What to do in Paris?

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Isn't anyone going to mention "grammer?"
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Well you mentioned it within a minute of the post. Too quick for the rest of us Robespierre! (I'd put a smiley here but I'm too damn lazy.)
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travel buzzing, obviously some people have jsut waaaaay too much time on their hands - I, too, have been slammed on here, (new poster, also)and I orignially thought what a great place this would be,so helpful, etc., but that's not always the case.
Generalizations, assumptions and rudeness, there's no excuse. Have a great trip.
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Well played; see my prior post.
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My wife enjoyed eating in the 16th because it seemed like ther were fewer english speakers. Not sure if that would address the non-touristy issue.

Also, think about to Momarttan. It is touisty, but I am surprised by how many people never make it there.

Cirque du Soleil will be performing out in St. Denis while you are there.

La Cave at Hôtel Plaza Athénée if you are into wine.

La Quinzaine des Realisateurs features films shown at the preceding Cannes Film Festival, screened for Parisians at the Forum des Images. Held the last part of May through the beginning of June.

The Paris Air Show is held in June, but I am not sure how early.

These are a few of the non-traditional things I found tonight while looking over my planning notes for the last few years
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L'Orangerie has just re-opened, and I would highly recommend it.

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My husband and I love to catch the thousands of roller bladers zooming along the streets of Paris on Friday nights:


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Thanks people.
I'll clarify a few things.
First I'm glad I got such a half-assed response from swan in the end, actually picking out grammar faults when I said- please dont bother.
Second- I have typed in "paris" on the forum search before but not "paris bars" (doh) and no I am not a long-time user of this site which explains my ignorance. Since I've read such threads as "milk safe in cappuccinos in italy" (very funny tho haha) I thought it would be ok to ask what I did.
I found oberkampf mentioned somewhere else along with the orangeries and some of the other nice friendly pointers I've got off this thread, that I had never heard of. We have been to Paris before, a couple of times each and like I said we were looking for "random adventure type stuff" that wasn't really sightseeing. It hasn't all been an insulting waste of time tho

I really think I got retorts because some people have a bitter and narrow-minded "Girls gone wild" prejudice against "girls in their 20's".
Really, if you take my demographic out of my question, way at the top there you can see this.
I think that some who only start travelling and taking a hobby interest in the arts post-30's think that everyone younger must be ignorant and uncultured. well we're not.
Hasta luego

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I would second DanM's comment that the 16th is a nice place to visit/stay. Quite an upmarket feel - though there are still some small hotels which are not too pricy (if you are on a budget). Also, you might be able to catch an interesting film at the Trocadero - think there is a museum to cinematography (if it's still open)there with some of the first films ever shown. I always wanted to see 'The Man In The Moon' but never got round to it.
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If you are into nightlife, I wouldn't really recommend the 16th as a good place to stay. (The Marais area, for instance, has a bit more of a vibe to it, certainly when it comes to bars etc.) Much of the 16th can be very quiet indeed at night. (It has a reputation as a very posh, staid arrondissement). Many people enjoy staying there, of course, but it wouldn't be my choice. But anyway, I'm not sure you are asking about which areas to stay in, so I'll stop going on about it!

Second the recommendation to check out rue Oberkampf for nightlife. Also around Bastille, rue de Lappe, rue de la Roquette (gets *very* lively round there at night).

In that general area, le Sans Sanz on rue du Faubourg St. Antoine is one recommendation for a night out - part trendy restaurant, part bar, part club. Best to reserve if you want to eat there.
Or try la Boca Chica on rue de Charonne for trendy tapas.
Or the very popular Pause Café on the corner of Ave Ledru Rollin/rue de Charonne for drinks on the terrasse or dinner in the restaurant.

If you're into indie-alternative kind of places, check out Le Pop-in at 105 rue Amelot in the 11th. Make sure you head upstairs, where the vibe is more like a party in somebody's living room than a bar. There's also a teeny basement dancefloor. Gets mobbed at the weekends, though.

If you like jazz, try going to one of the free-for-all jam sessions in the basement bar of the Caveau des Oubliettes on rue Galande in the 5th. You might have to check what nights the jam sessions are (used to be weeknights from about 10pm onwards), but it's great fun as you never know who's going to turn up with what instruments. There's also a real guillotine in the main bar and, instead of carpeting, they have real turf on the floor.
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When I saw that you had only posted a couple of other times in the last couple of days and were very new to the forum, I felt a little guilty. I should have clicked on your name first.

I am glad you received some positive feedback. Please post again as the trip gets closer.
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