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I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Jerry Springer, the Opera." This bizarre show is not for the prissy, but it is brilliantly conceived and executed and wonderfully performed. I spent half my working life writing about theater and opera and "Jerry" stands out as one of the highlights.
When in London, we usually take our chances on Leicester Square, but "Jerry" was worth ordering in advance and paying the full price.
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Actually Jerry Springer, the Opera is generally available now at the half price booth. This show which won a ton of awards was another product of The National Theatre, but later moved to the west end. It isn't for everyone. Several people have commented here that they simply hated it. I enjoyed it especially for its originality. But I must say it was far from the best show I've ever seen.
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I didn't get to see Jerry Springer the Opera but my daughter did. I didn't recommend it for exactly the reasons that Patrick said. My daughter really liked it but she is 21 and I think it appeals more to that age group. Even though she liked it, she said there were a few parts that she thought dragged. Certainly if you want to see some original and different that would be the show to see. Again as Patrick said, she just walked up to the half price ticket booth and got good seats. Supposedly they are looking at bringing it to the US next year. It will be interesting to see how it does.

Carmen-she is a senior at University of California-Irvine. Their graduate program in drama is ranked in the top 5 in the country and the undergraduate program for musical theatre is very strong. It doesn't get the recognition that some get like Tisch School of the Arts, Carneige Mellon or Univ of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, but all the UCI musical theatre graduates do very well and many are working in NY and on national tours. She will be moving to NYC next spring.
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I didn't know about those 10 GBP tickets at the National. Thanks! One point I'd like to make about London theatre: even if the show itself isn't very good, the talent is always top rate. I often watch a performer and think, why aren't they famous? Paula, good luck to your daughter. I gave a bit of money to the performing arts school in Liverpool, and since they opened in 1998, some of their graduates have played the West End. I've seen two of them!
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Interesting comment about how Jerry Springer the Opera will do in the US. I strongly suspect that the typical New York theatre goer will say "Jerry Springer? I wouldn't pay money to see that trash!" and then will avoid the show so they don't have to tell their friends they went to see it. Meanwhile those same people will go home, draw their draperies, and watch the real Jerry Springer on TV, being careful to deny that they do to anyone they know. There are a ton of "closeted trailer trash lovers" in this world. One only has to look at the ratings of the TV show to know that.
On the other hand, maybe people will realize what a "tongue in cheek" version of the show it is -- and how clever it really is.
Yes, I too thought a few spots really dragged, and thought the second half was stretching the point a little too far. The first act was hysterically funny.
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I went to see the History Boys and was able to pick up a £10 ticket the morning of the performance. Apparently they put 36 seats along the upper walls on sale the morning of every performance.
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Thanks Paula. I'll pass the information about great musical theater programs on to my daughter.
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Carmen-Sorry, I was wrong about UCI graduate drama program, it's in the top 12. When your daughter gets closer to college, there are books (Arco, Peterson) that talk specifically about Fine Arts programs in all the colleges. For now, your daughter should just have fun and be in as many shows as she can.

Patrick-You make me laugh "closeted trailer trash lovers". I think that is very true, will just have to see what happens should the show come to the US.

Merseyheart-I agree with you on the talent. I am always amazed at the level of some of the talent even if the shows aren't as good. That is awesome that you gave money to the Liverpool school for the arts and got to see some of the results. Someday I hope I have the means to do that, in the meantime I spend time volunteering with kids in children's theatre. I think everyone should have the love of theatre and the best way to get this is when you are young.
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