Canopy Tour Advice

Old Aug 15th, 2002, 05:15 PM
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Canopy Tour Advice

Just how "scary" are the canopy zip-lines? I've never considered myself very afraid of heights, but I assume that some fear sets in with most people. I'm definitely the type to avoid roller coasters; I'm not a thrillseeker. However, I've seen some footage on TV of the canopy tours and it looks like fun (okay, so I'm watching on TV, not standing on a platform 100 ft. in the air!) I think I'd really like to do it, but I have some reservations.

Also, is it hard on your back?

I've read one of the best canopy tours is the Original Canopy Tour in Monteverde, where you climb up inside a strangler fig. Has anyone done this particular tour?

Since I'm going in very high season (Christmas week) does anyone know if I need to make reservations before I leave?

Thanks in advance!

Old Aug 15th, 2002, 05:37 PM
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Hi Carol,

we just did the Original Canopy Tour in Monteverde a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. The guides were very professional and it was 'safety first' all the time and not at all scary.
I would rather prefer this canopy tour than the 'Sky Treck'; that one seemed way to noisy to us with all the 'adventure tourist' screaming around in the forest.

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The safest canopy tours have two zip lines, each with its own separate block and connection to your harness. That way, you are still supported if something goes wrong. I have some fear of heights, and I was certainly a little scared, but overall, a canopy tour ride is quite exciting. It is not hard on your back at all - most of the weight is borne on your hips.

I would recommend the small but guaranteed uncrowded canopy tour at Genesis II, in the Talamanca Cloudforest, south of San Jose. The altitude there is much higher, and most of the tourists don't head in that direction. They are all in the Monteverde 'Crowd Forest'. Best of all, at Genesis II, you will learn something from the on-site naturalists while you zip between trees.
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Go for it - it is fantastic. It's not at all hard on your back. We spent Christmas last year in Cost Rica and as it happens did the caopy tour on Xmas morning. I can't recall with whom we did the tour but I will check and write in again. Regards, RJM
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It's awsome! Do it because you'll regret not doing it if you have the chance and skip it! It is a little scary but so fascinating that it takes your mind off of it! I didn't feel concerned about safety. I also felt the Costa Ricans were some of the friendliest, most caring people I've ever met so I felt I was in good hands.
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did the canopy tour in monteverde and tho it was fun it WAS a little scary. Remeber, it's not like a disney ride where you can change your mind... once you do one, you gotta go the whole way, so be sure!

by the way i'd reserve for christmas time.
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Definitly do it and yes, make a reservation. I have to admit I was pretty frightened, but it was one of my favourit things I've done thus far. The 'Original Canopy' is the one you want; I really researched. You're right in nature. We were actually lucky enough to spot howler monkeys. Didn't affect our backs at all; it's non aggressive. ENJOY!
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Jay Weinstein
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My family and I did the original canopy tour in San Mateo. My family were the only ones to go on the tour although we did not reserve the tour for ourselves. The San Mateo canopy tour is fairly new. I was disappointed in that I didn't see any monkeys and there were few zip lines, only about 7 I believe.

I recommend the experience (but not at San Mateo). I should say that my sister had some difficulty with it because of her size, so that might be a consideration. She actually banged up against a tree because she failed to properly slow herself down before the landing. She was ok though. I say go for it!


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I'd love to hear what people think of the relative advantages of the Original Canopy Tour vs. Sky Trek. I've been leaning toward Sky Trek just because it seems it's longer. But what's up with tourists screaming? I'm not too crazy about that....

I'd apprecaite all feedback.
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Kelly: Definitely 'Original Canopy' over the 'Sky Trek' in my opinion. Yes the Sky Trek may be longer and more of a rush, the Original was incredible. We were right in nature; everything felt natural and it was still a rush. We had constant beauty and lushness all around us. On the Sky Trek most of it is man made, large steel posts, etc, rather than real trees...
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Scott Gauvin
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"The Original Canopy Tour" is the name of a company that has operations all around the country - Arenal, Monteverde, Rincon de la Vieja, Manuel Antonio.... etc... not just one area.

In addition to that company there are also other companies (sky trek is just one of them) that offer this activity in different areas. I wouldn't plan my vacation around this particular activity as it can be done just about everywhere popular. Besides, they're all pretty similar. None of them however, despite their best intentions, were really designed for tourists to see wildlife. If you do, consider yourself lucky - most animals don't hang out due to the noise guests make while zipping around.
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