Restaurants in Buenos Aires


Nov 14th, 2018, 09:50 AM
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Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Avrooster, I'd love to pick your [very knowledgeable] brain re restaurants in Buenos Aires. We like all kinds of food, and are staying in Palermo at the Mine Hotel. Prefer not to dress up for dinner, but we don't need to be wearing shorts and t-shirts either! Any "local" places you'd recommend? (we used to "wing it" when we traveled, but now prefer to at least have a list, if not reservations, in advance. We too often ate at touristy or just not very good restaurants in the past. Not looking for the French Laundry, and don't like to linger over food, or spend too much time talking about what we're eating!)
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Nov 14th, 2018, 12:02 PM
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Hi, sf7307! Thank you very much for your kind words about my brain. I thought I was getting old, but if you say otherwise...... LOL!

You don't say when you are coming, but I assume it will be sometime during the next few months, in other words during our summer.

During that season, particularly in Jan. and Feb., shorts and t-shirts should be fine in all but the most elegant restaurants. Slacks and a nice shirt should be accepted ANYWHERE. Forget about needing a jacket or a tie!

In Palermo, many places set tables on the sidewalk, which should make informal clothing even more acceptable.

I don't live in BA, but I'll ask TOP poster Marnie who comes to BA every summer and usually stays in Palermo for help with this matter.

Most restaurants open at 8 PM and are mostly empty until 9. What I mean is that, unless you plan to eat late, reservations are not required. My advice: go early.

Tourists LOVE these two steakhouses in Palermo: La Cabrera and Don Julio

But you asked for places which are popular with locals, as well as tourists. In Palermo, I'll defer to Marnie. One thing you could do: as you walk around Palermo during the daytime, be on the lookout for places which seem to be popular with locals having lunch. Ask for the menu, which could be different for dinner.

Clinton's famous "it's the economy stupid!" is very much alive at this time in my country. The economy is a disaster, which means restaurants should be much less busy than normal, because eating out is one of the first things our middle class gives up when it becomes difficult to make ends meet.

In the Recoleta area, which I know quite well, I would suggest for Italian
for grilled meat AND grilled fish or vegetables and for cheap empanadas and local food Not too sure about shorts being adequate in the first two places.

Have a great time in my town sf7307, keep the questions coming and please post a trip report to help other forum readers!
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Nov 14th, 2018, 01:20 PM
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Thank you!!
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Nov 14th, 2018, 02:17 PM
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OK, so outside of the very touristy (though Don Julio is still one of my favorites) good restaurants recommended by the Rooster, above, here are a couple more - not necessarily in Palermo...but close enough. And this is just a sample...Have fun finding treasures and reporting back here

El Trapiche (Paraguay 5099, Palermo Viejo)

El Trapiche? Helpful waiters who know the menu backwards. Which is good, because the menu is vast. It also has a long and well-priced wine list, an often-overlooked feature
The matambrito de cerdo (grilled pork flank) here is famous, so if you can bear to order a cut of meat that doesn’t come from a cow for once, you might just be very happy you did.

El SanJuanino on Posadas in Recoleta for excellent empanadas and other Argentine specialities....oh, and then CUMANA for the same. Both have excellent food and authentic atmosphere, etc.

Right next door to El SanJuanino is FERVOR a more upscale, excellent restaurant for seafood and meat.

The Cafe at the Evita Museum is really good for lunch - a nice outdoor garden, too. Just across the street is one of our local favorites: La Josefina for beef and proveleta and salads and, and .........

The restaurant at the Bobo Hotel is interesting and good....and La Choza in Palermo is wonderful. as is the Fiero Hotel Restaurant. And then there is the Alvear for Brunch (Recoleta) or dinner in their new Argentine Grill.

OK, I need to have some dinner mouth is watering and I am impatient to get to Buenos Aires in some for us and enjoy it all.
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Nov 15th, 2018, 07:01 AM
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I'm following this thread too, as we'll be there in early December. Love all the great ideas for places to eat! The lunch place at the Evita Peron museum sounds lovely (by the way, we saw a nice exhibit featuring Evita Peron's manuscripts at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum in Charleston, SC where we live).
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Nov 15th, 2018, 09:16 AM
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Great lists - I'm full just thinking about it!
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