London Theatre Suggestions

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London Theatre Suggestions

I am going to London on business next week ..and plan to spend the weekend sightseeing! My husband will be joining me on the weekend and it's the first time for both of us!!

So, I bought tickets for the MouseTrap ..but after seeing the scathing remarks on this forum ..I am having second thoughts!!

Any other suggestions ..we are from NY and don't really want to see any of the Broadway productions ..something really Brit would be good!

Thanks in advance!
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Don't know what the scathing remarks were for the Mousetrap... I saw it in London with my family many, many years ago, so I'm sure the cast has completely (or mostly) changed, but I remember we enjoyed it very much! It was worth it. I'm sure the criticism that you read is more current though, so probably doesn't matter what it was like over 10 years ago. One of the best performances i've ever seen was Oliver in London. I have no idea if that is playing or if it would interest you -- loved it though!
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MOusetrap is not great theater, something light and frothy....and is the longest running play in theatrical history ANYWHERE! It's been running for decades! I hope you didn't pay full price for tickets, as I understand it is usually available at the half-price booth.
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I guess "Mouse Trap" would be okay. Have you thought about "Mary Poppins". That's pretty English! So is "Billy Elliott". I know "Blood Brothers" has played NYC, but that's also a very British play.

If you have access to a newsstand that carries international magazines, try to find a copy of "Time Out". It's a weekly mag that lists all the attractions in London--theatre, dance, concerts, museums, etc.
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Sorry HowardR - but The Mousetrap is NEVER at the TKTS 1/2 price booth.

solitaire11: Unless you are middle aged the Mousetrap has been running longer than you've been around. It is certainly not great theatre - but it usually has a decent cast and is fun.

You could wait until you are in London and check out TKTS to see if there is something you'd prefer. If so, go to the St Martin's theatre (it is just around teh corner from Leicester Sq/TKTS) to see if you can turn in your tix.

if not, then just stick w/ the Mousetrap.
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How about Shakespeare at the Globe? That ought to be British enough for you. Or see what the national Theatre is putting on.
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I'm a big Agatha Christie fan (my kitty's name is Agatha Christie). Anyway, The Mousetrap has been running for 54 years now. And just as a side trivia... Agatha didn't think it'd be all successful, but she left all the royalties to her one and only grandchild....he became very rich, just off of those royalties. I'd go see it if I were you.... it's very English like...
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Thanks for the correction. janisj. I've long been led to believe that half-price tickets were available for The Mousetrap.
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HowardR: The St Martin's doesn't release seats to TKTS.

But Mousetrap tickets may be available at some of the "half-price" store fronts around Leicester Sq - but those are sclapers/ticket agencies and mostly sell tix at above face value.

(It is sad to see folks patiently standiing in line at those places, and knowing they are being taken. BTW the half-price shops do sell some tix at 1/2 price but they are almost always obstructed view and the theatres sell them at reduced prices themselves. And that is how they get away w/ signs declaring "Half Price Tickets")
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Thanks!! I think I will keep my tickets and go for the show. I used to read Agatha Christies growing up ..and I am sure it will be fun.

I am not sure if I paid full price or half price for my tickets ..I got it on (British Air) for close to $150 for two tickets!

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$150 is about full price for two seats in the Stalls/Dress Circle. So if you got good seats you paid about face value, if you are farther back, you probably over paid a bit.
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Billy Elliot - it is fabulous. Saw it last year and it is my understanding it is still there. Top notch theatre. Doubt you will get any cheap prices but if budget is not a concern, try to snag a ticket. I bought ours on line and was sure glad we did because it was sold out when we got there.
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I think you'll enjoy the Mousetrap -- I know I did. I would also highly recommend Billy Elliot.
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Saw Mary Poppins last summer and it is fantastic. It is also coming to Broadway in October and I believe it has the same male lead, Bert, as in London. Whatever you decide, you will love London. Cheers!
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I took my 3 daughter to see Billy Elliot and we loved it. Very energtic and entertaining. We got our tickets on line in the states about 2 months before and was well worth the full price paid Have fun
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Thanks everyone! I leave tomorrow..looking forward to taking spending the weekend sightseeing! Will let you know, how we felt about the show!
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We got back Sunday nite ..and had a great time in London. I thoroughly enjoyed The Mousetrap ..very British! And except for the security hassles at Heathrow Airport on the way back was all smooth sailing! Thank you for all your inputs!
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