Achieving Frequent Flyer Elite

Old Apr 24th, 2002, 12:35 PM
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Achieving Frequent Flyer Elite

I fly semi-frequently. But usually not enough to get 30,000 miles for elite.
Does anyone know of ways to "buy" miles towards elite or any other way to achieve this other than actual flights.
Thanks in advance.
Old Apr 24th, 2002, 12:48 PM
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First, it takes more than 30000 miles to become an elite ff member on any airline that I know of. With that in mind, yes some airlines allow you to buy miles(usually up to 10000 per year). American, Alaska are two that I know of. I believe American will charge you $375.00 plus tax and one time set up fee. The total comes to about $425.00. For that amount, you could almost fly to Europe in winter and get anywhere between 8-15000 miles depending where you live. So not only will you get miles but you get to visit some new place. Also, remember that only the miles that you get actually flying will count towards an elite status, the ones you buy you could only use to get a free ticket, at least that's how it is with AA.
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Jim Rosenberg
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Northwest Airlines offers silver elite status at 25,000 flight miles. I'm not aware of airlines that offer elite status for less mileage than that. You would have to check the rules for individual airlines to find out if it is possible to buy miles toward elite status, but I'm not aware of that being the case. Some airlines allow you to accumulate status via flight segments, too (Northwest is not one of them). If you are flying MOST of the miles you need toward elite qualification each year, you should consider what might be involved in simply putting yourself over the type via adding a strategic trip or two.
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This probably won't work for you, but AA bestows life time elite status and you don't have to fly a single trip. At milestones of 1 and 3 million miles, you can achieve various elite levels. It just combined miles, so its miles flown and miles earned in any other way.

Don't laugh, I have a customer who went over a million miles by redeeming Kellogg's certificates.
Old Apr 25th, 2002, 03:44 AM
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Thanks for the replies so far.
WOW, Kelloggs certificates??!!
Old Apr 26th, 2002, 08:35 AM
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Vic is basically right, except that the levels bestowed for lifetime miles are @ 1mm (gold) and 2mm (platinum)....If you have $48,000 lying around you can buy yourself lifetime platinum status on AA simply by taking part in the Starwood promotion in conjunction with Inside Flyer.....Seems like way too much money to me, but some folks have more to burn than others...Good luck!
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Hi Dave - You can do it much cheaper and haev Executive Platinum for the first 7 years.

Fly 7 west coast to Europe on AA each year for 7 years. This will get you 100,000 miles (300,000 with the bonus and conversion) and executive platinum status for ~ $3,500 each year.

So, 7 years of EXP, 2,100,000 miles, 80 VIPOW upgrades (8/yr + 8 more at each million mark + initial qualifying) and lifetime platinum for ~$25,000 and all the other benefits that aren't listed.

You also can do the Gold challenge on AA by flying 10,000 miles in 3 months. 25,000 miles to requalify after that.

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You can also achieve elite status through flight segments. A take-off and landing is considered one segment. So a round trip that has a change of planes would be worth 4 segments. I know the qualifying amount of segments for Continental's Silver Elite status is 30 (which is 15 round trips that have connections).
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all us airliners offer siler elite at 25,000 some 20,000
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There is a great site, that will explain anything and everything about FF programs.
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I stand corrected....
When I replied back on 4/24, I hwas thinking about Executive Platinum Elite .
Yes you folks are correct. As far as American Airlines is concerned, it takes 25K for Gold, 50K for Platinum, and 100K for Executive Platinum.
You could purchase up to 15K not 10K as I stated before. The price is around $425.00 including taxes and handling charges.
To reach elite status you actually have to fly on AA or one of it's partners. Any bonus, purchased miles do not count towards the elite status.
Old Jul 4th, 2002, 01:52 AM
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AA is probably the only airline that allows you to achieve elite status without ever flying a mile.

If you eat enough corn flakes, open enough broker accounts, etc. and achieve 1 or 2 million miles, you'll be elite for life.
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