Continental Airlines

Old Aug 15th, 2002, 06:34 PM
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Continental Airlines

Is this a pretty good airline to fly? Their rates are much cheaper than the other airlines for the dates and locations that I was looking for. I usually have flown Delta or US Air.
Old Aug 15th, 2002, 06:45 PM
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Continental is proof that you CAN turn around an ailing company. They used to epitomize the word STINK and now they are the best in the industry.
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My husband and I were just saying we should switch our mileage to Continental. We just flew to Fla and loved it. We usually take United or American airline and were impressed how clean the Contintental plane was and how efficiently everyone took care of us.
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I also find Continental to be a very good airline. I fly them frequently out of Newark. Too bad most of my mileage is on United.
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Unlike most other airlines, Continental's employees are very customer-service oriented!
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Hands down, the best airline in the US, no question. Their frequent flier program is also the most responsive and efficient one I know, and between my own travel plans and organizing travel arrangements for others at work I've experienced both the pits (British Air, ugh) and the best -- Continental by a long shot.
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I like them. The hub system they have is great,as long as you avoid changing planes in Newark. By far the best fares in the industry.I can usually find fares from east coast to west coast for @ 250, sometimes cheaper.
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Owen O'Neill
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They have a much better and more equitable FF system than American and I agree about the customer service comments. I fly from Newark so the hub issue is not a concern to me (but Newark Airport has recently undergone a major renovation that is nearly complete and it's significantly improved - it includes a monorail to get from terminal to terminal and there are some decent new dining options as well as Starbucks etc.

I just wish they'd follow American's lead and add more leg room to coach. I'm tall and that one change on American has me flying them whenever possible despite their other shortcomings.
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I would fly continental before I ever flew US SCARE, continental is easily as good if not better than any airline I have flown.
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This airline is one of the best I have ever flown. I have flown both domestic and international routes with Continental and refuse to fly any other if possible. Always have had wonderful service. Unfortunately, their partner airlines aren't always as good (for example, Air France...snotty and poor service to boot.) When I fly greater then 3-4 hours I try to upgrade to business class and they do a terrific job. No complaints at all.
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Continental is great--daughter is a flight attendant that gives you all that great service. Don't get used to American's extra leg room. Heard the other day that was one of the things that may be going in the cost cutting department to stay solvent.
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I generally check the fares of all the major airlines and go with the best price. I haven't really found much difference among them.
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I've had the best luck with both Continental and American Airlines. I try to fly these when possible. The worst is Northwest and America West (really try to avoid both!)

I've also heard very good things about Jet Blue but haven't flown them yet.
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Go with it. A couple of years ago I had a meeting in San Antonio with a prior side trip to New Orleans. Over a a 10 day period, we went from Dulles to Cleveland, Houston, NO, Houston, San Antonio and back to Dulles.Clean planes and exceptional crews.
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Now that David Siegal is at the helm at USAirways, I hope he can turn them around like he did Continental. From all the good repprts I have read posted above regarding the new Continental, I see he has not only done a good job financially, but customer service-wise as well at Continetal. I think getting the employees at USAirways to become more customer service friendly will be the bigger challenge at USAirways, as opposed to the financial restructuring. I hope he can pull it off!
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Dave Siegal was president of Continental Express, the "commuter" division of Continental. He was not involved with the "mainline" Continental. Gordon Bethune is the CEO that came from Boeing in 1994 and largely gets the credit for CAL's turnaround.

I wouldn't hesitate to fly them - a very good airline in a generally lousy industry.
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