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Hi Tripgirl !
I can see you had a wonderfull time at Katikies.
I have to make a desicion on which to go, could you help me ?
The Hotel, The Suites or The Villas, aI see the Villas are cheaper 170 aginst 225, all this in October.
Many thanks !
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Some photos from someone who stayed at Katikies:

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We just got back late last night, so I'll post a trip report when I get caught up on sleep and office stuff (probably this weekend!). In the meantime, I can help with your question. We actually stayed at both the Suites and the Hotel last week, and were impressed with both. The Villa is very small (only 7 rooms) and has no pool, so it is a totally different scene from the other two (with pools and two restaurants each). Our favorite thing to do in Santorini is lounge by the pool, looking at the view, reading books and relaxing, so I don't think I would choose a place without a pool. However, if you are more interested in sightseeing rather than spending time at the hotel, a pool might not be so important.

As for the Suites and Hotel, we found them to be very similar in atmosphere. The Suites look very much like the original hotel in terms of the decor and color scheme. The Katikies website pictures are no longer accurate- there is no red brick terrace. See Maria_H's link for recent pictures. The service at both hotels was wonderful. This, along with the views, is Katikies signature feature. You just don't find service like that elsewhere, in my experience.

There were two major differences: One, Katikies Suites was very quiet and never crowded. For 2 of our 3 days there, were were the ONLY people by the pool for most of the day. At the Hotel, this never happens; you have to get up a bit earlier to get a prime lounge chair by the pool (although there are many other lounging areas so you always have a spot, just not necessarily poolside). The Hotel was more crowded in general, as it is so well known now. This means more of a "scene" around the hotel, with more opportunity to talk to other people. We didn't mind this at all, since "crowded" still means a limited number of people. After all, there are only 22 rooms. But at the Suites, we were literally the only ones in the restaurant, at the bar, and by the pool for much of the time.

Two: the restaurant set-up is different. At the Suites, the two restaurants (the White Cave and the Basilica gourmet restaurant) are side by side in caves directly behind the pool. They both overlook the pool (and the view from the pool), but they are only separated by a wall. The menus are the same as the menus at the Hotel. At the Hotel, the restaurants are more different in setting. The White Cave is in a cave high up on the property, but tucked inside so the view is not as visible. The gourmet restaurant is in a stunning, tented terrace, overlooking the view. Both restaurants at both hotels have 3 or 4 tables each.

It is very difficult to say which is better- it's really a matter of preference. They are very similar. We thought the Suites were great. They are so anxious to please, and they were very attentive. They really do have the same perfect service as the hotel, but they just aren't as established yet (which accounts for the lack of crowds). The view at the Suites is actually probably better than at the hotel, since it is angled differently and you can see the profile of the town of Oia from the pool deck. The Hotel faces out toward the Caldera, but you don't see the entire town from there. Still, perhaps because we spent the best part of our honeymoon there, we gave the edge to the Hotel. There's a sentimental attachment there for us, and we found it just as great as last year.
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Hi Europhile !
Many thanks for the info. they had informed us that the Villas did have a pool, that's strange ! It is cheaper than the hotel and suites, this is probably the reason.
Some preference regards rooms in the Suites ?
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Hmmm- not sure if my post is working. This is a test...
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I'm trying this again, so if it's a repeat, sorry!

That is strange. I know the villas has a round jacuzzi on their terrace for use by guests- perhaps it is cooled rather than heated and called a swimming pool. It does look very pretty, and Katerina (the manager at the Villa) was one of our favorite employees we met last year at the Hotel. Go to tripadvisor.com- there are a couple of new reviews posted by people who stayed at the Villa.

As for the Suites, we thought room 9 looked the best for it's location and the size of its terrace, and also the relative privacy it offered. We were upgraded to their Kirini Suite (which was great and a very nice gesture on their part!), but oddly enough it had a smaller terrace than room 9 and wasn't as private. It was one level above the pool, and overlooked the pool area below. The rooms next to ours (rooms 12, 13 and 14) had nice big terraces overlooking the pool deck. I probably would not choose rooms 1-5, as they were along the staircase on the way down to the main part of the hotel.

As for the Hotel, we had room 14 this time, which was a superior double directly above the honeymoon suite (24) that we had last year. It has the exact same view and was a great alternative for half the price. It was small- just one room and no separate sitting area- but we were not in there much. We pretty much spent our time outdoors. Another double room at the Hotel which had a good view was room 5. I hope that helps!
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Could you please tell us just where Katikies is?
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We just returned from staying at the Katikies Hotel in Santorini.
It was just fabulous. The staff is so attentive and delightful. We were lucky enough to get an upgrade and stayed in #4 which is a wonderful room and location. We ate in The Cave one night and the food and service were the absolute best. I can't help you on comparing the other locations but you can not go wrong at the Katikies Hotel.
If you ever leave, go to Katina's at Amooudi Harbor for a great lunch. Then hurry right back to enjoy the hotel.
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Underhill, Katikies is in the village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini. There are 3 separate properties, the Villas, Suites and Hotel.
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forgive me forgive for not answering to you!!!

Go with the suites, as you can see below with all the postings. Europhile's description is dead on. The Hotel is fab but yes it is more crowded. I know this will happen to the Suites, as time goes on. but for now, it might be a less crowded choice ( like europhile I don't mind crowds though)


We had room 9!!!! And yes it was fab. We could have lived in there for the summer and beyond! The Krini Suite was also given to one of our couples. Believe it not, even though the room was fab, they wanted to move so they could have a larger terrace, so I know exactly what it was like for you. Rooms 12 and 13 our other friends had and they loved those rooms.

Wholeheartedly agree with you about rooms 1-5 although one of our couples did have room 5 which they loved ( it was truly lovely) and they actually loved being closer to the exit for the property. They spent their time at the pool so the terrace was not as important to them.
You did have that jacuzzi though; nice nice touch!!
all in all though, it was just fab, huh???
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