Munich Airport - Train Questions

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Munich Airport - Train Questions

I have heard a few stories of how 'complicated' the S-Bahn (and ticket machines) can be at the Munich Airport. Can someone explain in simple detail - getting to Munich from Airport via S-Bahn?

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I have never been there, but I don´t think it is very complicated. S-Bahn (Stadtbahn means city railroad) is the name of the suburban train operated by DB (DeutscheBahn/German Railroads) in all big German cities. S1 runs every 20 minutes (5, 25 and 45 minutes past the hour) from München Flughafen Terminal to München Hauptbahnhof in 44 minutes. S8 runs every 20 minutes (15, 35 and 55 past the hour) in 40 minutes.
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It's really not that complicated. I do speak german though. I can't exactly remember the ticket machines, but do in keep in mind that the german subway system is based on an honor code. You buy your ticket and most of the time you're never even checked. So, don't sweat it too much. You will be telling the truth that you didn't understand which ticket to buy in the event you were checked (really oh so rare.) I lived in Munich for a year and was maybe checked once every few months (riding the subway multiple times everyday). you know i've just jinxed you. sorry
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I am afraid I would not agree with Laura. Checking last year was much more regular (every two weeks was more my experience - but never late at night)and am not sure I would play the dumb tourist. Machines are easy to use at airport and right next door is a counter that you can buy tickets from. Buy a ticket to the centre assuming that is where you are going. Cost last year about DM15. Stamp it for time just before the escalator and get on the train. two alternative S bahn lines. If you go the centre, just get on the first one leaving as they both have the same central area stops (just come from different directions).
By the way, ticket inspectors in Munich are the sneakiest I have ever seen - all plain clothes, except where major checks done at the station. They come on the train and you would swear that some of them are about to ask you for change as they seem so down and out. Others look like dowdy rather poor middle aged women - I never spotted them until you saw their passes as they asked for tickets.
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Nick is correct & in Munich they do nearly always check @ some point. it is not a difficult thing & is the best way to get to the city.
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There is a ticket counter (with real people) right at the entranc to the S. All you have to do is tell them how long you are going to be in town, where your hotel is, and what else you want to see. They speak very good English and can easily get you all the tickets you need for your stay.

This year we got all of our S/U tickets, the tickets to get out to Dachau and even our train ticket to Fussen (neuschwanstein) from the guy at the airport as soon as we arrived. It saved time trying to translate the maps and instructions at the ticket vending machines.

The U is so easy to use in Munich, I love it, it is clean, quick and will take everywhere you want to be.
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Just re-reading your question about simple detail:

Munich is divided into a series of Rings with the Marienplatz being the center of the circle, each of the rings represents a zone for tickets, the farther you travel from the center the more expensive a ticket you need.

That is why you tell the guy at the ticket counter exactly where you are going and on which days and he will give you the approproiate tickets and explain them to you.

You need a ticket to get downtown, and a ticket to get back to the airport (its quite a few rings away). If you are just staying around the city you will also get a ticket good for 4 rings, which will get you to English Gardens, Marienplatz, Oktoberfest, Schwabing etc.

After you get your tickets, before you go down to the S punch the first ticket; this ticket is now good for the entire day and because it is a many ring ticket you can go virtually anywhere in the city today. The 2nd day punch your 4-ring ticket before you go down to the U (this ticket can be valid for anywhere from 1-7 days depending on your length of stay, you only need to punch it once on the first day). Now you can go anywhere within the 4 rings on the U, Tram, Bus, etc. On your final day take the last ticket and punch it, it will be valid to take you back to the airport (or anywhere else you need to go first).

Get a map of the U also, so you know which train will take you to your destination. It sounds complicated, but in fact is super easy, I love Munich because of their transportation system.

Last year we got on the S, switched trains to U6 got on a bus and were dropped off across the street from our hotel. This year we had to walk about 2 blocks, because we were downtown and there were no bus stops on our street.
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Just returned from Munich yesterday. We don't speak any German. The train system is very easy to use as noted by other posters.

Current pricing is 8Euro each way. A no-brainer - you can also buy an all day pass (Tageskarte) for 8Euro or 16Euro for a Partner Tageskarte which is good for 2 adults and 3 children and lets you use the S-Bahn and U-Bahn network all day. Machines take coins and bills. Select machines at the airport and major S-Bahn stations also take credit cards.
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