Does anyone tip at Bed & Breakfast Inns?

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I completely disagree with Janis' "rule" about not tipping the staff depending on who they are.

Why? Simply because of regardless of who they are they are providing a service. If you are very pleased with that service and feel it deserves a tip then I think you should do so.

Do you think someone who works in a place is going to be insulted by being tipped? If so, then go ahead and leave the tip and wait and see if they try to give it back!
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Dukey, what the others are referring to is the custom, which I remember as: "you don't tip Joe at Joe's Bar".

Yes, Joe might very well be insulted by it. He might not give it back since that might be taken as an insult, but would probably just add it to the tip pool for his employees.
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not "my" rule. - from 4 different business and travel websites from the NYT quoting Fodors to MSNBC:

>>The Fodor's guidebook says it's O.K. to skip the tip if you're only staying one night, and most sources agree it is not necessary to tip in a bed-and-breakfast.<<

>>Tipping at a Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Many, if not most B&Bs have a no-tipping policy in the US and Canada. In other countries it varies. It never hurts to tip, but it is definitely not expected, and many B&Bs specifically ask that you do not. Most are family owned and the price they charge covers everything.

The safest bet is to inquire at the specific Bed and Breakfast where you plan to stay before you arrive.

If there is hired housekeeping staff, then tip the same as at a hotel.<<

>>Bed and Breakfast Tipping Etiquette
In general, tipping etiquette dictates that business owners are not given tips. Most B&Bs fall under that category, and indeed, most have "no tipping" policies in place. If you are in doubt, ask about their tipping policy when you book your room. (If the housekeeping staff is not part of the family, do tip them as you would in a hotel.)<<

>>At B&Bs with a few rooms that are run solely by the proprietor, owners do not expect to be tipped. But at larger B&Bs that hire outside housekeeping staff, tipping is appreciated as in any other lodging. For owners of small inns, in lieu of a cash tip you can give something more valuable: a good referral.<<
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I have heard the 'no-tipping rules at B&Bs' quoted everywhere - I think it is from Fodor's, actually? I do believe that is a significant overstatement - I have stayed in many, many B&Bs over the years and know many, many more B&B owners through industry networking, and can say that I don't know one that has an actual ban on tips. I also don't think it's true that most B&Bs don't have cleaning staff - again, most I have stayed at do have someone, even if it's part-time. We have six rooms - and two part-time cleaners. Thurston with three rooms has a part-time cleaner. We are still a family-run B&B - my husband and I welcome guests, check them in, cook breakast, do the laundry, buy the groceries, market the business and pay the bills. Even small shops hire someone to run the front desk so they have a minute off once in awhile - same with small B&Bs.

Highflyer, at my place, you know we have cleaning staff even if you don't meet them because I mention them by name in our guest information booklet and in general on the tip envelopes. However, I would like to assure cmcfong we do not use the tip envelopes to beg for vacation funds, not even for the housekeepers!!

No one turns down tips, and even though I don't keep the cash, I am gratified when my guests leave tips for my staff. It makes us, and them, feel good! But I appreciate the good feedback more. If you do both, I'm happy and my staff is happy!
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I seldom stay at B&B's, but when I do I leave a tip for the housekeeper just like I do at hotels and motels.

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I say go ahead and tip. Even a family run b&b will often have someone else that comes in and cleans the rooms during peak times. IMO, tipping never hurts. I've asked owners of salons and b&b's their thoughts and the unanimous answer is that a tip is always appreicated!
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