Paris flea markets

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Paris flea markets

Hi -
we're going to Paris in April. We were interested in going to some flea markets for some interesting things that are't total junk. Are they worth it?

Any suggestions on which one's, when to go, what to avoid, safety, etc.

Any other interesting or unique shopping that's not covered in, say Fodor's? Also, we'll have our 9 year old daughter with us - anything she might enjoy?

Thanks for your help

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This is a favorite topic on this forum; if you do a search Paris flea markets you will find the information on the flea markets

For your 9 year old: the Louvre Museum Shop has a special children's section with very cool stuff (you don't have to into the Museum; the shop is off the Carousel entrance in the 'shopping mall'); the department stores (Galeries Lafayette, au Printemps, Samaritaine) have excellent children's departments, both clothes and toys.
Along Boulevard St Michel (I think it's near Blvd St Germaine) is a shop with "cartoon" merchandise - Disney, Tintin, Hello Kitty...
Look for NafNaf stores, too.
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The largest and most famous is the Marche aux Puces de St Ouen-Cligancourt. Leading off St-Ouen's Rue des Rosiers, just a short walk from Paris's metro stop Porte de Clignancourt, 12 separate markets sprawl over 17 acres. From the metro, walk two blocks north to Rue des Rosiers. Market is divided into 10 large sections, offering mostly genuine antique furniture at high prices
Puces prices cited are pre-bargaining. I'm told you should ask for the export price, which should be a 15-20% reduction. Cash is the preferred method of payment to get the best prices. Goods over 100 years old are not subject to U.S. customs duty so get a certificate if you are buying the real thing.
For more information:

March aux Puces de Montreuil is much smaller and less expensive. Clothing, furniture, housewares. Sat, Sun, Mon 7am-7pm. Metro Porte de Montreuil

Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves, considered the most casual and least organized of these markets. Odds and ends, furniture, clothing. Great for bargain-hunting browsers. Sat, Sun, Mon 7am-7pm. Go early in the morning, you'll find more interesting items, less plastic junk. Metro Porte de Vanves.

The website Bonjour Paris also mentions
Village St. Paul, 4th. "A wonderful Sunday outing in the Marais, Village St. Paul winds through courtyards, alleys and rues. Prices are reasonable and anything can be found here, from second-hand linens to antiques."

When you mention your daughter and "anything she might enjoy", did you mean shopping or Paris in general?
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Hey - thanks for the tips! I meant shopping w/ a 9 year old, but I'd really be interested in any unusual things to do that might capture her attention.

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For the kiddle:
Tuilleries: rent little sail boats and float them in the pond; at the west end of it (place de la concorde) is a big ferris wheel.
Place de la Republique: carousel
Champs de Mars (near the Eiffel Tower): pony rides
Montmartre: little white train; mimes; artists who'll sketch your picture (for a fee, of course)
Parc de Vincennes: little white train that takes you around the park (which is very pretty - ducks in the ponds, too); often special expos - like the butterfly house this fall; there's a real live chateau on the grounds, too.
Canal St Martin boat ride - kinda neat the way it goes through 'tunnels'
Place de la Bastille: really large paved area for special events - like art exhibits, a small circus, exhibitions.
Pompidou Center (aka the Beaubourg): in the plaza out front, always a variety of performers, artists, musicians
Musee de Poupee: doll museum
Zoo: a bit shabby the last time I was there - not awful or anything, just it coulda used a coat of paint. Somewhere I read they're spiffing it up.
If she's into creepy stuff: the sewers, the catacombs
If she's into heights, climb the tower at Notre Dame; the Arc de Triomphe; go out on the roof at Musee d'Orsay
Most of the parks (even the teeniest) have some sort of climbable/slidable apparatus.
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Thanks - we're planning on going to the Pompidou Center, and she climbed to the top of St. Paul's in London, so Notre Dame should be a piece of cake. I think my wife will take more convincing to go to the catacombs than my daughter.

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Jardin d'Acclimatation!!! Definately a hit with my 7 year old. Basically a play park with rides, playgrounds, climbing structures. Good for a big day and a solid night sleep. Plan for a full day.
Another big thing is the playground in Park Luxemburg. Costs about 30 f but the play stuff is cool and theres a rope eiffel tower.
The catacombs were cool for my 7 year old though I was tired of dank dark passageways lined with bones. If she likes eeery stuff it's good. Bring a pocket flashlight to shine into dark corners (added effect!!).
We love Park Andre Citroen which is a great example of an urban park. It has a hot air balloon ride which is neat and there's a fountain at ground level which shoots jets of water up. In the Summertime everyone (mostly kids) run through and get wet.
Cite des Science at Park Villette is OK but it's a science museum. My daughter likes it but I'm luke warm. More a last ditch rainy day thing.
The coach ride and exploring the gardens of both Versailles and Fountainbleu were good day trips too.
Rose gardens at the Bagatelle Bois de Bologne were awesome and there are peacocks running around.
Lots and lots to do. I find that I can mix up many activities (low energy and high energy) and do my thing and kid things and everyone's happy.
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Top for Giovanna.
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Topping for xxx.
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