ecotermales hot springs question

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ecotermales hot springs question

I am trying to decide between Tabacon and Ecotermales for July 31. I've read a lot about both but just can't decide. Does anyone have pictures of Eco? I saw one picture and it just doesn't compare to all the beautiful pix I see of Tabacon but I don't want to make the decision based on one picture. I like the idea of the nice meal that you can get at Eco but honestly this is about visiting the best hot spring for our family with kids ages 7, 12 and 15. Also, does anyone have any idea of how busy it will likely be on at the end of July on a Sunday evening? Also, is Tabacon much bigger than the other (meaning lots more pools, waterfalls, and streams)? Thanks for any help and especially any pictures.
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We just returned from there and loved it. We past Tabacon and it looked packed with many tour buses. When we went, there were just a few people there and the pools were lovely with pretty lighting and very HOT! One pool was 110 degrees. After a delicious swim, we enjoyed a homecooked meal at the resort. Everyone enjoyed it very much. I don't think you will be dissapointed. It's just not as ritzy as Tabacon...
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Wanatryl, based on your explanation, it sounds like you will be wanting to try Tabacon hot springs.

We liked Ecotermales but it may not be exciting enough for your family, from what you are wanting.

Ecotermales has a couple of main hot springs pools, a small waterfall, in nice surroundings. Has a cozy, private feeling. Quiet, peaceful. A bar for drinks near the hot springs. Nice homey family-style meal.

If you want more excitement, from what I have read, you are wanting Tabacon.

Also there's no volcano view from Ecotermales. But we had a volcano view every night from our room at Lost Iguana so this didn't bother us. We saw lava every night from our room.

We chose Ecotermales with the dinner because: 1) We were hot and not in the mood for expensive hot springs anyway 2) Tabacon hot springs are actually in a danger zone with possibility of volcanic activity causing problems. However, it is very unlikely this will happen while you are there! Plenty of tourists have enjoyed Tabacon and none have yet to be injured there yet. They did have to evacuate once. Read about it in The New Key To Costa Rica.

Ecotermales isn't very big. It was big enough for us, but it sounds like it may not be big and exciting enough for you.

You are doing the smart thing by researching everything. You'll have a great trip!
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I have pictures of Eco Termales in our CR photo album.

I agree with the other posters. We loved Eco Termales for the romantic, quiet feel. Also, the meal was amazing. For kids, though, it would probably be slow. I don't remember seeing anyone under about 16 there the night we went.
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Thanks for posting the pix of Eco-Termales. I'll be going with children as well but I think it looks wonderful. I try to avoid the tour bus stops whenever possible.
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Thanks jlh370 for the pictures. They do look pretty inviting. Decisions, decisions...
Thanks also to Melissa5 and mothraeve for the description of ecotermales. Sounds like everyone who goes there loves it!
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I liked Eco Termales also. The springs are hotter at Tabacon. Eco Termales is less crowded.
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You can read my trip report at I talked about how much we enjoyed it there.
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Jlh370- Great report!!!! You said that you made a reservation via email to Ecotermales. What is their email address?
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The email we used was [email protected]

I wrote to them in Spanish and they answered in English.
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Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the website but couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do! Can you help? Gracias!!!
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