need good quiet Paris hotel: possible?

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need good quiet Paris hotel: possible?

Hoping to find a comfortable hotel with good bathroom (shower) and king bed (or beds pushed together). Want it to be in area where there are good moderate eating places and pleasant, relaxed surroundings. Hope to be able to walk to most places.

Hoping to spend not more than about 300EU per night (hopefully with continental breakfast).

We're elders and haven't been to Paris in more than 50 years!

Many thanks for suggestions.
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I have always wanted to stay here but it's a bit high for my budget. Good friends love it.

See their offers and packages.
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I know some people who stayed there and thought it was great. Wonderful location.
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GOod luck, I don't know one with king beds. I think the quiet issue is going to be the difficult one, but your budget is more than adequate (well, I guess I shouldn't speak, as I don't know hotels with king beds). And in a lot of hotels, that can be the luck of the draw, unfortunately, as to noise. Some rooms in certain locations can be noisy but others are quiet. But you can at least afford ones that are definitely more noisy, I hope.

But when are you going? The problem is that can greatly affect the room price, prices are a lot cheaper in July-August.

I was going to suggest the Luxembourg Parc hotel whcih borders the Luxembourg Gardens. I think it would suit your criteria and it does have rooms in that range if you get the online advance booking rate for 3 nights or more

It looks like at least a queen bed, but I can't tell. It doesn't appear to have a stall shower, though sorry. But it's a good location.

maybe someone else can come up with something. I think the king beds will be a problem except in more modern hotels, like the Renaissance Paris Vendome.

I'll make one suggestion which is a hotel I often stay at, the Aiglon in Montparnasse. See it at as well as others.

I mention it because you can get a suite there for that price, and it will include a 180 cm bed (which is king size) if you want, or twins, as well as a separate sitting room. Other rooms have very good showers, new ones (not in a tub) but the suite only has a tub, unfortunately. Otherwise, their renovated rooms are the double classique (not the superior), and it has a great new stall shower but the bed is not a king and the room isn't that big, so wouldn't suit you. So this isn't your ideal hotel, either, I know, but it would be pretty good except for not having a shower. It is near lots of restaurants and transportation.
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Try the Hotel St. VIncent in the 7th - very far east, nearly in the 6th. Small, and quiet, near a ton of good restaurants but off of Blvd St. Germain - unless you want the well known ones - and it is close to those, too. There is no real restaurant, no bellhops -but the bathrooms are modern and the beds are great - maybe not full king like in the US - but big - and I am picky about that. CLEAN. The guys who run it are very nice - just a clerk at the desk - very understated and private. You feel like you are in a large home, really.
It is affiliated with two other little hotels now - one is the Lenox, the other I forget the name -
but we have stayed there twice, once with our teenage daughters, and my friend and husband stayed there too. Highly recommend.
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I don't think you'll find many if any Parisian hotels with king beds. But anyway, look at HOTEL MILLESIME on rue Jacob in the 6th. Its a beautiful, small boutique hotel with lovely rooms, within walking distance of many major sites, including the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay.
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I suggest the Hotel Muguet in the 7th. Perfect location..excellent restaurants and cafes nearby and very quiet. The twins can be made into a king, and they do have queen beds as well. Certainly well within your budget. I stay there often and will be there over the holidays again. Very easy to to get around from that location as well

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Hotel de Seine, in the 6e. Although I did not stay here, I did have interaction with the very helpful and kind staff! The location of this hotel is ideal, very close to soooo many good restaurants and markets, plus Rue St Germaine. The Louvre is a short walk out the door, turn left, and you will reach the Seine within minutes. The Louvre is just across the river, on the foot bridge.
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My sister loves L'Abbaye.

She has stayed there 3 times.

The hotel is in an ideal location. Tres chic neighbourhood.

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I think I would follow the lead of Thin's sister. I too have always wanted to stay there and would if I could.
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The ST Vincent is a good recommendation. Just one thing. The topmost room's bathroom is up a substantial flight of stairs. If you are amongst those who need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night bring a good flashlight or change rooms.
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I highly recommend the Hotel Villa Madame in the 6th. Exceptional neighborhood. Beautifully furnished hotel with attentive staff. You get a little bonsai on your room door, how's that for details? Rain shower and tub in executive rooms. Near boulangerie for breakfast and markets for supplies. Great Italian (in Paris, right with great pizza 50 steps from front door. Right next to an elementary school (how local can you be?) that a few people thought was noisy and disruptive, but we thought was charming. You will love it.

I am not affiliated with this hotel, we stayed there in September and LOVE it and just want to spread the word.
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Our favorite hotel in Paris is the Hotel des Stes Peres in the 6th Arrondisement. It is part of the Esprit de France group - there are several others in Paris and they are all lovely and in your price range. The Stes Peres is beautifully located to walk to many sights, comfortable, charming and has a lovely, helpful staff. It is located not far from two metro stations. Check their website at
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I would suggest looking at Villa Madame. Based on some serious research this would be in my top 5 to stay at in Paris.They did not have availability for us this time but I am so impressed with everything I have seen and reviews over on TA. Also most hotels have some noise that can usually be avoided by requesting and booking rooms not facing the street and not near the elevators etc. I have found most hotels will try to accommodate that request. Of course earplugs are standard packing items and France has the best at the pharmacies. Good Luck. Also have stayed St. Peres and it is nice.
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The ST Vincent is a good choice, but I know they have rooms without showers. They even show photos on their website of one. Some bathrooms just have tubs with a sprayer (and that is not even mounted on the wall). It is actually sometimes difficult to find that out as many hotels won't show photos of the bathrooms, only the bedroom, and won't tell you the exact size of the bed. I notice l'Abbaye doesn't show any photos of the bathroom, for example.
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Well, who in their right mind wouldn't send an email or telephone a hotel if there are specific "must haves"?

A hotel in the 300€ range should be willing and able to answer all inquiries. If not, move on.
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We are staying in the Hotel du Danube St. Germain on 58 rue Jacob. We find it to be a convenient location. Our room has a two beds pushed together which I am well pleased with the quality of sleep I have gotten versus my king bed back home! Our room has a tub/shower situation which may not be what you want. However, I will inquire if they have rooms w/ a shower as I know that would be much safer. We requested a quiet room on the courtyard side and it has been fine. I use earplugs too but my husband does not and he is well pleased with our surroundings. Breakfast is 12E if you like either delivered to your room or downstairs in a lovely courtyard or inside dining room. We have not tried it.

WE are paying 225E/night. The front staff is wonderful. No complaints. Only praises.

Lovely restaurant a practically next door called Au 35 with a plat du jour of 29E. Very nice wait staff who are glad to speak English. Cannot recommend the other two we have eaten at nearby.

I will be curious what you find out about the other recommended hotels as for prices and standup shower. I tried L'Abbaye for a week in May and a week in September and it offered no availability.

Good luck!
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Paris is a large city with sights spread out all over the place - so there is no one place close to major sights. What you need is to be close to a Metro.

As for quiet - is real quiet is very important I would go with a new high-rise hotel with double glazing and ask for a room on a high floor. Otherwise - well, cities have street noise.

Sorry I can;t hep with specifics - we prefer older, very central hotels and really don't care about noise (it's going to be quieter than where we live in almost any hotel).
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Small Hotel, quiet, th Hotel Relaise u Louvre, in the first. Outside the front door is the east facade of th Louvre. My room had just a shower. Great staff. Of course very central. iPad, sorry about spelling..that would du louvre. Top floor has an apartment BUT with all the hotel amenities...
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The Hotel Chopin in a middle of a passage is definitely quiet and in a neighborhood of inexpensive restaurants--Chartier is around the corner. But the beds are not king-size and it had no AC.
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