Another post about Cancun!!

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Another post about Cancun!!

I have gotten some rates on tours and things through Expedia and I wanted to know if they sounded reasonable. I can buy the tickets in advance, but I want some advice first before I do that.
Swim w/ Dolphins and a day at Wet 'N Wild $121
Tulum & Xel-Ha Tour - $79

Any tips advice, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Thanxs.
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Don't buy any tour packages here. Wait until you get to Cancun...they are a dime a dozen when you arrive.
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I would ask you to please reconsider the dolphin swim. They are incredibly cruel. I did it once and was sorry ever since. No matter how clean or nice it looks, more than half of the dolphins die within 60 to 90 days of capture.
In order to make an informed decision, please visit:

(The second site is the Humane Society of the United States' position on SWTD programs.)

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Why swim in a pool when you've got the extraordinary blue Caribbean? Skip the tour & swim in the ocean with a snorkel-Xel Hal is beautiful
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cha cha
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Think about it... does "Wet 'N Wild" sound like a really good environment for dolphins to live and be forced to swim with humans???

Michelle, Please take the time to do some further research before you put your vacation dollars into supporting this terrible practice.
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Cha Cha, Have you experienced the "Swim with the Dolphins" at Wet 'N Wild? I have been to the Wet 'N Wild in Cancun and I was not aware that swimming with dolphins was available there. The package that I received just stated that it included a ticket to Wet 'N Wild along with the package. Please let me know if the swimming with dolphins and Wet 'N Wild park are in the same vicinity. I am going to do further research on this, however are all the postings against swimming with captive dolphins in general or the captive dolphins in Mexico? There are "swimming with dolphin" packages available in the Orlando, FL area and I have never received any negative responses with that.
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(In continuation of my above response) Pardon my ignorance in this situation. To clarify my question. I understand that there are some very strong opinions against dolphins that are held in captivity (I am looking into the websites that were given above. Thank you for that resource) I was wondering if the way dolphins are treated in Mexico are "worse" than how they are treated in the U.S. or if the above postings were just responses towards the general feeling about the dislike of dolphins in captivity.
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Hello Michelle,
Thanks for taking the time to inquire further and educate yourself about the SWTD programs prior to making a decision.
Unfortunately, no matter where they are in the world and how well the dolphins appear to be cared for, they are very cruel.
From the method by which the dolphins are captured, (forcibly taken from extended family units that are structured much the way elephant society is), transported (in many cases DRY transported inland for 100's or 1000's of miles), to the way they are housed (in small enclosures which do not allow them to exercise properly or swim in a straight line for any length of time), to the food they are given only when they perform (frozen/dead fish they would never eat in the wild), to the training methods and "shows" they must endure, (food withheld until they cooperate and loud music which confuses their sonar), more than 1/2 die within 90 days of capture, and the rest are very likely to be dead within a year.
Many countries are now legislating an end to this practice now that more people are becoming aware of the mortality rate of the dolphins and refusing to participate.
I've been fortunate enough to encounter wild dolphins on several occasions, and I will never get over the shame I feel for having done a SCUBA dive with a captive dolphin.
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In response to your question about captive dolphins in general and in Mexico....
In the US there are SOME regulations at the larger parks, such as limiting their 'shows' to two hours a day and giving them some pens where there are no people to bother them. Of course, this still does not make these programs acceptable and there are no regulations like this in Mexico.

There are many other problems that occure with these captive mammals. For instance, because tanks are shallow, the natural tendencies of whales and dolphins are reversed-they spend more than half of their time at the tanks surface. In the wild they only spend about 20% of their time at the surface. This unatural situation can cause skin problems, even burns. Yes, dolphins can get sun burns. Another example is their food. Because they are fed frozen dead fish, the food must be heavily fortified by vitamins and antibiotics. The antibiotics given, designed to fight bacteria, reduce the natural capacity of dolphins to resist fungi, which in turn allows the development of fungal infestation. These yeast mainly attack the mucous membranes and cause an appallingly long death. The dolphin literally rots alive.
The biggest problem with these captive dolphins is the stress factor. Ulcers kill many dolphins in these parks. Very, very sad. They are NOT happy to be doing tricks for people.
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