Weather in the Yucatán

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Weather in the Yucatán

When is the best time to go to the Yucatán for good weather?

I thought about going for the first three weeks in November because I've read that the weather is best at that time.
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That is a pretty good time, generally past hurricane season, but it is often low season in hotel rates, so you can get good deals. I prefer to go towards the end of November, but that's when is convenient for me.

I don't know about the very best period, but November is a pretty good time to go. I think it can be rainier than during the "best" period, which I believe is really January-February. And I think there is still a greater risk of hurricanes at the very beginning of November, but it's not as bad as August-October.

If you really want to go then because you think the weather is best, I wouldn't. I think Jan-February might be, but you will probably get better deals in November.
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November thru May are all nice months.

Summer-time is hot and rainy season. And late summer early fall can be the hurricane time.

You'll want to check also for your hotel rates. I know in PV early Nov and late May are considered "off season" so lower prices than Dec thru April which is "high season". It can make quite a big different in the price or rooms or apartments.
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Thanks for the answers. The weather is really the main factor for me. I live in a quite dry climate, and I don't want to deal with humidity.

I don't care as much about lower prices--not that I'm wealthy or anything like that. Being really comfortable is more important to me.
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It's hot and humid in the summer time into early fall. By November should be beautiful weather.
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I have been to Playa on many long stays and found the best months (weatherwise)to be from late Janurary to late April.
Yes, there are many days with clouds and the odd cold spell but these are the exception, not the rule. The temperature almost always averages around 29 celcius and there is no dramatic difference between day and nite. No need for a sweater or small jacket. There are rainy days but they seem to clear up quickly. Seeing as you will be there for 3 weeks, you are garanteed to have nice weather. NOW, if you go inland, to Merida for example, well the weather there is a little different. No sea breaze or ocean to deal with and therefore the temp. will be hotter and almost no wind, unless you drive up to Progreso (40 minutes) for a day at the beach.
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I think it depends on your definition. When I've been there in late November, it was still plenty humid. If money truly is no object, I'd go January to March. Or at least compare prices if you do care about the costs. I know in the places I've been on Mayan Riviera, the low rates go until Christmas, I believe (or near it), they aren't just in early November, but also late November. But I have only been on the coast, so not sure about humidity inland. But September-October is considered the rainy season there (at least on the coast), so early November is still close to that. Not that it rains all day or anything, but the humidity will be higher. I think March is the lowest humidity and least rain.

I just have never heard that early November is called the best time of the year to go there in terms of weather. It really depends on your schedule and what you want to do, it won't matter terribly in terms of bad weather or humidity as long as you avoid the summer and through September. BUt it is lowest in March.
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Christina, You have often stated you don't like Mexico or the resort towns there. Maybe that is influencing your perceptions on the weather?
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I have spent long periods in Playa at all times of the year as we have a condo there. I was there last November for Thanksgiving week and the weather was wonderful, although too cool for me to swim in our pool. It was not humid at all, it was delightful. I was also there the beginning of April last yr. For two weeks and the weather was the best I have ever had in Playa. A little cool in the mornings and evenings, and no noticeable humidity. I did not break a sweat once, and we were out walking a lot. it was wonderful weather. I was able to swim in the pool. No rain on either trip. Those were the best two visits I have had, and I have been there in every month of the year over the last several years.
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Not sure what you mean by "humidity". The Yucatan is always humid. If you mean rain, then that's a different story. We've been there in November, January and February. February has less rain.
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Well if you are going in November It is the best time to go at Yucatán. There would be very good weather.
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summer is very hot/muggy
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I always like May, weather is nice, hot but not too hot, most kids are in school, prices are down for hotels and condos. This past May I was there for 10 days (4 on Isla Mujeres and 6 in Akumal) and we only had one bit of rain, the first afternoon in Akumal it rained for an hour and a half. But we were happily ensconced at Lol-Ha beach bar enjoying Happy Hour with friends and they had erected plastic windows, so we did not mind one bit.
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If I recall from past threads you're not a beach person and are more interested in cultural experiences - yes?
That said, the weather on the Yucatan varies from location to location.
There's generally a lovely breeze from the north Nov - the end of March in mid Yucatan areas. It's my favorite time in Merida. Mid April, May - mid June are the hottest and most humid. Sept/Oct can also be humid but not as bad as April and May. Many of the gulf beaches are a bit windy and less crowded during our winter with the exception of Xmas.
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We went to the Yucatan in March and the weather was really good. It was sunny almost the entire trip and warm, but not steamy. We did have significant rain one day, which resulted in a comparatively humid night. That was the only "bad" weather of the trip though. It happened while we were in Tulum, so we went inland to tour the ruins at Coba - still rainy there, but not windy like on the coast. Then we spent the afternoon in a bar on the beach drinking beer and watching the storm.
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I've been involved with planning a trip to Germany, so I've put off the Yucatán trip, but I'm baaaaak. Thanks for all the responses. I printed them off last year (after I posted this question) and stuffed the papers into my guidebook.

Cybor: You're right. I no longer do beaches, for a couple of reasons, one of them being my propensity for basal cell skin cancers.

I enjoy architecture, culture, history, etc. I also like practicing my Spanish.
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