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Six Days in Iceland with a Toddler and Photographer Hubby

Six Days in Iceland with a Toddler and Photographer Hubby

Jan 27th, 2012, 06:28 AM
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Six Days in Iceland with a Toddler and Photographer Hubby

We are going to Iceland first week of July this year to celebrate my daughter's second birthday!! Her birthday falls close to the 4th of July holiday and we have decided we will celebrate it in a different location each year and this year it is Iceland.

I need advice on how to plan my six day / seven night trip keeping in mind that we have a toddler in tow and hubby dearest is into photography.

Should we just make Reykjavik our homebase and do day trips from there? Or should we rent a car and do a mini road trip across the country? We don't want to spend a whole of money...and I have read that it can get very expensive!

Anyway, I am little overwhelmed with all the information out here. We like being outdoors and appreciate simpler, off the beaten path type of things.

Suggestions on possible iternaries will atleast get me started.

Thanks for all your help!
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Jan 31st, 2012, 05:06 PM
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Not to burst your bubble, but why would you take a toddler to Iceland? My wife and I went to Iceland in 2010 and had an unbelievable time (we left our kid with my parents). I can only think that a kid would only hold you back. I know that there will defiantly be some nah-Sayers, but really, especially a place like Iceland that is so raw and rugged, you will defiantly not get to see and do all you want with a child on your side, sorry but just a fact. Why wouldn’t you wait until the child gets older so she can appreciate it, she will never remember it. Why not a simpler place like Paris or London? But hey i guess each to his own.
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Feb 1st, 2012, 04:58 AM
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Sorry to piggyback on your post, but am also considering a trip to Iceland with a 5 year old and a photographer husband this year, I'd be really interested in any responses to this... I think for us the key would be finding things for me and child to enjoy while hubby is doing his photographing...

While I take the point that Iceland is not ideal with a child, we are saving so many places "until she is older" at this stage, and we want to see the world too... and hubby is transfixed with the idea of Iceland, for us it's a shortish flight so now seems like as good a time as any.

Would love to hear any suggestions on how to manage such a trip.


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Feb 1st, 2012, 03:34 PM
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Iceland is one of the shortest flights you can take from the USA, way better than say Aussie! I have a perfect website for the both of you, its called Iceland review http://icelandreview.com/icelandreview/ There is a section called "ask Englo" I think he is based in the capital and can answer just about anything you would want to know about tourism in iceland and many more things. I beleive he woudl be able to give you bith WAY better feedback than anyone on the fodors sight could. (no offense to fodors)
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Feb 1st, 2012, 03:59 PM
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I can't resist saying that the last place I think I would want to take a toddler or 5-year-old is a place where the sun doesn't set in July.

Also, one of the big attractions is the geo-thermal pools, which I think a small child couldn't tolerate.

Check out the cost of food in Icleand. I realize your toddler doesn't each much, but you'll want to eat.

Amsterdam is only 1hr 15 minutes longer a flight.
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Feb 13th, 2012, 09:36 AM
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Wish I'd posted sooner on this, but I hope you're ignoring the nay-sayers and continuing with your trip. We went without our kids in November and I must say it's one of the more kid-friendly locales I've ever seen. There were kids everywhere! Restaurants catered to them, playgrounds all around, bookstores on every street with special spots for kids! I wish we'd brought ours (ages 3 and 6 BTW).

As for your original question, I'd stay in Reyk. several days and then maybe take some drives to see the rest of the country. Your DH will appreciate it too as all the nature and the best things to be photographed are away from the city. It will require a drive (and a car seat) so be prepared for that. Most drives can be done in a few hours - and you may be able to schedule them during nap times. You can find loads of places to stay that aren't overly expensive, and a farmstay would be a fantastic option to let your LO see something fun and different.

As for July - the vast majority of hotels have darkening curtains so you don't have to worry about sunlight streaming into your room at 10pm. The major benefit is you'll have longer to spend outside and driving, versus a six hour day spent trying to reach your destination (like we had in November!). Also food isn't that expensive, especially if your child will eat off of your plate. It's really not much more than a major US city. Oh, and parents take their kids to the pools all the time. Couldn't believe how many kids were at the Blue Lagoon. While the Blue Lagoon is pricey you can find smaller baths all over the place. Lots of hiking in the parks (you may want to bring a Kelty carrier or the like) and lots of beaches & waterfalls (also bring water shoes for your kiddo). I do hope you go and thoroughly enjoy!! And then post a trip report saying what a wonderful time you had
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Feb 14th, 2012, 05:17 PM
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You might think that you see enough with the kids, but believe me you will move SO much faster with just the two of you. There are so many other places that cater to a more slow paced. The outdoors is pretty real and raw in iceland, if you really want to get into the deep within Iceland, dont bring the kids, you will see a whole lot more!
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Mar 4th, 2012, 12:50 AM
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There is much to see. Make sure your Photographer has 2-3 times at least the amount of film or memory cards than they normally have. Iceland is visually stunning. It makes the Lakes District in England and the Isle of Skye look like Ugly Step sisters.

We did a self drive trip. Just staying is one place and doing day trips will be tiring as you will have long days to get anywhere and get back again.

We went in September and it was a bit raw and chill, but we did lots of short walks. Make sure your photographer puts on a hat and jacket when getting out ot take "a photograph". It would take me 15 minutes or so to warm up in the car again, by which stage there were more photos to be taken. It didn't take long to get into the hat and coat routine.
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Mar 4th, 2012, 02:04 AM
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why not have a look at the icelandic farm holidays site:


you may decide not to book through them, but they have many ideas for touring iceland, and good suggestions of places to stay.

in fact if you google "farm holidays in Iceland" there are several companies offering tours etc, whether you choose to stay put in Reykjavik or tour round.

BTW, i agree about day trips. We did a few of those on our trip 3 years ago, and rather wished we hadn't. the days are so long, and the distances between the stuff you want to see so great, that it is one of the few places I've been where the "one night stand" approach works well.

and in July, you won't need warm hats and coats, though rain gear might be useful. in fact we arrived in a heat wave, though it did get cooler towards the end of our trip.

if you click on my screen name you can see my trip report - you might find it useful, though our kids were somewhat older than yours!
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Mar 5th, 2012, 03:48 AM
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Hi Annhig - the farm idea is wonderful and they have some great suggested tours as you say... many thanks jane
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Mar 5th, 2012, 06:03 AM
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little jane - hope that you and your entourage have a great time.
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Mar 9th, 2012, 08:57 AM
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all - i had given up after not getting any replies in the first couple of days...just revisited now and suprised at the responses!

i just got back from a 3 week trip to india with my toddler who visited four cities in that short time. she was fantastic and enjoyed every minute of it...so not too concerned about how she will fare in icelad. i know we won't do as much with a toddler in tow ..but hey we got the three tickets for practically nothing (airmiles!) ..and we could always revisit later when she is older. it is only a short flight from NY.

anyway, thanks for all the suggestions. i am looking into the farm stays. i hadn't heard of that before ...and it looks super interesting.
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Mar 9th, 2012, 09:37 AM
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I would say go for it. Your husband will have a ball. He should make sure to bring a circular polarizing filter if his camera will take one. We were there once around July 4th and as mentioned, most hotels will have blackout curtains and the never ending daylight gives you great flexibility.

Be prepared to experience all four seasons in a day. I recall on July 3rd when we were there we had cold rain, warm blazing sunshine and hail within hours of eachother. We were happy that we had layered our clothing. Of the 3X we were in Iceland, twice was with a gradeschool age kid.
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Dec 10th, 2014, 11:32 AM
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I know this is years old but would love to hear how the trip went! We're planning a trip with our 2 year old next summer. Itinerary, any pitfalls to having a kiddo, or any toddler-friendly places you stayed and loved - I'd love to hear them!
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