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EWR Train and New York Penn Station Help Please


Oct 21st, 2004, 09:08 PM
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EWR Train and New York Penn Station Help Please

I am traveling with a group of people who have decided to take the train to Penn Station New York from EWR airport because we have close to an 8 hour layover. Please help with some details so we know how it works. When we arrive (Terminal C) is it easy to locate the mono-rail to get to the Train Station? Where do we buy our train tickets - and can we buy a round trip ticket right away, or what would you recommend to save time later? I understand there will be one (or 2?) stops before we actually get to Penn Station in Manhattan. Then when we return, are there clearly marked signs in Penn Station that indicate which trains will take us back to Newark airport? We will be traveling on a Saturday night in early November. Is Newark airport usually slower on a weekend night like that? Thanks so much!
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Oct 21st, 2004, 09:47 PM
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Well, you will first take the AirTrain from EWR to the Newark Airport train station. But you can buy train tickets (most probably NJ Transit, not Amtrak)from a machine right at the airport before you get on the AirTrain.

See http://www.njtransit.com for train schedules.

You take AirTrain back from the Airport train Station the same way. You use your NJ Transit ticket as your "fare" on AirTrain. (So don't lose that ticket - otherwise, $5 each way.)

The AirTrain station is easy to find at Terminal C - it's on the same level as the entrance to security checkpoints. After you get off your plane and exit past the entrance security checkpoint, look for the signs and for the big readerboards with train listings. Or just ask anyone - they'll point.

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Oct 22nd, 2004, 04:37 AM
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The train is well marked PLUS they have some VERY nice agents to help you find your way.
Your 8 hour layover is an inconvenient amount of time basically! The trip into Manhattan can be very quick or not--we waited quite a while for our connecting train.
I am not clear what Andrew is talking about that is $5. The fare is $11.50 each way.
Be sure to allow sufficient time for going through security on your return. In June there was a TERRIFIC line for security. We had baggage (which you probably won't) and the line there was long and confusing for baggage screening and then again for getting to the gate. I have never seen it so bad. Fortunately, we had enough time but barely.
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Oct 22nd, 2004, 07:19 AM
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What are you planning to do in NY? It sounds like you have to allot at least 2 hours round trip to get to/from NY; then a couple of hours to check back in for your connecting flight. Where will you be going from Penn Station? If you just want to have dinner (sounds like that's all the time you'll have), you should probably make a reservation in advance, especially on a Saturday night in November, when the city will be packed. (First weekend is NYC marathon.)
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Oct 22nd, 2004, 07:24 AM
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I topped the post you had on this question from a few weeks ago. I think if you click on your name, you'll have access to many comments from earlier this month on the same topic.
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Oct 22nd, 2004, 09:15 AM
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Gretchen, the $5 is the AirTrain fare if you do not buy a train ticket. It's the one-way fare between the train station and the airport. You pay it explicitly only if you go all the way to the train station (AirTrain between terminals and parking is free). Everyone pays the $5, but if you buy a train ticket, the $5 is built into your Amtrak or NJ Transit fare.

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Oct 25th, 2004, 03:13 AM
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A few thoughts:

1. I assume you will already be checked-in for your connecting flight, and will not have any checked baggage to deal with, only carry-ons which you may need to lug around with you. There are no baggage storage facilities at the airport currently, but contact your airline to see if they would hold your carry-ons for you. If you already have boarding passes, etc, then I would suggest you be back at the airport at least an hour before your flight, as all you have to do is get through security (which can take some time.)

2. With a group, I would actually skip the Air Train and take a taxi to Newark Penn Station. The taxi ride is less than 15 minutes (and on a Saturday evening, you should be able to make it in about 8 minutes), the fare is fixed at $16. (There may be a group charge, check with the dispatcher.) From Newark you have a myriad of train choices to get into Manhattan in 20-30 minutes, and all on a more frequent schedule than trains from the AirTrain train station: Amtrak and NJ Transit to New York Penn Station, or the PATH train to the World Trade Center (no change) or mid-town (change in Jersey City.) NJ Transit fare to Manhattan from Newark Penn Station is $3.30, the PATH costs $1.50, so with 3 people, the fare plus the taxi is less than $9 for NJ Transit and less than $7 for PATH. (Amtrak is about $30.) Most of all, you will avoid the crowds and hassle of the Air Train, and waiting for a connecting train to take you into Manhattan.

The AirTrain takes you from the terminals to its own train station, and from there, you have to change trains to either Amtrak or NJ Transit. If you are lucky, you will get a train right into Manhattan, however, Amtrak trains only stop at the AirTrain station about once an hour, and NJ Transit trains are about the same. In many cases, you will end up taking a train to Newark Penn Station anyway, where you have to change again. IMO, you are better off going right to Newark Penn Station and getting a train from there, or better yet the PATH which will take you down to Wall Street. There is a taxi stand across the street from Terminal C, with uniformed personnel who can assist you with getting the taxi.

3. It might be cheaper and easier for your group to take a taxi into Manhattan. If there are 3-4 of you, you can split the fare. The taxi fares are fixed, and from EWR to the mid-town area the fare would be between $40 and $55, depending on your destination in midtown, plus tolls (about $4.50 for the tunnel.) With 4 people that is $11.13 per person. (There may be a ?group charge? for a large group, confirm this with the dispatcher.). You could be in mid-town in 30 minutes by taxi from Newark airport, traffic should not be bad on a Saturday evening. You could take the train back to EWR from New York if you wanted to.

4. Another option to consider is to take a taxi to Hoboken or Jersey City and take the New York Waterway ferry over to either mid-town or lower Manhattan. Taxi fare would be about $20 (and no tolls, except maybe a cheap Turnpike toll), and you would get a great view of Manhattan from the water, esp at dusk or in the evening. Take a look at NYWaterway.com for information.

5. Website for Newark Airport is http://www.newarkairport.com/aviation/ewrhomemain.htm. They have info and links to AirTrain, NJ Transit and PATH, showing fares and train times.
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Nov 6th, 2004, 04:36 AM
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You have a few choices. I commmute into NYC from New Jersey, The EWR train to the plane (or NYC in your case) makes use of the New Jersey transit commuter trains and their schedual! Weekends will be less trains connecting with the EWR monorail trains.

How about the BUS? EWR has a surface bus that takes you to 42nd street Bus terminal! I think it would be a less expensive option.

The bigest problem with EWR to NYC is the Lincoln Tunnel. Delays could add about 45min to a 30 min trip!

If you decide to take the train, check with the information booth in Penn Station Manhattan so you understand whick train lines conect back with the EWR Mponorail! Not all lines connect!

Penn Station has a big schedual board that shows the trains that are leaving. It is a rolling schedual that updates with the time of day. I noticed that the board shows a little 'ewr' in red next to the train line that will connect to the monorail station. Just make sure you have have that return information clear and understand the weekend train time schedual!!

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