Munich to Osnabrück

Jan 16th, 2018, 06:24 PM
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Munich to Osnabrück

If you had 6 full days to travel between Dachau/Munich and Osnabrück, where would you go? I realize this is a very broad question, but I want to hear what great things people have seen or done in the region. We will be traveling to Germany in early July with 4 adults and 2 kids (ages 11 and 13). We want to experience the culture and beauty of Germany. We aren't huge museum or art people, but are always open to must-see museums. We will have 2 seniors (age 75) with us that can get around really well, but we won't want to do any strenuous hiking or similar activity. What great things can you suggest? Is there a route you would suggest? Of course, we want to see as much as possible while not killing ourselves and having time to enjoy villages and sights along the way. Thanks for any help you can provide!!
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Jan 16th, 2018, 11:29 PM
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In October 2016 we (two adults, one 15 year-old, one dog) drove The Fairy Tale Route approximately from Munich to Bremen. You might find some itinerary ideas in my trip report. Once Upon a Time...
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Jan 16th, 2018, 11:33 PM
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Just some technical questions to not send you on the wrong tracks:

Have you decided on your mode of transport already?
In your other post you asked about renting a van, so can we assume that Munich-Osnabrück will be a road trip?

Do you prefer to drive from town to town, or are you looking for bases to spend more than one night?
So you don't need to pack/unpack every day?

You mention villages and sights. Is it safe to assume that you prefer the countryside or villages and small towns over big cities?

Any preference regarding major tourist spots like the Rhine valley versus less-travelled areas (at least by international visitors) like the Harz mountains?

The obvious tourist trail from Munich would take you a bit West to Augsburg to catch the "Romantic Road" (which is not exactly an extremely scenic road, but the villages and sights along the road are) towards Rothenburg ob der Tauber into Franconia. If looking for a base, Würzburg would be one - not exactly a small town, but also not a major city. From Würzburg head NW to the Rhine valley (scenic between Mainz/Bingen and Bonn). Any base near Koblenz will let you cover that area plus the Mosel river valley. And drive to Osnabrück from there.

The road less travelled (though not less scenic, IMO) would be be via Regensburg, possibly cut through that NW corner of Czech to see the famous spas of Bohemia to Dresden. Explore the town and the destinations of the Elbe river valley (Saxon Switzerland, Meissen, castles). Drive NW to the Harz mountains (Wernigerode, Quedlinburg - half-timber houses, UNESCO world heritage, steam trains across the mountains). And eventually drive to Osnabrück - either the direct route via motorways of veer off the fastest route to go up Weser river valley via Hamelin and catch A30 near Minden.
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Jan 17th, 2018, 08:17 PM
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Hi Cowboy! Thanks for your reply. We are planning to do a road trip and will likely hire a driver.

We are flexible on driving town to town each night or working from a base. Certainly, it is nice to have a base if it is in a cool area and as long as you don't waste tons of time driving back and forth on the same roads to do side trips. I'd rather pack my bag up and move on to see more things if having a base is not somewhat efficient.

We are starting our trip in Berlin for 3 days and then will move on to Nuremberg and Munich, so we will get some time in the big cities. I'd like to spend the rest of the trip exploring interesting and/or scenic villages/towns. .

We prefer less tourist traps and more authentic immersion in the true culture. Of course, there are always must-see touristy spots that you don't want to miss. I like to balance the 2 as much as possible.

I appreciate your 2 routing suggestions. Because we will traveling from Berlin south, your 2nd suggestion gives me some ideas on routing.

What do you think about the option of traveling south and west from Munich along the German/Austrian border (Lake Constance) and then heading north at some point to Osnabrück? We do have an ancestral village in Untervaz, Switzerland, so we have even considered the idea of trying to swing by there. It may be best left for another visit.

Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks for you help!
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Jan 18th, 2018, 11:00 AM
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If you plan to see your ancestral place in Switzerland, I'd suggest a more SW route from Munich via Garmisch, Imst, Landeck, Nauders, through the Engadin via Scol and Davos. The place of your ancesters is in a very beautiful part of Switzerland (Graubünden), and you may want to stay 2 nights there to explore the area.
On your way back North, you could go along Lake Constance and make a stopover in the Black Forest. Or combine Black Forest with Alsace.
Further North on your way towards Osnabrück you can decide if you want to make a stopover on the Moselle river, e.g. in Cochem, or the more famous (and touristy) Rhine river, e.g. in Bingen.
The final leg will still be quite some drive time, but since you'll have a driver it probably will not matter that much to do.
If you stay in Osnabrück for a while to do whatever takes you into that god-forsaken town (just kidding), your friends or family will probably want to take you to Münster for a daytrip. Nice old town, and very different from the towns and villages in the South.
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Jan 18th, 2018, 12:21 PM
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From Berlin to Nurnberg consider stopping off at Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, lovely old city with lots of Luther stuff like church door he nailed, allegedly, his demands to.

If wishing to just go straight Berlin to Nurnberg maybe take the train and rent car in Nurnberg. No car needed in Berlin with fantastic transit system. Book train tickets early forf discounted fares - book your own - has lots on that; general info where to go by train (or car) - online European Planning & Rail Guide has lots of itineraries;

Yes cowboy has great suggestion about stopping at Rhine or Mosel area en route north. Take a K-D boat tour for a few hours KM Digital - Web Design, Development, & Marketing - Va / DC / Md. Stop by Cologne just to see cathedral - awesome!
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