Paris Apt Locations

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Paris Apt Locations

DH and I are planning to rent an apartment for a week next spring. We've identified 3 that look nice to us, all in different neighborhoods. It has been 20 years since we were in Paris, so obviously don't have current information on these locations. Any opinions? We like being in a lively area with plenty of places to walk to for dinner and close to a Metro stop. But, don't want anything too noisy late at night. Thanks!
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Those are all excellent locations. I'd be hard pressed to chose. I know where the Village St Paul is but can't recall what services are nearby..I mean within a few meters . The Rennes Raspail place has lots of shops just steps away. The top one might be a bit quiet. I can't recall a lot of food shops in that area but plenty of cafes
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I think most anything in central Paris will fit your bill of being near a metro stop and near shops. Noise is often an issue of the apartment itself, such as whether it looks onto a main busy street or looks onto an interior courtyard, even if in the same building. For example, I had an apt with a rue Mouffetard address and one would think that would be very noisy. It was very quiet becuase you went into a courtyard and then my apt was up some back stairs in the back of the building.

All of those locations are fine. I would never call the area around the Sorbonne and Pantheon quiet, but these are all about the same in that regard, they are in central Paris. Now the one on rue de Rennes is one I would avoid if it looks onto the street as that would be the noisiest of any of those three, that is a major major street. But I think they claim it is quiet so maybe the situation affects that.

I really like that VRBO one and I like that area. There are food stops on rue St Jacques near there and rue Mouffetard is full of them and not too far away. Actually, none of these apartments is very near a big supermarket, actually, if that matters to you. There isn't one near that Rennes one, either. There are smaller food shops on rue St Jacques, I know. Rennes is businesses, of course, I don't think of it has having small food shops, but don't remember for sure. I went to school one summer just around the corner, actually, at l'Institut Catholique. I probably would put that one bottom of my personal list in terms of ambience of the location. Well, maybe the marais one, but partly that's because I don't like the Marais much. If you do, there are food shops within a few blocks and a supermarket around metro St Paul.

However, it is closer to a metro stop than the one near Pantheon.
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I can't really comment on noise since I haven't stayed in those areas. But you can figure that out if the bedroom is on a main street or on the courtyard. They are all beautiful apartments.

The first Sorbonne unit is one offered by I can recommend the agency--we rented from them a couple of years ago, and all our dealings were easy and smooth.

The Rennes Raspail apartment is nice but I don't like it when the bed is up against the wall. I find that inconvenient, especially in such a large apartment. Good location though.

Guest apartment is also recommended here. I have one or two of their Ile St. Louis apartments on my potential list for a future trip.

I'd pick between the Sorbonne and the St. Paul apartments.
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Thanks for your great advice!
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I like all those locations. Rue de Rennes is, as noted above, a major street however, so that could affect the noise. All the apartments are in areas with plenty of nearby restaurants and cafes.

The one near the Pantheon is near the good street market at Place Monge on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
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I commend you on your selection. All three flats look great to me. I've rented from Guest Apt. Services before and they are very professional and easy to deal with. Seems you really can't go wrong with any of them. Good luck, EJ
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Hi artsbabe,
The hotel we stayed at last week is very near your Pantheon apartment. It's a lively and very pleasant neighbourhood (and also, our favourite restaurant, Le Perraudin, is right there). If you do want a supermarket, there are two Monoprix stores a little ways away on Rue St Michel. The Monoprix has a large supermarket downstairs and there's a smaller Monop' on the other side of the street.

Last time, we stayed on Rue St. Jacques and on the morning we arrived -- way to early to check into our hotel -- we were wandering the streets like waifs and finally just sat down on a bench with our coffee in hand and a lovely market more or less sprang up around us. I'm not sure but I think it was the Rue Monge market.
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Thanks again for all of the great information and first-hand experiences of the neighborhoods. Next May, at the age of 49, I'll be graduating with a master's degree in social work, and so we're going to celebrate with a week in Paris and, most likely, a week in Wengen. We'll fly into Paris and out of Zurich. I can't wait!
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I noticed a less than favorable review on Slow Travel of one of the Parisian Flat apartments by gracejoan, who also posts here, I know. Anyone have recent information on the quality of the Parisian Flat apartments?
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Hi, artsbabe,
Congrats on the social work degree! 4 years ago, at the ripe young age of 53, I graduated from social work school, too! It was a great decision for me, and I hope you feel the same!

Of all the apartments, I like the vrbo one for liveablility. Somehow, the feel of the place looks like somewhere I would feel comfortable. I love the 5th as well, and certainly rue mouffetard is a fabulous street to shop in. I'm also partial to the left bank, although on our last stay, we were very happy in the Marais district. But I do like this apartment - very understated elegance.

I find the Rue de Rennes least comfortable -- completely agree that the bedroom looks uninspired and would not be pleasant to sleep in. It looks cramped -- and I really like having lights on both sides of the bed for 2 people. Also the 2 sitting areas seem very fussy and unnecessary -- unless you are having a grand soiree, it looks both more and less than a couple would need. Some of the furniture looks quite basic, although it's balanced with more "stylish" looking pieces.

The last apartment has character and looks quite comfortable, although I don't think I'd like to sleep in that red-orange bedroom! Way too too, but that's my taste. The place looks comfortable if a bit too done, but again, that's taste. The place looks quite comfortable to live in.

The only thing I would want - and I don't think the vrbo apartment has it - is a terrace, especially in the spring. Coffee on the terrace would be a highlight for me.

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Thanks for the good wishes, Paule. I'm loving social work school and hanging out with people half my age!

We sort of thought the last apartment looked too too, too, albeit comfortable.
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Thought I would check back in. We were leaning toward Guest Apartment but they have limited availability for most of their one-bedroom apartments next May and June. So, we are renting the place for one week, and then traveling to Wengen for one week and renting this place: Then, we're spending two nights in Zurich here before flying home. I'm bad about trip reports but am determined to do one this time. Stay tuned!
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That's the one that I was just getting ready to vote for! Happy Travels!
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I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone could comment on the Parisianflat apartment on Rue-Laromiguiere.

It looks like a beautiful apartment. My concern is with the location.

While it is very nice, it appears as if there isn't much in the immediate vicinity of the apartment. Looking around on Google Earth doesn't show any shops or anything interesting nearby. Is this correct?

I enjoy being close to food shops so the lack of any nearby would be a concern.

Any thoughts on the apartment or location would be appreciated.
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Einan23 -- you've probably made your decision by now but if not, let me know and I can talk about the Rue Laromiguiere apartment, which has tons of things around it--just not on that particular street, which makes it quiet & nice imho.
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I never noticed this post before, but there is nothing wrong with that location. I think it would be a plus that this particular area is not full of shops, it is quiet. How close does one have to be to shops? If you want them right on the same block, sure, go elsewhere. I don't know what is meant by something interesting, it's just a place people live, but it's not far from rue Mouffetard or the Sorbonne or the Pantheon, those are sort of interesting. It isn't really that far from Luxembourg gardens.

I think someone on Fodors rented an apt on that street within the last year or so, I'm sure the post would show up in a search. Maybe it was artsbabe!
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Yes! And the location was great and the apartment was very, very nice and well equipped. Only a couple of blocks from tons of good restaurants, the market at Place Monge, and a small grocery store.
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