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I will be in Rome this Oct. staying at a hotel very near to the P. Navona. Is it possible to walk to Trastevere from there and, if so, how long approx. to get there and which route/bridge would you take? I've heard there are great markets, restaurants and neighborhoods there to explore. I would like to spend one whole day doing just that. Any help with info on Trav. would be great!
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It would be a real hike from Navona area.

Rome taxis are dirt cheap and will have you there in 10 minutes or so.

Try Sabatinis by Santa Maria church.
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Yes, it is, I've walked from Porta Portese, the market, to Santa Maria in Trastevere, and from there to Piazza Navona. Ponte Sixto would be the shortest route to the Santa Maria in Trastevere and adjacent area. It's not far, say about a mile or a mile and a half.


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Guess I'm more of a walker than some, but we stayed at Hotel Raphael right by Navona and walked to and from Trastevere three times during our stay, including for dinner and late night walk back. I enjoy walking in Rome and saw no problem. We take our time along the way, but overall I think it would be less than a half hour walk.
But then we also walked to the Vatican from our hotel, and one morning even walked to Termini to take a day train trip out.
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I walk 2 mile every morning, so a good walk is not hard for me. Thanks for your responses. Last year, I walked from Pantheon B&B to St. Peter's, then walked through the Vatican Museum, then walked to Spanish Steps and then back to Pantheon. That was a real walk, my feet were a little tired that night. Any other suggestions for good sites to see in Trastevere and good places to eat?
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I agree with the others - it's quite walkable. Don't miss the church Santa Maria in Trastevere - remarkable, and there are some great restaurants nearby.
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We were in Rome last November. We stayed at the Hotel Due Torri, near the Piazza Navona. Trastevere was quite walkable...10 - 15 minutes. Taxis are easilly hailed you could walk down & ride back. Actually, everything in Rome is quite really is a compact city. Get a map. "Steetwise Rome" is excellent & has wonderful detail. Have a great time.
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For a great restaurant in Trastevere, try La Cisterna. It is the oldest restaurant in Roma. Started in 1632. You will not be disappointed. About $50 per person.
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Great responses, thanks. Kate, where did you get the map "Streetwise Rome"? I have been looking for a good one.
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Streetwise Rome should be available at Borders or It really was the best map I had of Rome, and I had 3 or 4.
Buon Viaggio,
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We stayed in an apartment in Trastevere adn just loved it. The feel is very different from the centro of Rome, much less touristy and much more real. Our apartment had a kitchen so we shopped daily to make at least 1 meal a day. We went into butcher shops and vegetable stands to buy or stuff. We also made the short walk to Campo di Fiori and shopped there as well. It was a short walk to Navona, 15-20 minutes tops. We took the ponte sixto and went thru Campo di Fiori.

FOr dining, we reccomend Osteria Checco er Carettiere. It is at Via Benedetta 10-11-13. Phone is 065817018. It was reccomended to us by the owner of the apartment we stayed in. There is a wonderful, if nondescript looking restaurant (with an internal garden) that served wonderful seafood, lamb dishes and other classics of Roman cuisine. Dinner for 4 was under L300,000 with a nice bottle of wine. At the time, that amounted to less than $140.00 for 2 courses each with scampi, and whole fish as part of the meal. One of the highlights was a fritto misto antipasto with fried stuffed zucchini flowers a rice ball, potato croquette and fried artichoke. Next time I go I will just have a plate of the artichoke.

In addition, the owners also have a great bar where we had our morning espresso and paste (pastries). And last but not lease, their gelato is the best I have had in Rome. Only 12 flavors but all made from natural ingredients. Do go!
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Wow, what great responses. Dean, I wish I was staying in Trastevere now. Maybe next time. It just sounds wonderful, exactly what I would love to do. I will definitely look up that restaurant, my mouth is watering. Going to go buy that map so I will know just where I'm going!! This will be my first solo trip, so I want to be armed with all the info I can get. Thanks!!
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Da Othello and Dar Poete are great pizza places in Trastavere.

We sometimes took the 8 tram from Torre Argentina, but usually walked from central Rome.
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Barb..I got my Streetwise Rome map at Borders.

We had a very nice lunch at Casetta de Trastevere (Can't tell you where exactly it is though. Also, we went to a fun wine bar in Trastevere called Ferrara. It's on Via Del Moro...not too far from the Ponte Sisto bridge.
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Dean, where did you find your apt. in Trastevere? Would you recommend it? I would love to rent an apt. in that area.
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Dean, are you there?
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This is my first time to Italy and I will only be there for a weekend and am wanting to go to the markets to hopefully buy some leather shoes and bags.Trastevere sounds like the place i need to be.Any ideas on nice hotels close to the markets and more info on Trastevere.Besides the markets are there any good clothing boutiques in the area.My favorite Italian meal is pasta with loads of cream,garlic, mushrooms,bacon.any sggestions for a resturant which makes the best pasta in that area or do all the Italian resturants make stunning pastas.Rgds
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I am also going this summer and have been before, but I find it so helpful to get Rick Steves books and photocopy all his maps and walks that he recommends - in fact I photocopy a lot of this requested info from books from the library, and then it will be easy to discard after you are done with them, or perhaps leave them at the hotel front desk and ask that they be shared w/other tourists asking for directions or whatever. This saves me from buying and carrying tons of books w/me. Hope this helps. Buon Voyage
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