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September weather in Paris, Bern, Como, Cinque Terre, Venice.

September weather in Paris, Bern, Como, Cinque Terre, Venice.

Jul 29th, 2012, 10:06 AM
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September weather in Paris, Bern, Como, Cinque Terre, Venice.

I should mention I am a newby for forums / blogs. I hope that once I have asked my question, I can figure out how to get back here to read the answers to my questions.

3 of us are venturing to the above cities (plus others) starting the 15th of September. I am wondering if we need to take rain coats or jackets especially since some of our visit will include Bern and Como. We are concerned as to how cool should we expect? I know that no one can predict the weather, but what is typical for those areas?

We are all going to do with 1 piece of carry-on luggage plus a tote to make our lives as easy as we can. That doesn't allow for very many pieces of clothing that aren't multi-funtion. We are all in our 60's. I read that someone said not to do yoga pants and that makes me sad because they are so easy to wear and I also thought they would / could serve dual purpose.

I am planning on 1 pair of jeans, 2 pair of black slacks, (1 was going to be yoga), 1 pr of black crops, 3 different easy jackets / sweaters that can be worn either as jackets (over 6 or so blouses / tops / tanks) or can be worn as a blouse itself. I hope I can also fit in 3 pair of shoes, pj's, medications, and of course make-up (so I can be seen in public).

We are so excited about our plans. We surely don't want to be cold and miserable in our travels, but can only take so much if we are indeed going to stick with our plan for only 1 small suitcase. So what do you all think? Can I do it or do I need to rethink the clothes and go with heavier / warmer items?
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Jul 29th, 2012, 10:18 AM
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Just google each of the cities / area to see their average temperaturs and precipitation.

I always take a collapsing umbrella with me on trips to Europe. The weather can be unpredictable.

You might try to cut down on shoes, usually a good pair of walking shoes and one other pair is enough. My wife, the shoe queen, has managed to survive on 2 pairs. Wear the bulky pair with you on the plane.

The idea is not to to see how much you can bring, but how little. We each take one 24" suitcase with us for a 2-3 week trip, and no bulky carryons. You will probably buy things, and you have to make room. If you're fully leaving, it's going to be awkward returning.

I hope you're a petite person, as you'll have a tough time fitting it all in. I would pre-pack to see if you can actually fit it all in. Wash your undies and socks along the way. I usually carry some small packs of Woolite. If you can't find any, try www.minimus.biz

Carry your medications with you. You probably don't want to be without them. Also I never pack anything expensive, such as a camera.
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Jul 29th, 2012, 10:30 AM
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A couple of notes - I don;t see any way you can fit all of the things you describe into a small (22") carry-on. Have you tried packing it all in? And you can't really take anything larger than 22" - including wheels - on the plane. leaving from Europe they may force you to check anything larger than 20". Also - you don't seem to have given yourselves any space for underthings, toiletries, medicines, folding umbrella, camera, etc.

Unless I'm traveling in late fall or winter weather I take a tissue weight rain jacket with a hood. It folds up to fit in a tiny pouch and fits in my purse along with guidebook, water bottle, sweater and all of the regular stuff.

I don't know how long you will be gone - based on your list of cities I would hope at least 3 weeks - I would think you might want something you could wear out to dinner at a nicer restaurant - but don;t know if you plan on that. But I think you need more bottoms - or switch the crops to real pants.

The items you have are fine - but at some times you will have to layer - so many things will be worn a LOT - definitely plan on doing laundry and/or having the hotel do it (but be prepared for a huge cost for the latter).

I usually don't take jeans since they take up a lot of room and don't dry well if they get wet (and you will have days with rain).

Be sure you have two pair of well broken in walking shoes that are water resistant - there's nothing worse than having to trek around all day in shoes that are still damp from the day before.

For average high and low temps you can simply google and get month by month data for any sizable city.

To get more info you should provide your itinerary - since mid Oct in Switz can be much cooler than mid Sept in Venice (which can still be hot).
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Jul 29th, 2012, 10:40 AM
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I am going to be in the same areas at about the same time. I will have a carry on bag and a personal article. I will bring: 1 pr shoes (possibly two if I have room), 2 light, long pants that role into capris, 3 or 4 shirts,a fleece or sweater, and a rain jacket. Underwear and sox for 4-5 days (sink washing for me!), 1 nightie. I will buy an umbrella when I get there. I will probably also bring jeans as I will be in Normandy near the end of Sept.. My husband and I will concentrate on bringing shirts in one general colour area (green/blue) Then you can do all your laundry in one load. I bring my cosmetics, pills, and electronics in my personal item which fits over the extendable handle of my carry on.
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Jul 29th, 2012, 11:35 AM
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We usually travel in late September/early October. We have been fairly lucky with weather in Italy/Switzerland overall but have run into rainy cool weather in Paris on almost every trip. We always pack a light weight waterproof jacket and were glad we did.

It was quite warm the year we went to Venice, Florence and the Cinque Terre. I packed a few pairs of light weight hiking pants that dry overnight as well as capris and shorts of the same material. We had to dress in layers as it was fairly cool some mornings but would warm up considerably in the afternoons. I found that casual wear was fine for the types of establishments we dine (trattoria and family style restaurants).

You may already be aware but be sure that your liquids are no larger than 100ml bottles and they all need to fit in a 1 quart/1 litre plastic bag.

Good luck with your planning and have a wonderful trip!
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Jul 30th, 2012, 11:33 AM
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Thank you all so much for your good information. Yes, I have practiced packing - and it all fits. Our trip will be for 3 weeks total. I wasn't planning on a rain jacket, but suppose I could wear it and then use it as a blanket on the plane. If I need an umbrella, I will purchase it there. Yes I will be doing some laundry while traveling. Should I take a skirt or dress for a nice dinner out or are better black slacks acceptable?

I am now planning our activities in Paris. I have downloaded a metro map. Can any of you give me the approximate location of the Ajiel Hotel on the map. It is located at 237 Rue De La Convention, 16. Porte de Versailles. I don't need it exactly, but would like to have the general location. NW, SE etc. How far will it be from the Airport? Should we take a taxi? a Bus? Is there a shuttle that would go near? Will we be able to walk to the Eifel Tower? Is it near any good (not fancy) restaurants. If you all can't answer any of these, I feel comfortable now on how to use this and can ask all of this in a new post.
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Jul 30th, 2012, 12:01 PM
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You can find this thread again by clicking on your screen name in the upper right. That will bring up your profile and all your posts and responses.

Do you have a Paris map? I suggest getting a laminated Streetwise map - I love mine.

Your hotel is just down the street from the convention metro station. If you know how to search on the internet you can see the map.


You're no where near the airport (I assume CDG and not Orly) which is in Roissy. It's about 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

I would take a taxi. Just look for the taxi sign at the airport and get in line. You'll get a cab in a couple of minutes. The taxi situation at CDG is very effecient. The fare is approx E50.

Fall weather can be damp and what you wear depends on how well you handle cool, damp weather. I would bring a fleece vest and leave out a sweater or shirt. I don't see the need for skirts or dreses which require different shoes.

And definitely bring something waterproof.
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Jul 30th, 2012, 12:04 PM
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You can find the weather histories by going to wunderground.com

As to Switzerland, I've been there often in September and October and it can be a wonderful time to visit. Weather certainly not bone-chilling and fewer visitors.
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Jul 30th, 2012, 12:42 PM
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Weather predictions are so hard, even the professionals get it wrong.
Watch in the order posted:
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Jul 30th, 2012, 04:47 PM
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Your hotel is located in the western part of Paris - if you look at extending the Champs Elysess beyond the Arc you will eventually come to the convention center. It;s near there - not really any sights nearby - you will have to take the Metro almost everywhere.
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