Vote Paris or Nice!!! Help!!!

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Miss D
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Vote Paris or Nice!!! Help!!!

I'm taking a 2 week language vacation (staying with a family) in early September, but I'm torn as to whether I should go to Nice or Paris. I went to Paris last year and loved it, but I've heard Nice is more spectacular in many ways. I was planning to try Nice, but now I'm having second thoughts thinking that since I'm traveling alone, I may do better to go to Paris where there's so much to do...Please send me your vote and rationale..

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Nice is "nice", but doesn't compare to Paris. IMHO
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I would much rather stay in Paris, myself, but I'm sure some people feel the opposite. It's a completely different atmosphere -- even though Nice is very large (2nd largest in France?) city and has a lot of business and life of its own, to me, it is much more a touristy, resort, Mediterranean town in feel to me. That's okay for a visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there two weeks, nor study there. It's also a lot more conservative politically than Paris. I was there in early September, actually, and the weather is very nice at that time, and there are not as many tourists as August, at least. It has a beautiful location, that is true, with stunning views of the sea. There is not a metro system, but buses, so it's not as easy to get around town and, of course, there aren't as many museums and other things as in Paris. There are some lively jazz clubs in the own area. I just don't like southern style cities that much, I feel the same way in the US about FLorida, I wouldn't want to live there. I don't frequent beaches so that is meaningless to me and there isn't any real beach there, anyway, it's all rocks, not sand (although some people were still sitting out in chairs on the stones in September). One thing that bothered me, being a female traveling alone, I sort of assumed Nice would be like Paris, only on the Mediterranean, and that there would be lots of corner cafes, etc. There weren't, only in one main pedestrian street area, but not in many parts of the city. I like to go to those at night for entertainment being alone, but there weren't any where my hotel was. If you want to see a few other towns along the coast, it's easy to do from Nice (Antibes, MOnaco, etc.).
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Two weeks? Nice is worth two days; the rest of the south of France stacks up pretty well for the other twelve days.

A second trip to Paris is still worth 3-6 days, and there is a ton of variety you can add to it easily - - Normandy, Brittany for example or Normandy and the Loire, or Burgundy and a little taste of Provence - - or Chamoagne and Belgium - - or Alsace and the Black forest.

I vote Nice - - the thought process is less daunting. Do NOT miss the Corniche de l'Esterel.

Best wishes,

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For 2 weeks, definitely PARIS!
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Surely Nice cannot be the 2nd largest city in France? Both Marseilles and Lyon strike me as larger, but then you never can tell unless you're in a helicoptor! Love Nice, but it's NOT that big and for 2 weeks I'd go for Paris. Been there dozens of times and still always something new!
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Question is sort fo like the other one here tonight about picking Lucern vs Zurich (like there is any choice there).
Same with this one IMO. No comparison.
Paris would win out any day. Nice? Ugh. Been there twice (second time just a stop) and really disliked it.
Very overrated in the minds of Americans IMO. Very. Even the beaches aren't attractive.
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I agree that the beaches are somewhat over-rated. And the competition has to be the south of France to even begin to compete with Paris. But I consider it a dead heat for anyone who has already been to Paris once.
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Prince Rainier
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I also vote for the south of France.

And surely you do not think that this is an alias.
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Nice is amongst the largest french cities. The 7th in size, according to a book I just checked with around 500 000 people.

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Nice is disgusting. Dog sh*t everywhere. Make sure you look under your chair when you pull it out from the table at the outdoor cafe. You may step into something unpleasant. The litter and cigarette butts are also disgusting. The beach is a big fat zero and the food is nothing to brag about. Stay in Eze, Menton or over in Provence--Aix. Anything is Nicer than Nice.
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Spent a week each in Paris & Nice in Oct. Paris is so easy to get around & so much to see. Can take lots of day trips. For Nice you need a car. Enjoyed the Riviera but doesn't compare to Paris. Would think the city would be easier esp. if you are traveling alone. Food is so much better in Paris too.
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I would also vote for 1 week in Paris and 1 week in Nice. Nice was nice for a few days, but there are other cities along the Riviera worth visiting, like Eze, Antibes, St. Paul de Vence. Plus Easyjet will fly out of Paris starting June/July(?). I think the fare's only 12 euros each way from cdg to nice. Enjoy your trip whichever city you choose.
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Paris is my vote--so much to see and do. You can also make day trips outside Paris. We traveled thru the Riviera and Nice was our least favorite. Downtown Nice we observed a guy stealing tip money from an outside table, people talking to themselves and we were followed for a short time by two men in their 30's who were making strange gestures! We liked Cannes, St. Paul de Vence and other areas of the Riviera, as well as Provence, but we have no desire to return to Nice.
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So here is
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Paris 5
Nice 1 (unless Prince Rainier is real)
Split or inconclusive 4

Seems like ths consensus is Paris, though if the question is Paris versus the south of France, as opposed to Nice, the votes might have carried different commentary.
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If you were asking if we had two weeks, would we do Paris or Nice, we'd say Paris in an instant.


Nice is a great base to do the South of France, and what you'd be doing is fine alone.

You do not need a car. There are frequent trains from the well located train station, and the inner city bus lines and the regional bus lines are very easy to use. We could pick up a bus right at the end of our hotel's block that would take us to Grasse or another to take us to Vence/St. Paul. Cannes is a little over 1/2 hour away West by train; Monte Carlo is 1/2 hour or less East by train.

Please don't get me wrong: I love Paris and I intend to return there at least once a year if I can afford it, but spending early September seeing the coast if you haven't been there sounds awfully good to me.

By the way--I don't consider Nice to be more spectacular. It does have some really good art, and is a great place from which to visit other places with great art.
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Miss D
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Thanks so much for your help. Paris wins -- hands down!!! Since I'll be there for 2 weeks alone, I'll need alot to keep me occupied, and I think I'm safer with Paris. I can visit Nice with someone another time. Thanks so much for your help!!!
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