What to do in Turkey

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What to do in Turkey

Istanbul looks great, but there doesn't seem much to do in the rest of Turkey but to visit runs or lie on the neach, neither a big interest of mine.

What else is there to see/do outside Istanbul?
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Let me reply anyway. ...
Outside Istanbul, you can check out the fascinating strange landscape of Cappadocia and ignore the its religious and historical significanse. Also try the limestone terraces of Pamukkale; skip the ruins. If you're into world war history, Cannakale is a significant area.
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tom o
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Turkey is a pretty fascinating place. Konya is a place where beautiful rugs are made and the dervishes come from there--if you have never seen the dervishes dance (whirl), they are something to behold. I brought back a rug from turkey--and it was relatively cheap and a nice momento--if you want to do this, and you want a relatively small rug--bring an extra empty suitcase. The turkish baths are world famous--particularly some in the old part of istanbul----
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George!! Your comment made my heart stop! Turkey is the best country that I have ever traveled/lived in and in actuality, there is probably more interesting things to do outside of Istanbul. Efes is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, there is nothing like Cappadocia or Pammukale. Do a little more research and I think you will realize what the country has to offer.
and to me....In my opinion, Turkey has a bad wrap for being a Muslim country and unsafe. I am an American young female who lived in Turkey and found it safer than any other city inside and outside of the states that I have traveled to. Yeah, it is Muslim but not everyone is covered, women are not submissive, etc. and to me, it is incredibly interesting to experience an Islamic country particularly one with so much history and culture behind it. Turkey is fantastic and safe and if it is one your "to-visit" list, you should go. Email me if you need more info.
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I spent two weeks in Turkey in September with my husband and two children and we all agree that it was the best vacation we have ever had. This from a family that has lived on four different continents! Cruising along the Mediterranean coast is fantastic and I recommend Azure Odessys for help in planning such a trip. If you don't like crusing, however, Turkey is full of interesting history. It was the seat of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and much of our civilization comes from there. The people are warm and friendly and the country beautiful. Istanbul is an amazing blend of Europe and Asia. Gallipoli was a famous World War 1 battle. Ephesus could hardly be called a ruin if you walk down its main street. There is entirely too much to tell, but believe me, a trip to Turkey is well worth the effort.
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Turkey is an amazing country to travel in; it's a land of such tremendous contrasts, physical, historical, cultural...if you're not interested in the beach or the ruins, there's still much to see. The region of Cappadocia is unlike any other place; the lunar landscape is spectacular, and the rural aspect of life is so different from life as most of us know it. And the people are as warm and welcoming as can be.

GeorgeR, what is it you like doing in a trip? What is it that appeals about Istanbul, but makes you think that there "doesn't seem much to do in the rest of the country"?

For those concerned about travelling in a Muslim country, remember that Turkey is a SECULAR country, one with a strong connection to the US. They have been giving us a good deal of support since 9/11. My husband and I were flying home from Istanbul on 9/11, and were returned there for 4 more days, till the airspace was opened. I can't say enough about how well we were treated or how upset people were about the tragedy; we didn't feel anyone sympathetic to the attacks at all. And we've received notes or cards from many of the people we've met since.

I understand feeling mixed about going to a Muslim country at this time, but I think that Turkey is very welcoming to Americans. And the economy is in such bad shape that tourists are most welcome.

Turkey was also one of the best trips I've ever taken; it leaves such a tremendous impression, one that sinks in long after the trip is over.

I posted a long trip report ("Turkey or Turkish trip 2001", which may or may not turn up during a search).
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George, these threads often take on a life of their own and quite often, the original query is addressed only briefly! That's actually one of the things I appreciate about this forum - you can get a lot of information as most people expand on their answers and offer opinions on other topics (for example, the issue as to whether or not Turkey is safe). I agree that a few of the responses were mean spirited, but I don't think that most of the people who responded were being nasty. Turkey is getting a lot of attention these days, I guess because it seems exotic to many of us. It's an amazing country and I can't wait to go back and see a lot more. We only saw a small part of the country (along the Mediterranean). My husband and I just loved seeing something that was so different from our home here in Canada. Also check out some of the trip reports. I took a copy of Paule's, for example, and I've kept it in my files for when I plan the trip.
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For those who are afraid that Turkey is not safe;
1st of all, we all saw that no matter which country you are in terror can always find you. And let me tell you that Turkish Airports are (at least) 50% safer than US airports.
Yes, it's a Muslim country but it's definitaly not somewhere like Arabia + is the most modern Muslim Country. Women are not covered, and for those who are, it's their choice, nobody forces them to get covered. And let me tell you one more thing, U.S.A. is definitely more conservative than Turkey! U can see many women sun-bathing on the beach, topless. For those who are going to visit Istanbul(which you definitely should), go and see "Bagdat Caddesi" in "Suadiye" which is in the Asian side of Istanbul.
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I took a Turkish bath and spa tour in November. I would definitely try to include one or two spa treatments during your trip. Here are a few links to check out

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George, I don't care for ruins and beaches either and loved Turkey. I gave Pammukale,Troy, and Ephesus a miss. I did go to Marmaris, a beach resort, and loved walking the harbout to look at the beautiful boats. We also took a day-long boat cruise there on the "Sunshine Boat." Tons of fun and a party atomosphere.

You are smart wanting to go to Istanbul. It is my favourite city in the world. I like architecture, walking the back streets, trying out interesting food, talking to people about their culture, etc. Istanbul has all of this.

I also really liked Cappadoccia's interesting geology. We took our first organized tour of our lives there, a 2-day tour of the cave houses and underground cities. There was a nice 2-hour hike down a river valley, included in the tour, that was also enjoyable.

Lonely Planet is a good guide but it is inaccurate regarding many things. You can get a beer almost anywhere than a street vendor, for example.

I spent 2 days in Marmaris, 6 in Istanbul, and 2 in Cappadocia. I have heard Antalya is also very nice.
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Okay George, You are not into ruins. Fine, but if you do go don't miss Ephesus. I've never seen anything like it. What else to do in Turkey after you've shopped and dined in Istanbul? For starters, you can Hike in Cappadocia in incredibly beautiful and amazing valleys and you can hot air balloon over landscapes that look like their out of Star Wars movie sets. Thats a little different I think. There are luxury cave hotels, where you can just kick back and absorb the scenery. A Turkish bath experience is a little treat to yourself that you probably can't get at home and as a bonus, some of them are given in ruins themselves. If you head towards the water, there are the Blue Voyages that are unlike any cruise I've ever been on. No cheesy lounge shows or formal dress nite. Just the blue, blue water and the stars. Sometimes you can stop for the night at small islands that have nothing on them, but a family of goats! There are also luxury resorts if you'd rather. Some towns have hotels that are real treehouses. I happen to enjoy ruins, but even without them, Turkey is the best vacation I've ever taken, and that includes all over the U.S., Western Europe, the Middle East and the Carribean.
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Visit Kusadasi
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Well George my opinion is:

Visit Kusadasi!

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Reminder, people, George is pretty adamant that he is not interested in ruins, so get off your endless whine about Ephesus. Everyone told me that the Acropolis and the Forum were wonderful also, and I found them for the most part to be pretty boring, except for the stuff that was intact and not ruins. Seen one pile of columns, seen them all. That is why I gave Ephesus a miss. It is not because I am naiive about it; I researched several photo travel guides, and did not think that the inconvenience of the time it would take to get there was worth it. If you like ruins, fine, but George does not.
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I have been to about 30 countries, and Turkey was my best trip - not necessarily favorite place, but best trip. If you are serious, take a look at a map. Cappadocia, Dylan, scores of places. It is incredibly diverse with Greek, Roman, Moslem, Seljic, Ottoman, Christian cites. A week in Istambul and at least two weeks for the rest of the country is a good introduction. To much to list, buy a guide book and skim.
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Hi GeorgeR,

No ruins and no beaches but ?Capadocia,Pamukkale have been mentioned before..
If you are not afraid to travel to board of Irak-Mardin is very interesting place to visit.Near Suria Antakya is also very nice place and you can have one of the best but spicy kebabs..
Saroz,Ayvalik,Kas,Kalkan are very nice places for scuba diving..
Bozcaada is a very nice but small place and worth to visit for their wines.(In Septembre there are glean trips )
If you like Rafting Coruh or Dalaman are the best.
Bodrum with its wonderful beaches and beach parties.Are you interested?
Corlu;There will built Rock village sponsored by COCA COlA very soon.(They will arrange concerts..etc all the year)
You can listen/watch to opera/balett/muscic performances in Aspendos theatre(Magical place)
Yoga/Reiki centers in Antalya or Bodrum.
This year a new hotel has been opened in Antalya and viewd one of the best in the world:Hillside WATER hotel.It has been designated 'sexy' by the visitors.
Why not to visit the SPA center of the hotel?
or Cruise along the Agea or Med.GOCEK is the favouýrite..
or Stay on the trees in Olympos.
Sea Kayaking in Kekova,Canyoning in Saklikent,Hiking,Trekking,Mountain Biking,Cycling
You are right to think in this way beacuse people are offrering TUrkeyea and the History but of course you can find anything in turkey.Outdoor sports,Yoga,Spas,Any kind of music concerts,Cooking Courses,Visiting wine regions and manufacturers,Photoreconnaissance..etc
There is so many things to do in this country.
Please ask for any for more info..

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George- perhaps if you gave us some idea of what you like to do on your travels we might be able to help you out. For instance what turned you on about your other journeys? I have not yet been to Turkey but will be there in a few months. I have alloted 3 weeks and wish I could spend more time as I have had no trouble finding things to do - from hot air ballooning, to scuba diving and hiking. My 20 year old daughters toured Turkey last summer and it is by far their favorite country. They have been to almost every European country and one has traveled to India, China and Southeast Asia. They felt safer in Turkey than most other countries they visited. Istanbul is their favorite city. the Lycian coast is as spectacular as Amalfi or the Costa Brava, the scenery of Cappodocia is like nowhere else, and the people are the friendliest and most welcoming. I can hardly wait!
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I agree with Banu and would like to add up some more ;

You can sail, scuba dive, horseback ride, join turkish lessons, pottery & ceramic lessons, cooking trips, come to Cappadocia in september to pick up grapes for wineries harvest time is great, hike and bike, paraglide in Fethiye, raft in Coruh or at Koprulu Canyon near Antalya, go to concerts, go to Mount Ararat, hot air balloon over Cappadocia, sit by the coffee houses at any village and observe people, go to lake district and wander around, bird watch at Sultansazligi,play golf, go to a blue cruise, spend your nights at night clubs dance through the night. What else would you be interested let us know and let you know & advice
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Hello, I'm a 15 yearold male from California and I'm doing a report for my school. The onl;y thing I have left to Research is the way people in Turkey view Americans. So if any of you live in Turkey can you post a messege with your views of us. Thank You
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