Mailing prescription meds to France?

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Interesting fact.
I could not find Pepto Bismol at the pharmacy in Paris.. pharmacist says they simply have not got the main ingredient which is bismuth something or other available in a pill or chewable form.

It is however available as a

However he was able to discuss the merits of two or other medicines for me and the one he and I settled on worked out just fine.. and I was able to swallow it.. .lol
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Re seeing your doctor to get a scrip changed--call his office and ask for help. You don't have to see the doctor.
Good info just for travelling about what pharmacies may be able to do to help.
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If you are willing to break the law (the French won't extradite you) and accept the risk that the package might be seized and destroyed by customs, then send it via UPS or FedEx. Put a minimal dollar amount on the customs form (do not put medicine on the form -- yes this is breaking the law but so is mailing it in the first place) and throw in some other goodies like Reese's peanut butter cups and Necco wafers.

Chances are good that your package will arrive.

I tried Walgreen's to see if I could transfer the Rx to them, but they don't have a presence in France per their customer service.

What made you think that any American pharmacy would have a presence in Europe?
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Granted, Germany is different than France, but if I walked into a German pharmacy with an America prescription, I would be laughed out of the store.
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I recently had to make an emergency trip to the USA and didn't have enough of a medicine I take to last the trip. I went to a pharmacy in Fiumicino airport to get an emergency supply; I get this free through the Italian national health service, but since I didn't have a prescription, I had to pay the full price (€9).

Since it was barely enough for the trip, I thought I'd get some more in the US. A doctor friend called the prescription in to a pharmacy near where I was staying, and gave me a discount code to use. The equivalent amount of this drug would have cost me $200!!! However, I could only get a full month's supply, for $400. This was a generic, whereas the one I got in Italy was the brand name.

Needless to say, I decided that I could wait until I got home to fill the prescription.
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