runs out in front of him
and it's just a little short of tragic....thank goodness.
That would be a Rave !

I will keep you posted.


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Ah Razzle, one of those accidents that we hope will never happen dear one. I hope the pup is alright and I also hope Mr R5 is not too upset, but imagine he is. My hugs to all of you and the dear little pup.

P.S. Razzle, a young lad riding his bike flew out between parked cars on a residential street many years ago. My husband was going within the speed limit but because this young about 9 year old fellow was suddenly in front of him my husband hit his bike. The boy was knocked off the bike and fell onto the street. The ambulance arrived of course, and the lad was taken to the ER. He didn't even have a concusion. The parents of the boy apologized to my husband as their son had not followed the safety rules they had laid down, or even that the city had. All was well in the end. But my husband was so upset about this incident for months. Do give Mr. R5 a hug from me.
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I did my blood glucose test this morning and it said 8/10! Darn, now I have to re-program the thing. Wait a minute, I'll check FFR&R to see if the date is right. BuffaloGirls post said it all!!!!
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Rave: Welcome back, Mimi.

Rave: Hawaii's new smoking ban.

Rant: Evil people who believe in taking innocent lives to promate some cause.
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Oh thank you Jorr! I was thinking of starting a Freaky Thursday Rants and Rave!

RANT: This stupid terrorist plot just as a fare war has started!!! AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!
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Rave: cigalechanta's post
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? O

Smiles and hugs to all my friends...
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I never respond to this post but...

Rant: well-meaning children who make their parents a (pick a number) anniversary party & invite the immediate world.

Rave: Today's my Friday!
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It's Thursday, but what the heck!

Rant: Terrorists

Rant: Smokers

Rant: Posters who don't put the name of the location in their posts

Rant: Spam (by the way, Jorr, there are programs to eliminate Spam - I'm down to only a few a day now)

And now for the raves:

- All the very funny & comical people who post here

- Beautiful weather here this weekend

- An unpcoming trip that doesn't involve flying

Have a good one, everyone!
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Rave: I'm still alive and I'm still here...considering I was 4 hours from death in April, I have cause to rave and celebrate every day.

Rant: My sadness over the insanity in the world today.
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Rave: Fresh blueberries
Rant: Rising airfare to Bermuda (and the rest of the world....)
Rave: Celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday with wonderful friends, DH and my mom!
Rant: BP and all the "watchdogs" who were asleep at the switch.
Obviously a rave that British intelligence thwarted the plot, a rant that more will spring up.
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Rave: Jorr thinking Wednesday is Friday. Welcome to my world, Jorr!!!

Rant: The day before I left for vacation, my basement flooded. Bye bye sump pump, dryer, dehumidifier.

Rant: Crime in Buffalo. It's out of control. An innocent husband and wife stabbed in their driveway early last night in my part of town. An apparant robbery. Two teenage sons returned home to find their parents. Mom was alive, dad died.

Rant: A boy who just graduated from my son's high school died in a Lake Erie rip current last week. He lived a few blocks away from us and although I did not know him, it just really hit home. My son attends a smaller all-boys school and it's like one big family. It makes me want to hug my son that much harder!

Rave: A burned out sump pump and dryer is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with (see above rants)!

Rave: We had a great week in Cape Cod. I love the ocean!!! Although a week with four teenage boys and two "teenage acting" dads really wore me down.

Rave: The best pizza in Buffalo comes from a dumpy little place around the corner from me. I ordered a pie last night and it was so amazingly good. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm a pizza snob! And a cake snob. And a chicken wing snob. (I'm so classy).

Rave: Our wonderful car mechanic. He fixes cars 24/7 in a little place in a crappy neighborhood. Some people drop off their cars and can't afford to have them fixed and just leave them on his lot. I think he's so happy to have a paying customer that he takes such good care of us (and we really needed him recently).

Rave: My son asked me to get him a subscription to "Popular Science." I nearly fell off my chair. I told him I'd throw in "Popular Mechanics" if he so desired.

Rave: Same son requested a weekend family getaway to Gettysburg this fall. Is this my kid???

Have a great weekend everyone......BG
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