Naples garbage crisis

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Garbage? Human detritus? Relatives live in Naples..."Yes, garbage is unsightly but it is of no danger to anyone". Food standards may be of more concern. Do a reality check. What effect does the uncollected garbage have on locals? Naples has been a 'tourist' sight for perhaps 3,000 years. Don't miss it.
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RE: Pizza..My son says that any USA Pizza Hut pizza tastes better than the so-called Naples best. Please bring us back a taste report.
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Dear GSteed,

I'm afraid your son doesn't actually know the taste of a real pizza
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Sure her son knows the taste of real pizza. It's just a different style pizza from that served in Italy. Some people prefer one style; some people prefer another style.
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I don't know if you know how to read, Zeppole, but the whole time I wrote: "In my opinion, I think, I didn't". I never said: "There aren't, it's a fact, etc."

Since "you do know better", why don't you enlight us with your wisdom and say: "you didn't check this or that part of the city". I thought we all were on this forum to learn from each other; I didn't know we were here to have a smart ass tell us off whenever we write something that doesn't match his/her opinion.

I even asked the guy from the shop in Spaccanapoli if there were any other shops like the one where he worked and he mentioned nothing but the places I mentioned above and "he" knows better than "you" do because the guy was a born and raised neapolitan.

You chose as a nickname a neapolitan sweet and you already feel you have the right to tell off anybody who doesn't agree with you concerning Naples? I said it before and I'll say it again: I think that shopping in Naples wasn't a big deal compared not only to northern cities like Turin, but also compared to southern cities like Palermo.

Please, Zeppole, next time you see a post written by me, ignore it. I don't want you to enlight me with your knowledge even if you're the only asshole, I mean, the only smart ass who knows the answer.

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Better chose my words carefully.
I just got back 2 weeks ago from Italy and spent 1 night in Naples. It is a big city. Lots of people, lots of activity. There was garbage, but not as bad as the pictures I saw before I went. Being from New York, seeing some garbage on the street is fairly normal.
The traffic and drivers are crazy and I would never drive there. As far as the stores, we were in a shopping area that had Gucci, Prada, Armani, etc. Problem is the dollar is so bad vs the Euro it was crazy to buy.
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Thank you everybody for the comments. Especially about where to get pizza! I really wanted to see Naples for several reasons (the food being a big factor.) Anyway, we are going to stick with our itinerary and not worry. I wasn't really concerned about seeing gargabe in the streets, but any potential health issues related to that. I mentioned the cheese because I had read that the people in charge of waste disposal had dumped a lot of garbage where they shouldn't have, i.e. near pastures where animals graze. Therefore chemicals can go into the soil, then into the grass being eaten by the animals. So even if all the garbage is cleaned up, chemicals that have leached into the soil could remain for a long time. Therefore they may be in cheese or meat for a long time. I am curious if that will be monitored.
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