prague or vienna

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prague or vienna

I have a chance to vacation to Prague or Vienna for 4-5 days end of May and will be in Brussels for three days. I was told to see Bruge in Belgium, while in Brussels. Would you recommend Prague or Vienna?
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Between Prague and Vienna the choice ought to depend on your interests. Vienna has more to offer, in my opinion, and clearly is the more modern and costly city, though neither need reach the cost levels of many western European cities.

Prague is much more compact; you can walk to much of interest within the city. But in my opinion, three days is plenty, so you might use the extra time for out-of-the-city excursions. Vienna can easily fill 4-5 days of my time.

So, which should it be? You'd be able to gain a bit of the feel of the country if you went to Prague and did an excursion or two. That would be an advantage. But for just what is in each city ... Vienna offers more.
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Both are marvalous choices and you can't go wrong with either. I would opt for Prague. It's wonderful and much less expensive than Vienna. Both have many music and opera choices available. There are actually quite a few similarities and you can't go wrong with either choice, Prague wins out in my book.
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I'd go to Prague - more compact - and maybe try for an organized day-trip to Vienna, though it is quite a long way.
Either city is a winner.
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Both are great cities. They were part of the same empire so similar but the east/west history gave them interesting differences. The most romantic place is the Charles Bridge at night in Prague and it is the cheaper of the two. But Vienna is a tremendous cultural city with that posh feel. Both have interesting architecture but I think I would give that nod to Prague. For wine cafes and coffeehouses, the nod is to Vienna hands down.
I think it is too far between the cities to try a daytrip. If you were in Vienna, you could daytrip to Budapest but it deserves more than the time you could allow. There is also Salzburg, Bratislava (Slovakia), Krems, Vienna Woods. For Prague, a daytrip could be Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, or Kutna Hora. You will enjoy either.
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Having spent about the same amount of time in each city, my vote would be for Prague. Because Prague is smaller and more compact than Vienna, in 4-5 days you'll feel like your visit has been more complete, plus you'll even be able to take a day trip (or two)-Cesky Krumlov and Terezin are the two day trips I took. Prague is very affordable, so shopping is more fun, too! Have a great time!
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This is a taft questiion, like what do you prefer chocolate or a great cheese?
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Been to both on long holiday weekends. I would choose Prague for its old world uniqueness. It is really one of the true older looking cities of Europe with wonderful walking tours. You can easily choose from concerts day and night and inexpensive delicious food. Also, marrionette and chandelier shopping is great if you're into that. My son has a wonderful handmade Pinocchio for his room. Stay in the Marriott (I believe it was) or other well known American hotel right in the center. You can walk to everything! Bring your camera and lots of film. We also took a day trip to Karlovary from Prague. Go on an organized tour. The latter is a beautiful fairytale town! Stay at the Pup. All this and you will feel you got a wonderful slice of eastern Europe.
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I've been to both...
PRAGUE, hands-down.
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Disagree with everyone - I found Vienna the most enjoyable city in Europe. Culture, museums, food, grandeur, avant-gardism, you name it. For that amount of time, Vienna offers much much more. I find Prague overrated.
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PRAGUE- I have been to both. Yes, the chocolate is great in VIenna, however, in my opinion, you will only like Vienna if you are really into history, otherwise, I believe that the city is really overrated. Prague is compact and is really beautiful. Just go to Prague Castle at about 9:00PM on Sunday night when no one is there and look at the city. You will not find that in Vienna. And, Vienna is way more expensive. You will have a good time in Prague.
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Both have the most extraordinary Nouveau architecture in the world, Prague frozen in time and more whiplash design - what we associate w/ the French, but Vienna - the birhtplace of the Secession - same period, but more angular. the Secession bldg. is remarkable. For the price and the Moldau, I would choose Prague; Stay in a b&b and save lots of money.
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