US Airways troubles

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US Airways troubles

Found this on the wires, I had planned a frequent flier trip to Europe with them in October (not yet confirmed).

I'm wonder if I will be bumped if they have problems since using skymiles. Any thoughts?
US Airways is among the most threatened of the nation’s major carriers, but is counting on its new management team to deliver a restructuring plan that will lower costs in time to save the struggling airline from bankruptcy.
US Airways executives declined to give specific details of a restructuring plan expected to be announced within a month. However, they said the plan would include sacrifices from unionized employees, vendors, manufacturers and lenders.
The airline, which is based in Arlington, Va., said it expects to be cash-positive in the second quarter, but could begin to bleed cash again late in the year absent a successful restructuring.
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At least their plan doesn't include sacrifices OF unionized employees, vendors, manufacturers, and lenders.
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I don't like them anyway so refuse to fly them, but if they are not in bankruptcy and are still flying, I don't see why you should worry about your flight because you'll be using FF miles. Some of these airlines last forever in bankruptcy, it seems, but it might actually be a good idea to use your FF miles up because if they go out of business, you'd probably lose them. No airlines does that so quickly, I know TWA was in bankruptcy for years, I think, and I didn't lose my miles on them during that time. I would think the risk is them cancelling flights or something and then you'd lose your seat, but I don't pay much attention to the airline industry to have any other ideas. Just about all the US airlines are in trouble most of the time, it seems, it's never stopped me from using my FF miles on other ones that had the same type of press.
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This keeps on coming up; if something would (doubtful) happen to USAirways, somebody else would take over. It's practically the only way we get anywhere from here in Pgh.
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I'm working right now with US Airways to burn up FF, and I'm having a bit of difficulty ... it seems the airline is offering only their least convenient flights. And they ARE inconvenient. I know this has not been the case in the past. BTW, folks put the knock on US Airways, but my experience suggests they often offer much better service, nicer agents, than lines like Delta. I was amazed - just this morning I had great service from Midway ... sorry, off the subject. National Airport will be a wasteland if US Airways goes out of business ... I don't think it's going to happen.
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Sue is right. It is the best way to get out of Pittsburgh.
I am just curious Christina. Why do you dislike them so much?
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Among the most threatened? they all are except a few regional airlines. US Airways is going to get the federal loan and they will be fine. Looks like the new chairman will turn them around and all will be fine. I fly 100,000 miles a year with them and not worried a bit. Already booked several FF trips including europe for later in the year. Maybe I should tell everyone to worry and that way I can get better options when booking... hum???
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Another thought ref. the new chairman: if the Wolfe, the former guy, had focused on running the airline and not selling it to UAL, and getting his sale bonus, US Airways might be further along. Imagine - the decision to sell was in inside job. And the Air DC thing was as well ... what a travesty. Thank goodness the deal fell though. US Airways may be touch and go, but if that stupid, almost criminal deal had be consumated, it would be out of existence now, and we'd be trusting our safety to a media guy and DC Air. After 9-11, some said national would never reopen. It did, thankfully. Now we need to keep US Airways out there and flying safely. People worry about a little noise, as though that's really an issue.
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We are a major USAir hub and I laugh at people who bad mouth them. We fly non-stop all over the country. Anyway if you are planning on using FF miles you better book them now--they may not have a lot of seats designated for them. That's the only rub in using them.
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believe it or not, we already have seats booked, quite an accomplishment.Comments here made me feel a lot better, so we're sticking with our plan 2 weeks in Europe in October, flying into rome and leaving from London. Don't ask me what we're going to do in between -- just have fun i guess!
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Throughout the years, I've flown out of Philly (USAirways hub) to Paris, Munich, Rome, Madrid. I've no complaints. Their flights have always been on time and the service good. There's been ocassions when I had to canceled some trips and they have been very good to deal with. I am already planning my Sept/Oct vacation and as always, they are my top carrier choice.
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