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I fly a lot (2-3 times a month), often long distance. ALL airlines have their good and bad days. 10 years ago, Asian airlines were fantastic, European airlines were good, and US airlines were bad. Today, Asian airlines are still a bit better, but European and US airlines are equally average to bad. If you catch them on a good day, they can still be nice, but you have to be lucky.
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the boston to frankfurt run is on a 747-200 and is very cramped. the food was disgusting and the service sucked. on the other hand the flight from frankfurt to madras(chennai) was excellent a 747-400 with musch more room and the food and service very good for an airline. i guess it all depends on what route yoou are on.
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I heard from Lufthansa via email. They say that the connections in Frankfurt are MINIMUM between 30-45 mins. Well, no wonder Mike had to race like hell because he only had 1 hour to make his connection.

I am not sure how far we have to go to connect to our Paris flight, but we are also given approx. 1 hour also. And Lufthansa says at least a minimum of 30-45 minutes are needed! What if it's more like more than an hour given the lines, etc? Guess we need to have luck on our side. I am really dreading this now.
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I am German and I do fly Lufthansa frequently, even through Frankfurt.
On my last trip to the US, I flew on United aircraft with an LH codeshare number. Their Economy Plus has more legroom than Lufthansa does.
I have never been longhaul on LH, but for a fair number of flights within Europe and Germany.
Lufthansa is standard, not good or excellent. They are usually efficient and I have never!!! lost my luggage on a connection at Frankfurt (even from united to LH it worked).
I case you arrive in Frankfurt A, B, or C, then you are in the same terminal building and should make your connection without running, permitted your flights are on-time.

Good luck!
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Thanks Gerald for the information. That's all I really needed to know-just to have a slight idea how far the terminals are to catch our connecting flight.
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I have read this posting and I am amazed that we are talking about the same airline. We think that Lufthansa is absolutely the greatest!
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I just wanted to add something that may be of use for some guys departing from the US.

It seems that Lufthansa is very rigid regarding luggage issues - carry-on and checked luggage, if you depart from the US.

This is usually not the case when departing from Germany.

So, if you dont want to re-pack your stuff at the airport, which I have heard about from a friend departing from Boston, pack it right!
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have a
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Lufthansa is very good airlines I don't understand why people always try to scare eachother.Some of them tells Air France is very good but if you ask if we recommend AIR FRANCE they will tell the opposite.LH is one of the best in Europe.British Airways is also good.Alitalia is not well recommend but has the cheqpest prices and AIR FRANCE is now better then before.
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Gerald, can you be a little more specific about what you mean by "pack it right"? Thanks
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for the US:

Checked in baggage is limited to 2 pieces at 70 lbs. (32 kg) per passenger on all flights from the U.S. to Germany. Anything above 70 lbs. per piece may be subject to excess charges and must be booked in advance. (Please contact our U.S. Reservations office for more details.) Due to U.S. security regulations, the carry-on baggage allowance has been reduced to 1 piece per passenger (max. size 22x16x8 in.) and a personal item such as a purse allowed on board. Our weight restriction for carry-on baggage, which is part of the safety standards we have on file with the FAA, limits the weight to 18 lbs./8 kg. Please be advised that it is strictly prohibited to take any pointed objects or cutting tools on board, per U.S. authorities. Passengers cannot carry on board aircraft knives of any length, composition or description including carpet knives and box cutter's, any device with a folding or retractable razors, ice picks, metal scissors and metal nail files. All electronic items, such as laptops and cellular phones, will be subject to additional screening.

But you may call them at 800-645-3880.

Good luck.
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