best meal on Oahu ????

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best meal on Oahu ????

What is the best meal you have ever had on Oahu (any budget) graphic ,mouthwatering descriptions please.
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A long time ago, I lived in SFO, and Hawaii was part of my sales territory. Not bad duty, but it was easier to go to Boston for a sales meeting than to my client's on Oahu to actually make money for the company.

Anyway, my client at Aloha airlines was born in the islands, and treated me to "local" dim sum is some filthy, rat infested dump down some back street where no one could speak english...or wouldn't admit to it.

It was fantastic! I didn't know what it was, didn't ask, still don't know, and have yet to taste anything that good.

I guess I've got to get back to Oahu. I hope they didn't tear the place down and put in a Mickey D's!
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On our honeymoon we had a series of very bad meals in Waikiki. One night in the International Marketplace my new husband swore the steak was dog or dog tasting. Well we couldn't find a good meal to save our lives until we stumbled into a chinese restaurant called maybe Lotus Moon. It was so good we kept ordering more food. We still recall that meal when we travel and can't hit a decent meal we start looking for a "new" Lotus Moon.
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We lived there for three years and our most favorite restaurant remains John Dominis on Ahui Street between Honolulu and Waikiki. Glass walls, on the water, with the freshest seafood to be had!
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Best meal was at Sam Choy's Diamond Head. Also had great results at Todai's Seafood Buffet.
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Monsieur Gourmand
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Best meal on O'ahu? That's a no brainer! My nomination is a dinky, hole-in-the-wall place called Waialae Chop Suey in Ka'imuki. Most of their business is take-out, but one can sit and enjoy a meal w/o feeling the pressure of being rushed. Their menu is not extensive, but the food is delicious, very ample and, best of all, extremely reasonable. When I go out to eat, I want to eat. Roy's and Donato's and Michel's are more show than substance. Another good spot for eating is Asaggio's out in the Hawai'i Kai marina. Medium-priced and very tasty. Good Italian done up by a Vietnamese chef!
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Giovanni's shrimp truck plate lunch in Kahuku. A good-sized helping of fresh-out-of-the-water succulent shrimp, dripping with the most unbelievably delicious sauce (butter? olive oil? peanuts? - we never did figure out what was in it), perfect rice to sop up more of the sauce, and we bought a fresh pineapple for desert. Sublime.
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i cannot believe how much thought i have given this, and yet i cannot come up w/ one best meal on oahu. my best meal ever was in scotland, and i can name my best meals in other places i've traveled, but i live on oahu, so all i can offer is places where i think certain favorites are consistently very good.

for pacific rim or fusion, u won't go wrong w/ the tasting menu at alan wong's, esp when paired w/ the recommended wines. now that i've suggested it, i can't remember the specifics of any course any time, but it's the kind of meal where u take a bite, look at each other and revel in the taste before continuing. i'm also a big fan of the duck appetizer that comes w/ a chunky local guacamole and fried okinawan sweet potato chips.

have not been to chef mavro's just down king street from alan wong's, but this is one place that gets consistent raves from different friends. one called it the meal of a lifetime. mavro's has fixed menus w/ or w/o wine; think this is also fusion but may have little more european influence.

for japanese, a small pub called nonbei on a sidestreet off kapahulu gets my mouth watering--in particular for the sweet miso-broiled salmon belly. it's way better than it sounds. belly wd be the fattiest part of the fish, i think, so the combination of the crispy exterior and melting interior is sublime. that, a couple of soy sauce- or miso-grilled riceballs, fresh local asparagus parboiled in dashi, and icy sake make a memorable meal for me. nonbei has this sake that comes in a carton and is poured into an iced cup from a height, frothing into slush as it hits the glass. the salmon belly's not on the menu--it's been a daily special the times i've had it. i wd order as many specials as sound good and ask the proprietress for recommendations. the negative: nonbei attracts a lot of smokers.

also in the jpnese vein, two dishes at wasabi on kapahulu make me happy--the rainbow sushi roll and the seafood gratin in half-papaya. rainbow roll, which can be found at other places (i like this version), is thin layers of ahi tuna, tai snapper, cooked shrimp and avocado wrapped on the outside around a layer of rice and a core of nori seaweed and crab. the roll is cut into abt 10 pieces and makes a meal for one or else a good appetizer for 2 or 3.

i also get excited abt korean. lots of places around honolulu, but my favorites are sorabol on keeaumoku, choi's on kapiolani and a very upscale one behind the pagoda hotel near sorabol. the specialties are different cuts of bite-size beef that u grill at ur table and dip lightly into a sesame oil-pepper sauce for extra cholesterol, and the stonepot-cooked bibimbap--rice cooked w/ strips of beef, greens, pickled radish, carrots and a fried egg. u mix everything together w/ a chili sauce.

finally, while there are lots of great chinese places, i like mandarin on cooke street for an excellent homey meal. first choice is the fish-and-chive potstickers, dipped in a do-it-urself sauce of a little soy sauce, a little rice vinegar, a little pepper and a little chili paste. here the mushu pork wrapped in crepes w/ hoisin?plum? sauce is succulent, and my standard is the spicy pork w/ eggplant.
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Best two meals in Oahu- Michels at the Colony surf and Hanohano room at the Sheraton Waikiki. Both for romantic scenery, food and service.
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Our best meal has to be from Nick's Fishmarket in Waikiki. We've heard a lot of good things about it and we wanted to try it for ourselves. The service was great. We couldn't even emphasize that more. The food was awesome. My boyfriend had a 5 course meal anniversary special and I had the special of the day which included samples of their best foods. It came with 4 different little dishes that was not too filling but good enough to be content. I would definitely go back if I get a chance.
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topping for Emily who should do a search first!
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who is emily?
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