Time for flight connection at CDG

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Time for flight connection at CDG

I'm considering taking an Air France flight from Dulles to Vienna. The flight requires a plane change at CDG, and the schedule shows only 45 minutes for the change. Is that remotely feasible, given that I don't move terribly quickly? I'd have to make the connecting flight in order to land in Vienna in time to pick up a tour; the tour's own arrangements provide for a flight that lands 15 mintues before the AF one does.

The alternative is a straight-through flight on Austrian Airlines--okay, I suppose, but the AF flight uses a 777, while the Austrian flight uses an Airbus 330-20.
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Do you have to change terminals at CDG??

Are you at the front of the plane, or will you need to wait for most everyone to exit before you get off at CDG?

Don't they close the gate at CDG 10 minutes before take-off?

At any rate, I personally would go for the non-stop from IAD to VIE on Austrian Air - Airbus or not.
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If non-stop is available and it's not overwhelmingly more expensive, I would take that. There is value in not having to make a connection. Besides, I think 45 minutes between flights is WAY too close for comfort.
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Yes, it is remotely feasible as I've done it several times -- that doesn't guarantee it will happen, however, nor that your bags will get transferred correctly.

If you have an alternative that is acceptable nonstop, I certainly would take that instead. I don't even like 777s, anyway, and always prefer Airbus. It sounds like your only reason to choose the AF flight is because of the airplane, which I wouldn't do given you have to meet a tour.
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Avoid the B777 by Delta or Air France.
Tight seeting. Awful.

Avoid changing at CDG. I doubt if 45 minutes is enough because you probably will change terminals. It is one airport I don't like. I have changed at T1 and T2, and I avoid those two when I can.

The A 330 is slightly more comfortable to me on a long flight than other aircraft, although i don't know the seat density on the line you are considering.

But I doubt if it could be worse!!!
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I've done that three or four times and lived through it, but I really thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest a couple of times, and I was moving at a jogging rate through the terminal every time. They do have AF personnel who kind of shove you along and point the way to the right gate - I think they know they need to do that in order to make sure people make their flights. If you really don't move very fast, though, I'd be a bit concerned.
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Next plan: fly the day before I have to meet the tour, spending the night at an airport hotel. Might head into Vienna to visit a museum or two. Any hotel suggestions?
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It's the bum knee that makes me slow. I would be disembarking from business class, though.

But I think plan B--flying the day before the tour begins--is my best bet. I can't bear to give up the good Air France fare!
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