Do you get a "host" while in Vegas?

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Do you get a "host" while in Vegas?

I have been surfing a lot before our next trip to Vegas in May and I have seen a few people on another site talk of having a "host" at their hotel.

From what I gather this person rates their play and "helps" them out while staying there and at the end of the stay helps to decide what will be removed from the hotel bill if anything based on their level of play for comps.

Is this strictly for high rollers? Has anyone else done this? Sorry if this is an amature question but I was afraid to ask on the other site with all those "pro" gamblers!
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Yes. In reference to table games, assuming your talking about the strip, you'll have to bet at least $25 per hand for 4 hours each day for a host to be interested. For slots, I think quater x max coin will spark interest, but I'm not a slot player. You should talk to a host before making a reservation and explain what kind of action you will bring. they will probably set you up with a casino rate on rooms right off the bat and then evaluate your action before you checkout. not strictly for high roller, if you bring the type of action that gets any comps at all, you should be doing it through a host.

The drawback is you're now essentially bound to always play at that property group during your stay and sometimes I like to visit different casinos. In such case I will still have my play rated but will not work through a host.
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My friend has been a pitt clerk in one of the hotels for years. Since the show Vegas aired everyone comes in asking for free stuff. She said you have to have a record of play with the hotel, in other words like the last poster you are stuck staying at one hotel over another. The hotels keep track with cards etc but to really get some good free stuff you must gamble alot. For example to get a free show at on of the major hotels in town the person spent on average 500-700.00 a day on bacaret (spelled right). The person did this for 4 days before asking for a show. Of course this was at a large expensive hotel. I do not know how accurate she is but she said don't ask don't get. Good luck you never know.
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I just wanted to add something to what momof5 said. You don't have to lose money to be rated. If the person who spent $500-$700 a day on baccarat had won instead of losing, he/she still might have been eligible for comps--as long as they kept up their level of play.

The key (as Loki pointed out) is to make sure you speak to someone before you begin play. If you're playing BJ, talk to the pit boss and ask him/her what level of play you must maintain for full RFB (room, food, and beverage). If you're only interested in a show or room ask the same question as it pertains to whatever it is you want.

By the way, Some casinos are waayyy harder to receive comps from than others.

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Casinos do not bother to track whether you lose or win. They only track dollars put into play and length of time.
Why don't they track win/loss?
Because they can calculate within a few % how much you'll lose over long periods of time.
They'll comp you a fraction of the expected winnings for the casino.
You can get rated and get comps at multiple casinos, but you're better off picking one and concentrating your comps there.
As most people know, comps are really just a modest return on your losses.
It's not financially correct or logical to view comps as real generosity from the casino. They're almost like Discover card have to hand over substantial money to get any reward.
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Agree with the last poster. This cannot be stresed enough. the casinos only do this because they know it makes them a lot of money. So, if you go with the idea of having substantial losses (thousands of dollars) then you might as well get some comp returns for them. But the losses will be MANY times the cost of the comped items. If you plan on going just for fun and to gamble modesly then you are much better off just paying for whatever you want.

I know no one really goes with the idea of losses. but in fact, although some people win at times - overall everyone loses long-term - so you really need to think of your gambling money as "entertainment" that you are paying for and that it will definitely be gone by the end of the trip.
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Just to further clarify, the casinos have improved so that in some cases you don't have to play at the same casino but at the same property group. I'm rated at Park Place so I can play at Caesars, then play at Bally's, then Paris, and it all get credited into the same acct. Likewise with Mandalay and Monte Carlo. Not sure if Bellagio, Mirage, MGM do this too but if not, I'm sure they will soon. This is a great policy because it makes things less monotonous and I can go to dinner somewhere else and play the tables right there afterwards. Just don't increase the level of your play to chase comps. Only consider it if you normally play at least $25/hand (strip casinos). Harrah's properties (Harrah's/Rio) rate all action but they are really cheap on comps so don't bother. If you're a low roller, go downtown and for $10/hand you can most likely get fed.
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My mom goes to Vegas 3 to 4 times a year and is always comped her room and meals on selected weekends at either Bellagio, Mirage or TI. They send her offers periodically for slot tournaments or special dinner/concert evenings. She plays video poker from the minute she arrives until she leaves. We have to drag her away for meals sometimes. She starts on the $ machines at $5 per hand and if she is losing she will switch to the quarters at $1.25 per hand. She has the club card and always uses it.

Travleis is right, they don't care if you win or lose. The players card just tracks how much you play. They KNOW they will win in the end.
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The Players Club that Lahaina mentioned also includes MGM Grand and NY NY. I've found that the Rio comps the most, perhaps because they are off the strip. And if you're ever in the mindset that you're going to win and stick it to the casinos, just look up at the chandeliers above your head that cost millions or the carpet that you're standing on - they're paying for these things somehow.
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I did collections work for several Las Vegas casinos for a number of years. I can clear up a few slight mistakes from previous posts.

First, it is absolutely untrue that casinos don't bother to track whether you win or lose. While it is true that they care far more about the amount of time you put in and your average bet than your success, they can tell you quite accurately exactly how much you have won or lost at the end of your trip. Most hosts will be happy to share this information with you if you ask. This is true whether you play slots or table games. With table games, when you give them your player's card, they record your buy-in. At the end of your play, they will often ask you to "color up", meaning change your small denomination chips in for larger denomination chips. This way they know exactly what you are leaving with. If you want to try this theory and you don't even have a host, a good place to do it is at Paris. Go to the place across from the front desk where they issue player's cards at any point during your stay. Ask how you've been rated and they'll tell you exactly the number of hours you've put in and your average bet. If you want, they'll also tell you how much they have you down for winning or losing. My brother played at the Paris for 3 days and at the end of his stay they had his winnings pegged within 25 dollars.

Second, an average of $25/hand won't get you too much at most strip hotels. It will get you a casino rate on the room, but not much more. Most better strip hotels are now looking for an average of $75-$125/hand for 4 hours/day for your room and food to be comped if you are a table player. If you are a slot player, the formula is more complicated, but they still expect a lot of action.
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Does the Venetian have "partner" hotels like Paris, Caesars, MGM etc.? We'll be at the Venetian this weekend.
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