Turkey during Ramadan (this Nov?)

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Turkey during Ramadan (this Nov?)

Can anyone tell me what it's like traveling in Turkey during Ramadan? I'm hoping to go to Turkey for my two-week honeymoon in November, but am worried that the country might essentially close up during the fasting month.
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Colleen - where in Turkey are you going? You will barely (if at all) notice that Ramadan is ocurring if you are traveling through the more tourist oriented Western region (i.e. Istanbul down to Bodrum and along the coast). I visited a few years back to see my in-laws in their medium sized town of Mersin. One guy banged a drum to wake everyone the first day of Ramadan at about 4:30am - to get up and eat before the sun rose. That didn't happend again, the local people didn't like it very much.

A city like Istanbul might seem a bit more empty during parts of the month if people have time off work, as the wealthier ones will go to visit family or go on holiday, but the country certainly doesn't close up.

Please remember that Turkey is very much European, esp in the western region. Yes, you will see some women covered, but you will see at least the same # or more women dressed in very fashionable European styled clothes.

It is a really enjoyable place with very hospitaable people - you'll really enjoy it.
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It's up to which part of Turkey are you going. If you are going to stay in small towm you may have FAST with Turkish people because they have to wake up before sun rise and this is really good. Because you will wake up by the DRUM every morning. Another one is in small town you may not find any food during the Ramadan restaurant may not open. So you have to becareful about food. Yes you may buy something from DELI but you can not eat on the street. But if you are in big city like Ankara, Istanbul or Izmir, they don't care so you can eat with them anything you want.

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What are the dates of Ramadan?
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It starts November 6th 2002 and continue for 30 days

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Yes, Colleen you can have a Turkey during Ramadan as long as you consume it after the sunset.
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Colleen: I can't speak to Turkey, but I can tell you that I spent last Ramadan in Morrocco, which is far more Arabic than Turkey. The first night of Ramadan was horrific - didn't sleep a wink. There were revelers up all night beating drums and chanting until dawn. Thereafter, I was either so tired or the revelers were so less intense that it wasn't a problem. I suspect that in Turkey Ramadan is less of a big deal than in Marrakech, so I am betting that you won't have a problem, but to be on the safe side I'd request a room on the quiet side of the hotel.
Don't worry about the country "closing up" during Ramadan. Everything will be open from sunrise to sunset. It's between those two times that you have to worry. If you want to see my Marrakech report, which includes info about Ramadan, e-mail me.
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In Istanbul the carpet sellers are all harassing you constantly and never leave you alone. I was there during Ramadan and once it was time to eat you couldn't BEG someone to help you. I found it extremely amusing.
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