Should we still go?

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Should we still go?

Hi fellow travelers !

I am a well traveled female and plan to travel (with another female) to Turkey with Pacha Tours (Super Value Western-- no SE Turkey travel) at the end of September. I have no problems adhering to local customs (such as a scarf) when necessary and ALWAYS show respect and courtesy to the local population. Factor in some luck, and I can state I've encountered few, if any, problems travelling abroad. I departed 9/15/01 enroute to Nepal & Bhutan, and frankly, have little fear of being a victim of a terrorist attack (the chances of which IMHO are tantamount to winning the Power Ball lottery).

Now.... I'm getting a lot of flack about my proposed destination from concerned (albeit less travelled) friends. I'd usually ignore this, but must admit I too am concerned with the possibility of an 'opportunistic attack' from a splinter group(s). I'm not so worried about the pending war with Iraq (as in getting tangled up in any combat) as I am with the peripheral issues: the reception American's are getting these days from the local Turkish folks. The Turks may disagree with our polictics, but that's not always synonamous with a chilly or even hostile reception on a local level. I also need to factor in that much could occur between now and the end of September.

******** Anyone been recently? ***********

I'd love to visit this wonderful country!
What's the current reception to Americans from these usually extremely warm & hospitable people?

What's your take: should we still go?

Thanks everyone for your input!

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Dear Cenvato,

First TURKISH PEOPLE WILL WELCOME YOU. When you get to Istanbul you will feel. Everything from USA is different then Turkish vision. I have to say that Turkish people don't want WAR people Turkish people have been suffering this for 15 year with Kurdish people living in The south of Turkey. We though that we just finished this problem another problem came (Iraq war 1991) and we lost billion of billion dollars after this war because UN and NATO ordered us cut trade with IRAQ, we have some relationship with Iraq we are neigbor we were exchanging trade with IRAQ.
WE CUT TRADE WITH IRAQ but some other countries DIDN'T they are still selling and buying everthing with IRAQ like FRANCE, GERMANY, OLD RUSSIAN and CHINE. That's why they are not agree with USA about this war. and the other hand Turkey still have BIG PROBLEM with IRAQ KURDISH in the South of Turkey, North of Iraq. I concern that after Iraq war we migh have war with Kurdish people in that area. Because they want to establish KURDISTAN in the north of IRAQ. This makes very big problem in that territory. I haope we can solve problem and we wont' have any problem.
This is not money problem as mention many time in the USA' TV like FOX New.
We want to make PEACE in that area NOT WAR.

Second if you go to Turkey you will see people are very friendly, and I am sure that you won't have any problem in anywhere in Turkey.

Sinan Akdeniz
[email protected]
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Centavo -
You must go. I have found the Turkish people to be very warm and welcoming (have traveled twice along the western coast).
I never felt threatened.

Frankly, you have more chance of an 'opportunistic Attack' in New York or Washington DC.

And if you get a 'chilly' reception from someone - so what? You are almost guaranteed a chilly reception in lots of cities in the US.

Sometimes it is better to be a bit uncomfortable and travel outside the envelope to really learn about another culture.
People that travel and 'stay on the compound'or 'on the tour bus' are not really traveling to experience another culture.

If you were that type of traveler, you would not be considering a trip to Turkey in the first place. You would be booking that all-inclusive cruise to the Carribean with a bunch of folks from Allentown.

In the past year I've travelled to Algeria, Cairo and Zanzibar - people in the US would have had a fit but the memories from those trips are simply priceless - and the local people I met fabulous. You typically find what you are looking for.

Go and Enjoy. If not now - when?
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Don't ever let your fears( or others) ruin your life.
You could be hit by a bus tomorrow.
Live the adventure!
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Go Centavo! You will have a great time. You are right about the odds of anything happening to you. I agree with Queenie too, about location. I live in Washington, DC, and although I don't worry too much about terrorists (if it happens, I can't do anything about it in advance anyway), I would probably be safer somewhere else!

We cannot let fear dictate our lives - especially an irrational fear like worrying about terrorists. You are much more likely to die in a car accident or have a heart attack or something.
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Thanks Sinan. You summarize just what I thought, and you bet I am aware of the loyalties that remain between Iraq and some of the European countries. I also agree the Turkish folks are among the most warm and hospitable people anywhere! I visited Ephesus in the early 90's so I have some Turkey experience-- but not enough!! My friend-- this is her first time leaving the USA, so she is the one who is the most nervous. Your comments help me convince her she will be fine!

Queenie: LOL-- big time-- about your comments about the cruise ship. Too too true!! I frequently have to live with the "Is she from Mars?" looks when discussing travel and proposed destinations. Frankly I see right thru the heavily advertized but largely illusionary 'value' in cruising. (IMHO and a personal choice.. no offense is directed to cruise devotees). Only reason I'm doing the Pacha bus tour is because of the ease of logistics and two females driving around traveling alone has its own risks. Have done both escorted and independent and can roll with whatever...

Operaman and KAudrey: RIGHT ON! Definitely agree we're at risk right where we are--- and no.... we definitely don't have any control over some freak-- no matter who they are (I.E. foreigner flying planes into buildings or a native taking shots at folks in a Home Depot parking lot.

I've never been one to let this stuff keep me home.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
You guys are a big help.


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Yes Centavo.You will come and we will welcome you in Turkey.We also don't want war.In Turkey you can see people walking against war everywhere.But the matter we should insistly point on is,Kurdish people in the north of Iraq.They want to establish their own country.Because of our strategic security we might have to join the war.But we hope nobody will fight and people will not die.But despite the war,Turkey is a secure country and Turkish people welcome you everywhere.Because neither you nor we want to have war.Governments want war according to their requests.Because of money,because of petrol,because of their own image...
I know that you and your friend will have a nice holiday.
If you have any other questions please contact to mail:[email protected]
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